Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2012

The meeting convened at 6:30 PM on April 11, 2012 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present except Derek Park and Kim Pratt.  WCC members in attendance: Jeb Goss & Adrea Gibbs.


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

March 7, 2012 meeting minutes approved.


Secretary’s Report: Jennifer Bolstad

Requested if board would like action items highlighted in minutes; all noted yes.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Treasurer’s report for financials.
  • Lucy received envelope from ashes spreading to pass onto Treasurer
  • Opened PayPal account but still having issues with the bank account attached
  • Panache paid final balance
  • Michelle will add onto website email contact herself
  • Taxes are done, double checking before sending
  • Hull insurance is due May 7.  Insurances are low by canoe, see insurance quotes with Treasurer.  Koa is up to $40k, Makana $30k, discussion on taking Koa up to $80k and increasing Makana as well.  Bruce will work with Michelle on policy inclusions (type/regulations).  Motion by Michael to get wood canoes up to replacement value in our insurance, Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.  Ric made motion to add to insurance all canoes not currently on the policy, Michael 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Michael asked if we received the Lavaman donation, Michelle noted it is not in.
  • Ric requested to see the monthly balances of each account on balance sheet.


Coach’s Report: Jeb Goss/Adrea Gibbs

  • Races coming up May 5th, Kamehameha, we are not attending but should send donation.  Jeb & Derek will discuss to ensure no keiki crews were going and if not we should send $150.  Michael motioned to send $150 check if we don’t send a boat, Jennifer 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Kawaehae race is gearing up, steering, rigging, & huli drill clinics/practices have been held.
  • Keiki are excited and all want to steer and work hard.  Derek and Adrea have been invited to speak at Waikoloa School about paddling.


Equipment Report: Jim Albone for Derek

  • Safety bag: Items are now ordered
  • Iakos need refinishing; Ric to check with volunteer
  • J2 is done; now mounting weights
  • Tahitian is done; need to add weights
  • J3 Ama drain plug is broken.  Jim will re-seal Saturday
  • Some additional canoes need work (poly kai or a racer) 1 is split on the gunnel.  Jennifer made motion to review condition of remaining canoes and take 1 at a time to Bill to repair.  Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Ric will contact Kawaehae on cost of additional metal dollie
  • OC1 Rack builds; outstanding item, no update, Jim awaiting former specs from Bernt


Request from Jim: Jennifer to add Moku Updates to meeting agenda


KOA Log: Jim Albone

  • Derek talked to Bill & noted that he would do the report for Atherton, we need to receive copy.  Report is due May 18.  Also need to receive pictures from Bill and steps completed.  Additionally need estimate on total cost from Bill.


Paddling Regulations:

  • Discussion on re-naming the guidelines as policies and procedures and modifying the membership forms and waivers to match.  All agreed.  Bob to change.
  • Discussion on policies;
    • Adrea noted language needs to be added, to include “can swim, in good health, etc.”  to membership forms and waivers.  Michelle made motion to add to member ship forms and waivers that persons must be able to swim and are in good health to perform strenuous activity for at least one hour.  Michael 2nd, unanimously approved.  Jim will update all forms.

Old Business:


Bylaws Revision: Committee: Adrea, Jenn, Derek, Michelle

  • Michelle will email the club for 3 to 4 members to volunteer and assist. 


Upcoming Events: Michael

  • Michael noted the Honu is June 2nd.  Request and Motion to forgo Regatta this date for adults and keiki since we committed to Honu.  Coach agrees.  Jennifer 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Fairmont event have not heard back yet, Bob to follow up.
  • Michael will follow up on the barbeque at Waikoloa Market with dates.


GWCR: Committee; Bob, Michael, Adrea, Jenn

  • Binder has still not been found.  Will have to start new one.
  • Jim reserved the date, Michael will ensure is confirmed.
  • Dobar permit (Jim has form) needs to be filed a minimum of 30 days prior to race
    • Will need to have hull numbers of escort boats for the form
    • Boats last year included; Jon Makoff, Andy, John Warneke w/jetski
  • Email was sent out to the club for concepts for the shirt design


Waikoloa Land Company

  • Outstanding follow up yet on gate keys and security plans, Jim will handle


D&O Policy:  Bruce

  • D&O is done and paid.


Rash guards/Hats Update

  • Rash guards are ready to go, need 96 for the price break.  Will go with Patagonia black for the 34 needed to make 96 total.  77 will remain purple.  Motion by Michelle to order 77 purple and 34 black, Bob 2nd, motion passed by majority.
  • Hats minimum order is 200 at $9 each.  Motion to place order with same style and logo (100 of each of the last 2 designs) by Michelle, Jenn 2nd, unanimously approved.


Racer Registration Status: Michelle

  • All can check HCRA for all green checks to ensure all paperwork is in which includes waiver, picture, driver’s license
  • Michelle sent emails to unsure registered paddlers
  • Jamie had binder of registrations and all paper work at all races too.  Michelle has binder but needs someone to assist or handle assembling paperwork.  Jim will print cards.


New Business


Lava Lava: Jim


  • Need to design a WCC membership card, Jim can do and Michelle will assist.
  • Offered to let us park OC1’s on the grass.  Jim will meet with them and WLC for possible OC1 racks near the propane tanks.
  • Michael mentioned the concept of a new Hale especially with the new Koa coming.
  • Jim noted initial Cabana pricing is starting at $480/nt, 2 night minimum.


Add On Business


  • Ric noted people are requesting paddle orders.  Ric to pursue with email to the club.
  • Jennifer mentioned last year the keiki received shirts for racing.  Jennifer motioned to buy the keiki tee shirts or rash guards with matching designs to the adult shirts before Regatta.  Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.


Next meeting May 2nd, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams office

Meeting adjourned 8:28 PM