Board Members Present:  Chuck Pfaff, Guy Davis, Cliff Gilley, Ronald Hayward, Vicki Serrao, and Ed Teixeira (Head Coach)

Board Members Absent: John Ciambrone, Glenn Leonberger, Jim Albone, Rami Ring

Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Vicki Serrao

The minutes were approved from previous meeting in April.

Treasurer’s Report (Glenn Leonberger off island)

  • Income from clothing sales, donations, membership dues and rack rentals for the month- $2161.50.  Expenses for goods sold- $505.00, Gross profit-$1656.50
  • Expenses for Great Waikoloa Canoe Race clothing- $792.00, Additional expenses for GWCR- $24.00.
  • Equipment Repairs- $221.84
  • Total Expenses- $1037.84, Net income- $618.66

Coaches Report (Ed Teixeira)

  • Until racing season the schedule for racing practices to remain the same, Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  There was a slight problem with the scheduling of Cinco de Mayo Race on the 4th of May which may or may not have been an effect on the practice for that day.  Ed has contacted the head of this event for a meeting to be able to coordinate the practice with the beginning and ending of the race. 
  • Ed has plans to send a Thank you to Bill Rosehill for storing our Koa canoes as this year, they came back in great shape opposed to leaving them out in the elements during the rest of the year when there is no racing.  Also, there was talk of putting up lights and sensors around the Koa canoes, amas and iakos to discourage any theft.  This type of theft has been a huge problem on the other side of the island due to the number of transients in the area and has become somewhat worrisome. 

Equipment Report (Guy Davis & Ed Teixeira)

  • With racing season right around the corner and the weigh-in coming up for all canoes, the weight requirement for the canoes must be met.  Guy is cutting weight sets for the canoes which should be ready for the Kawaihae Race. 
  • The new flags are already fading and plans are being made to ask Beth Biscardi to make us some newer ones, Ronald to provide the bamboo. 
  • Right now we are having a problem with our canoe dollies and flat tires.  Guy believes the problem is with the valve stems and he will replace.  The bearings in another may be going out, that will also be dealt with. 


  • Great Waikoloa Canoe Race (Vicki Serrao)
    • Plans for the GWCR are progressing.  All areas of the race have been assigned a captain who is putting their own crew together to help.  Whatever equipment we need is either being ordered or purchased.  John Ciambrone and Jim Albone will report on the possibility of a donation of food or money to help with that expense at the next meeting.
    • Coach Ed also put forth the possibility of entering a category in which our junior racers (18 year olds) would be able to participate.
    • Cliff to speak with Moku about coordinating the results from our race with Glenn in order for us to get the information quickly out about the winners.

Moku Report (Cliff Gilley)

  • The meeting centered around the Kona races and the spaces which are now out of bound to all clubs due to the influx of commercial licensed craft using the space at the pier.  There will also not be any more pop-up tents due to a new law enacted this year to discourage the homeless from using the pier for lodging.  The trucks and trailers will need passes to use the pier and none will be able to be there during the race unless transporting canoes. 
  • The transmitter tested positive for race info which will be coming from the Moku tent during the race.
  • Also, the new management at the King Kamehameha Hotel are discouraging us from using their bathroom facilities and grassy area for our racers. 
  • There is talk of moving the World Sprints from Hilo-this, to be determined. 

HCRA Report (Jim Albone not present)

Membership Report (Chuck Pfaff)

  • At the time of this writing we had 278 paid members, out of those 122 are registered as racers.  There was paperwork faulty on two keiki which Chuck would follow up on. 

Unfinished Business

  • Race rash guards and graphics for the Bradley on hold for the moment.

New Business

  • Hull Insurance- Value of hull insurance and the deductible for racing is based on the cost of the canoes.  This amount to be paid before the first of the races. 

The next meeting will be held on Wed, June 5

The meeting was adjourned.