Board members present:  Jim Albone, Cliff Gilley, Vicki Serrao, Chuck Pfaff, Glenn Leonberger, Guy Davis

Board members absent:  John Ciambrone, Ronald Hayward & Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present.

The minutes from the last meeting was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

$2200 brought in from fundraising strictly for junior program with $1200 spent as travel expenses for those juniors going to State Championship.

A question has been raised over the possibility we had overpaid Moku last year when we registered our racers for 2019.  That because of the two separate registration dates we may have paid twice.  However, the excess amount paid could also be an additional charge for those racers who are transferring from one club to another.  Cliff Gilley said he would talk to Aloha about the overpayment and get it straightened out.  It may also be the additional $10 fee charged for first time racers.  We would like to confirm with Moku the pay date for each year to be the same date each year.  We currently have 154 registered racers with HCRA and 155 members who are not racing. 

Jim Albone has contacted Lisa Legler about payments from Malibu Shirts and our commission from Waikoloa Canoe Club shirts.  These payments to be made to us quarterly. 

Coaches Report

Ed thanked the board for its participation and support for the State Championship this year.  The $1200 which had been allocated to help with expenses for the keiki traveling to Kauai for the States race was a pleasant surprise to the families whose keiki were participating.  Hanalei was a perfect venue although there was some trepidation in the beginning as to whether or not they would be ready to handle all the clubs participating because of the flooding of the previous year.  Approximately 2100-3000 adult paddlers participated in States this year with only a few clubs sitting it out because of their concern for the impact the race would have on the island.  Ed also spoke about the shipping of canoes to Kauai and the cost-prohibitive nature of this venture.  For future long distance races it would help for us to get together with a number of clubs to send our canoes along with theirs to help keep the price down.  Possibly having them available to rent to other clubs at the race to help defer some of the cost as well. 

Our club came in second place, division B of the Auntie Maile Race this year.  $50 prize money. 

We will be sending 3 canoes to Hei Hei and Honaunau.  There will be no Ohana paddling on Sunday during the Queen Lili’uokalani Race weekend. 

Equipment Report

Budget for sets of amas and iakos.  Cost $2000 per set with repairs to existing amas in bad shape at $650.  It was decided to buy one set and use whatever money remaining in the budget for much needed repairs. 

We would also like to buy skirts for our canoes participating in inter-island races.  The skirt for the J6 will work on the J7.  

Rusty dolly to be revived or new one purchased, the consensus was the replacement parts would cost at least $600, it will be replaced. 


Great Waikoloa Canoe Race-Final plans coming together for the race.  Lava Lava has committed to providing the food.  With the same menu and cost per last year (which was cancelled).  Ed is finalizing race course and race course safety, timekeeping and spotters with Moku.  Last meeting of the GWCR will take place on Wed, August  21 with all crews. 

Moku Report

Nothing new…OCRA had paid for shipping canoes for clubs who entered the largest amount of racers for States.  HCRA not as large…maybe some day?  Next Moku meeting is scheduled for October.  Cliff pushing for every regatta to have a 70’s division.  Will also check with Aloha on overpayment (?)


Nothing new until next meeting

Mystery canoe-on top of racks may be Kalani’s…Ed will ask