Waikoloa Canoe Club
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, January 4, 2023

❖ Review of Roberts Rules (Ralph)- please see attachment
❖ Treasurer’s Report (Maria)
➢ Draft budget 2023
➢ General liability insurance
❖ Equipment Report (Randy/Kalani)
❖ Moku & HCRA Report (Randy)
❖ Coach’s Report (Kalani)
➢ Recap of December steering clinic, technique training
❖ Membership Report–Vicki will no longer be heading Membership
❖ Old Business
➢ Appointment to fill the final vacant seat on the Board
➢ Selection and confirmation of Head Coach(es) for 2023-all board members need to be present
➢ Addition of secretary to Race Day Live
❖ New Business
➢ Membership management-Vicki will no longer be heading Membership
➢ Rack management- Adele is not continuing her role as racks manager
➢ Move Together Grant/Background checks for adults working with youth
➢ Division programs and coordinators/assistant coaches
❖ Date and time of next meeting
❖ Adjournment