Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Friday, February 3, 2023

(Virtual meeting via Google Meet)

❖ Approval of January 4, 2023 meeting minutes

❖ Treasurer’s Report (Maria will be traveling–this report will be postponed until March)

❖ Equipment Report (Randy/Kalani) 

➢ Use of club equipment for fundraising

❖ Moku & HCRA Report (Randy) 

❖ Coach’s Report (Kalani) 

❖ Membership Report (Maria, Vicki, Sandy [?])

❖ Old Business 

      ➢ Membership Management

➢ Rack Management

➢ Move Together Grant:  Vote to accept WSF foundation grant

❖ New Business 

➢ Division programs and coordinators/assistant coaches

➢ Vote to accept fundraiser with Asia Pacific Bank at Mauna Kea Beach

➢ Rack management–Assigning of ‘free’ slots?

❖ EXECUTIVE SESSION–Discussion of membership policies and Bylaw (see below:)


Any member may be removed as a Member of the Club, with cause, by the affirmative vote of the

majority of the full Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose.

Any Member may withdraw from the CLUB at any time upon giving prior written notice to the

secretary and with the understanding that any dues paid to the CLUB will be surrendered and 


❖ Date and time of next meeting 

❖ Adjournment