Waikoloa Canoe Club

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2013

The meeting convened at 10:02 AM on January 26, 2013 at Anaeho’omalu Bay.

President Jim Albone opened the meeting.

President’s Opening & Past Year Recap

  • Started work on the strip Koa canoe which should be done in the next few weeks. The canoe will be to Moku standards not HCRA as Kama O’Kalani is HCRA spec. The hull design is to run faster and turn quicker. The board has sent out requests to the club to submit a Hawaiian name relative toward conservation for the club to vote on the name.
  • Fundraising efforts brought in a little more than $20k this year for the club through corporate team building events, Triathlon aid stations, the steak fry, and GWCR.
  • Next Saturday we have a corporate event with Chrysallis again, this is a repeat event.
  • All club paddles and Iakos have been refinished.
  • Competed in all but one Regatta Race last season and competed in all but two long distance races. Had crews who medaled in every long distance race.
  • Began the Program Director position for each paddling time to ensure proper use of the canoes and safety of paddlers.
  • Created and approved the revised by-laws.
  • Created the Paddling Policies and Regulations for the safety of all paddlers.
  • Created two Red Safety Bags for emergencies stored at the front of the equipment shed.
  • Refinished the Tahitian Canoe.
  • Insured all of the canoes in the club.
  • Provided Rash Guards for our Keiki crews to build club spirit.
  • Held the First Annual End of Season WCC Party.

Acceptance of Previous Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Michelle Gautier motion to accept the minutes. Derek Park 2nd. Majority of members accepted the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Profit & Loss statement
  • Rick Rapp asked if we know how many members we had last year vs. prior year. 2012 was about 220 members, 80 Racers including Keiki & the rest were recreation.

Appointment of Head Coach 2013

  • Coach Jeb has asked to take a breather this year. The board put out requests to the community for volunteers for the Head Coach position.
  • The Board voted Derek Park Head Coach for the 2013 season.

Voting of the 2013 Board of Directors

  • All members asked to come vote for 2013 board

Committee Opportunities and sign up

  • All members asked to sign up for committees
  • GWCR committee sign ups included:
    • Adrea Gibbs
    • Michael Landers
    • Jennifer Bolstad
    • Erin Block
    • Mac Amos
    • Karen Evans
    • Linda Gallano
    • Ed Gallano
    • Bernt Grundseth
    • Kim Pratt
  • Fundraising committee sign ups included:
    • Adrea Gibbs
    • Michael Landers
    • Ruth VanDoren
    • Catherine (Cate) Ahlgoen
    • Karen Evans
    • Ed Gallano
    • Linda Gallano
  • Nominating committee sign ups included:
    • Adrea Gibbs
  • Canoe Racks & Storage committee sign ups included:
    • Harold VanDoren
    • Karen Evans
    • Bernt Grundseth
  • Equipment & Maintenance committee did not have any sign ups

Miscellaneous Announcements

  • Jim Albone invited the club to participate in his mother’s spreading of ashes tomorrow & celebration of life
  • New Head Coach address from Derek
    • Going to work hard in racing season this year
    • Thank you to all Recreational Paddlers for all your help this year
    • Practices will start after the Membership Drive
    • Michelle Bosquet asked if am and pm practices will continue, Derek noted they would.
    • Michelle Gautier asked about assistant coaches, Derek noted he has a list of potentials and will approach the board at the next meeting for approvals.

Closing and announcement of new board

  • The 2013 Board of Directors are:
    • Jim Albone
    • Bruce Banick
    • Jennifer Bolstad
    • Michelle Gautier
    • Michael Landers
    • Kim Pratt

Meeting adjourned 10:42 AM

The new board will meet immediately to determine board meeting schedule and elect officers.