Secretary and recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Board members present: John Ciambrone, Guy Davis, Glenn Leonberger, Jim Albone, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Ronald Hayward, Vicki Serrao & Rami Ring

Head coach Ed Teixeira present.

All board members are present, no other club members are present.

John called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

•Voting for board positions for 2019 year

  Glenn makes a motion to approve the 3 new board members, the motion is seconded and approved by all.  Jim makes a motion to keep Glenn as Treasurer & Rami as Secretary, the motion is seconded and approved by all.  Chuck made a motion to keep John as President, the motion is seconded and approved by all.  Cliff makes a motion to nominate Chuck as Vice President, the motion is seconded and approved by all.  The board decides that Jim will be our fundraising chaiman, Cliff will be our MOKU rep., Jim will be our HCRA rep., Guy will be our equipment chairman & Vicki will be our chairman for Great Waikoloa Canoe Race. Chuck will remain in charge of membership. Ronald will attend the next meeting to see if he is interested in being co-rep with Cliff. Jim makes a motion to keep Ed as Head Coach, motion is seconded and approved by all. Coach Ed accepts the position. John commends Ed on an outstanding job last year and offers to support Ed in any way he can to make his job easier.

•Approve minutes from last meeting

◦Glenn makes a motion to approve the minutes with changes.

•Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

◦Input on proposed budget for 2019, off island races guidelines, fundraising and budget, if any, to be discussed next month. Few changes were discussed in budget, allotment for clothing expense and raising equipment expense to $10,800. Glenn makes a motion to accept budget with changes and ability to spend 10% over budget up to $500 without prior approval. The motion is seconded and approved by all.

•Coach’s Report (Ed)

◦Ed will decide on start date of race practices once MOKU decides on starting date of new season. He may decide on having men practice on 1 day during the week, women on another and everyone on Sat.

•Equipment Report (Guy & Ed)

◦Thanks go out to Guy, Vicki, Mike Goyette, Steve Columbo, Carl Gibson, Jana, Leslie Crandell, Suze Shannon and Sarah & Ed for all their work arranging, building and painting the new OC1 racks.

◦New dollie is in, because of the teflon sides, canoe slides off, so it is not working so well. Guy may possibly build another one.

◦Jim & John suggest taking a couple of amas that are in need of repair to Gonzo now.

◦Ronald & Ed are still searching for a source for design ideas for the new Bradley. Ed would like there to do some meaning to the design along with being able to do it.


◦John has committed setting up parking lot and water on the beach on Sat. for Lavaman, and water safety on race day. Event to be March 31

•Moku Report (Jim & Cliff)

◦Nothing to report

•HCRA Report (Jim)

◦Uncle Bo’s passing is discussed, Ed suggests members going down to show support.

•Membership Report (Chuck)

◦Chuck got the new 2019 HCRA waiver. Rami to send email out to club letting know the memberships are open, and announce that there are a few rack spaces available, contact Ted.

◦326 total members end of the year, 187 return, 106 new, 33 transfers, 192 ohana/134 competitive.

•Unfinished Business

◦Annual meeting recap

Beth’s email- Rami to send a draft of the annual meeting minutes to the club for review

◦Rack rental update- (Ted is absent)

◦Waikoloa Parade-Glenn thanks Mary & Rami for organizing

◦New sign at Anaeho’omalu Bay- Glenn presented proposed signage, gave to Ed to get approval from WLC

•New Business

◦Vicki request reorder of club hats

•The next meeting is Wed, Feb 6 at 6:00 pm at WVA community meeting room

•Glenn motions to adjourn, motion is seconded, meeting is adjourned at 7:30 pm