Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2018

Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  John Ciambrone, Mike Chin-Quee, Jim Albone, Kalani Kaili, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley and Rami Ring

Board members absent:  Guy Davis, Aron Risley

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present:  Glenn Leonberger, Chris Young, Jun Balanga, Taylor Balanga

John opened the meeting at 6:04 pm at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.

Jim makes a motion to approve the March meeting minutes, motion is seconded and approved by all.

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Glenn Leonberger reported that since our membership and increased, and the average balance in our accounts are greater than $50,000 for the last 3 years, we now have to file a more detailed form with the IRS.  He will be contacting John and/or Rami for information he will need to present to the IRS.
  • Coach’s Report
    • As snow birds are leaving the rec paddling numbers have gone down,  Coach Ed has decided to move the Mon & Wed morning racing practice to Tues and Thurs morning with Ohana.  If not enough racers show up for a whole canoe, they have the ability to pull paddlers from Ohana boats.
    • Coach Ed has instructed Mike CQ to order 4 flags.  Once they arrive, the flags can be put up for racing practice.
  • Equipment Report (Ed)
    • Mudbrook paddles have arrived.  Currently Coach Ed is storing them at his house, and once the shed has been cleaned he intends to bring them down.
    • Ed expressed his concern about things being left in the shed unsecured (shirts, etc.)
    • Sat, April 21 is the weighing of the canoes
    • Sat, April 28 is the Coaches and Officials meeting
    • Coach Ed presented an ocean safety device and mentioned that he felt it was a good idea to put 1 in each canoe.  The approx charge for the device he brought is $125.  Kalani will be doing research on an appropriate safety device.
    • J5 is the next canoe to be sent to Jun for repairs.  J4 and the strip Tahitian will go in for repairs after that.
    • Jim makes a motion to order 1 spray skirt for the new Bradley at a cost not to exceed $3000.  The motion is seconded by Mike CQ and approved by all.
    • Jim felt that when Coach Ed’s canoes are sent in for repairs, the club should pay for the charges since the club is using his canoes.
  • Fundraisers
    • Lavaman- Everything went very well, Lavaman will be paying us $2000 for our efforts.
    • Chrysalis event will probably not be happening
    • Honu race- Jim to be the liason
  • Moku Report
    • 2018 new rules and By-laws are in dropbox for everyone to view.  Random lane draws have been voted out.
  • Membership Report (Chuck)
    • Chuck reports that we currently have 205 members- 154 returning members, 37 new members, 12 transfers in-waiting, and 2 completed transfers.
    • Rack rentals- The rack rental list and waiting list was presented for all to view, there are 4 members that were identified as potentially inactive paddlers, and 1 member that has 2 spaces with a single membership.  John will be following up with those members to see if they are willing to give up their space.
    • Mike CQ makes a motion that the next rack space that opens up be given to our Coach Ed.  Jim seconds and the motion is approved by all.  John will instruct Ted on the board’s decision.
  • Unfinished business
    • Coach Ed informed all that Annalee Akagi intended to be at the meeting to do a presentation on Tiger’s ultralight canoe.
    • Mike CQ makes a motion to purchase an Ultra lite canoe.  Jim seconds the motion, and it is approved by all.  Jun was asked to speak to Sue at P3 and get a check for the deposit from Glenn.
  • New Business
    • The board was given a letter by club member, Vicki Serrao requesting that we join the Hokulea in it’s last leg of it’s journey to the Big Island.  John will be asking Vicki to do some research….ie, permission from Kawaihae Canoe Club.
    • John brought up the fact that the reception table needs help.  There was no response from the previous email sent out soliciting help.
    • Mike CQ suggested lower the price on the grey rash guards.

Next meeting is Wed, May 2, at 6:oo pm at WVA community meeting room.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm