Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Oct. 4, 2017


•Approve minutes from last meeting

•Treasurer’s Report

•Coach’s Report (Ed)

◦Pailolo Challenge

◦Extended hours for Ohana paddling

•Moku Report (Lisa)

•Equipment Report (Guy, Steve & Coach Ed)

◦Canoes repair list, Maluo repair

◦Sale of club generator

◦Purchase of Lightening canoe, Unlimited canoe


◦Great Waikoloa Canoe Race (John)

◦Hilton fundraiser

◦Mauna Kea Beach fundraiser

◦Cattlemen’s Assoc.- Nov 16 4-6pm (2 canoes + steersman)

◦Ocean Sports, Merck Pharmaceuticals fundraiser

•Unfinished Business

◦Guidelines for off-island races, HCRA state championship race

◦Malibu T-shirts follow-up

•New Business

◦Date for annual meeting

◦Membership dues

◾Waiving of dues

◾Pro-rated dues for joining late in the year

•Time and date of next meeting