Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2018


Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring


Board members present:  John Ciambrone, Mike Chin-Quee, Jim Albone, Guy Davis, Kalani Kaili,  Aron Risley, Cliff Gilley and Rami Ring


Board members absent:  Chuck Pfaff


Head Coach Ed Teixeira present


Other members present:  Phillip Beasley


John opened the meeting at 6:02 pm at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.


Jim makes a motion to approve the Feb. meeting minutes, seconded by Cliff, and approved by all.

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Membership is continuing to come in
    • There are still some outstanding rack payments
    • We are anticipating HCRA insurance to be approx. $400 more from last year.
    • Glenn will be filing IRS form 990
  • Coach’s Report
    • Numbers are up with paddlers, lots of new faces in both Ohana and Racers.
    • Coach has opened up Mon and Wed 7:30 am racing practice, but stresses it is only for those that can’t make afternoons due to work commitments.  He wants to keep it to 1 canoe going out and not allow it to get out of hand.  The afternoons practices are meant for racers and will allow him to create crews that practice together.
    • Junior program is in the 3rd week.  Jun & Kalani are helping out with the program.  Derek Park approached Parker School to see if any are interested in joining our Junior program.
    • Jim makes a motion to give out last year’s white rash guard to every racing paddler.  The long sleeve is exempt from the give away.  The motion is seconded by Mike and approved by all.
  • Equipment Report (Ed)
    • Mudbrook paddles have been ordered.
    • Ed approached Jun to repair the eagle aama for Bradley lightening, at an approx. cost of $600.  Aron made a motion to do the repairs, seconded by Cliff.  Approved by all.
    • As discussed at a previous meeting, the J5 will be going in for repairs by Jun.
    • Coach Ed to follow up on the status on the new Bradley that is on order.
  • Fundraisers
    • Lavaman- Phillip is the liason between WCC and Lavaman, and informed us that due to a clause in a 20 year contract, it was recently discovered that the grassy area next to LavaLava is prohibited from having events.  Because of this late discovery, Lavaman is requesting WCC to move our canoes so they are able to utilize our area for their food set up.  Jim made a motion to grant their request which was seconded by Mike, with the understanding that Lavaman will give us an additional $500 donation (total donation of $2000) if we are able to store our canoes on the grassy area, or an additional $1000 (total donation of $2500) if we store our canoes on the back parking lot.  The motion was approved by all.  Lavaman intends to start set up on Sat, 3/24, so canoes will need to be moved by then, or after morning practice on Sat.  Coach Ed will discuss with assistant coaches to figure out plan for moving of canoes.
    • Possible Crysalis team-building event for approx. 180 paddlers and 10 canoes.  Jim & Ed will be in discussions with Crysalis.
    • Hono Triathalon- Sat. 6/2.  Will need help for bike and run aid stations
  • Moku Report
    • Next meeting this weekend, should find out more info about insurance policy
  • Membership Report
    • Membership drive- 5 or 6 paddlers expressed possible interest
  • Unfinished business
    • Website keeps getting hacked.  Kyle looked at it again, and appears to be working fine.  Rami will send out an email to the club with requests for anyone proficient in website maintenance and wouldn’t mind updating photos and look of website.
    • Ultralight canoe- Mike CQ will be getting a price estimate from Jun & Tiger.  Discussed his desire to get company sponsorship for ultralight.
    • Ohana guest policy- Mike CQ made a motion to require all members to accompany their guests when they show up for paddling.  Jim seconds the motion, and it is approved by all.
    • Mike CQ makes a motion for all non-residents that are not a guest of a member need to join a day membership at a cost of $20/per person.  That charge is applied to an annual membership if they decide to join.  Cliff seconds the motion.  Guy and Kalani approve the motion and Aron & Rami abstain.  The date this motion becomes effective has not been determined, and it rests on completion of paperwork.


Next meeting is Wed, April 4, at 6:oo pm at WVA community meeting room.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm