Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Jan. 3, 2018


John Ciambrone called meeting to order at 6:01 PM on Jan. 3, 2018 at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.


Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring


Board members present:  John Ciambrone, Jim Albone, Guy Davis, Kalani Kaili, Aron Risley, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Rami Ring


Board members absent:  Mike Chin-Quee


Head Coach Ed Teixeira present


Other members present:  Bernt Grundseth


John opened the meeting at 6:01 pm.  John goes over everyone’s position a length of term.


Cliff makes a motion to approve the minutes from the Dec. 16, 2017 BoD meeting immediately following the annual meeting.  The motion is seconded & approved by all.  Jim makes a motion to approve the Dec. 6, 2017 meeting minutes, motion is seconded & approved by all.


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • John informed the board that club member, Glenn Leonberger would be available to act as the club’s Treasurer.  On Jan. 23, 2018 Glenn Leonberger was approved as Treasurer by the Board of Directors via e-mail confirmation.
    • Jim makes a motion requiring 2 signatures for checks in any amount over $500.00.  The motion is seconded & approved by all.
    • John will check on filing taxes requirements.
    • Aron suggests a lockbox in the shed for cash collected from rec paddling, memberships
  • Coach’s Report
    • Lots of paddlers showing up, 4-6 canoes going out on a average.  300+ paddlers for month of Dec
    • Steersman orientation/safety procedures:  Coach Ed will take a look at instructions/protocol for beach directors, suggests posting huli drill procedure on the beach.  Ed has agreed to help put that together.
    • Ed will be holding a meeting for all paddlers interested in racing after talking with asst. coaches.
  • Equipment Report
    • Ho’omaluo currently at Bills, Ed will meet with him soon to find out timeline for completion
    • J1 currently at Jun’s for repairs.  Delamination beneath the woodwork has been discovered, trying to dry out canoe prior to working on it.
    • Bob Yap picked up 1 set of iakos at his house and will refinish them.
    • Ed provided the board with club paddle inventory, not including 5 new steering paddles at Guy’s home. Paddles are needed, especially junior paddles.  Jim makes a motion purchase 10 paddles, at a cost not to exceed $1000, motion is seconded & approved by all.
  • Fundraisers-none at this time
  • Moku Rep
    • Guy made a motion for Kalani to be our Moku rep, motion is seconded & approved by all.  Jim will be 2nd Moku rep, Cliff will also be back up Moku rep
  • HCRA
    • Insurance is in effect.  We have a temporary 2018 waiver, until insurance co. approves it.
  • Membership Report (Chuck)
    • Good follow up with signing in, & waivers in the morning, no one signs in afternoon.  Welcome table has been established to help with paperwork.
    • Ted is taking over rack rentals.  John wants reminder email sent to all members with renewal notice with forms.
    • Membership drive:  2/24, Sat and 2/25 Sunday. Jim to look at advertisement in short hops, banner to go up 2 weeks prior
  • Unfinished Business
    • John would like to hold off on discussion of purchasing of a new Ultralight canoe until June 2018
  • New Business
    • GWCR medals- Guy is requests approval for purchasing new medals.
    • Dropbox- John to set up
    • Waikoloa Land Co 2018 Agreement- in Dropbox file.


Next meeting is Wed, Feb.7, at 6:oo pm at WVA community meeting room.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm