Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Board Members present: John Ciambrone, Jim Albone, Guy Davis, Kalani Kaili, Chuck Pfaff, Mike Chin-Quee and

Cliff Gilley.

Head coach: Ed Teixeira

Board members absent: Rami Ring, Aron Risley.

Other members present: Laura Leonberger, Assistant Treasurer, Forrest Wilde

John Ciambrone called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

MINUTES –Jim Albone made a motion to approve the minutes, 2nd by Cliff Gilley, Motion approved with

one abstention by Guy Davis.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Laura Leonberger, assistant treasurer handed out the April reports. Balance sheet

missing but available in Dropbox. Deposit for the ultralight sent to 3Ps for $5,000. Income continues to be strong.

Laura is completing our tax return which is due May 15th. John C. shared the Hull Insurance coverage for 2018

which includes 3 additional canoes, 2 on loan from Ed Teixeira and one from Jun Balanga. One canoe name is

wrong on the list. It’s Kukini Kai, not Kai Kukini. John will send correction to the insurance company. The total

cost for the hull insurance for the year May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 is $6,066.00. Motion by Jim Albone, 2nd by

Guy Davis to pay the Hull insurance for $6,066. Motion approved by all.

COACH’S REPORT – Ed shared the weigh in went smoothly. The Kama O Ka Lani is 6 pounds under weight, J-

1-10 pounds under required weight. Practice for Kupunas in the morning going okay. Only a few weeks to the first

race. 26 transfers to date and over 100 racers.

The club has received 2 donations to support the Junior Program. $200 each from Ronald Hayward and Lydia

Hooser. The funds will be restricted for the Junior program. John C to send thank you note to each.


  • Safety equipment for the canoes will be researched by Kalani and report his findings at the next board


  • Canoe cover for the new canoe has already been completed by Beth. John C to send thank you note.
  • Purchase of spray skirts approved at the April board meeting not to exceed $3000. Jim Albone has 2 bids

both under the $3000 . threshold. Jim will order.

  • Small storage unit for beach. Mike CQ has sent the dimensions to John C who will approach Waikoloa

Land Company for approval to place the unit on the beach.

  • Malolo unlimited canoe is ordered. Need to finalize colors. The board prefers white hull with purple

artwork. Need to pull design down the hull so as not to interfere with the numbering. Push back the motif.

Kalani will check with Jun on next steps. Should we buy the cover now? No decision.

  • Lightening may be delivered in July. Is shipping included? Ed to check on the shipping and final cost.

We need to come up a name for the canoe and design. John will ask Vicki Serrao to chair a small

committee to manage the process.

  • Guy reported 4 more sets of saddles built, flags placed in the bay for racing practice, one carriage has ball

bearing issues which will be repaired.

FUNDRAISERS – No new fundraisers planned. The board decided not to sponsor a water station for the Honu on

June 2nd.

Time to start planning the Great Waikoloa Race. John C to appoint a committee chair.

MOKU REPORT – Cliff, Ed, and Chuck attended the most recent Moku meeting and officials training on April

28th. Moku will have 3 lanes at state championships this year, an increase of one lane. Moku can’t find their

Federal ID number and they have no D&O coverage. Lots of discussion at the meeting regarding insurance


MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Chuck Pfaff reported 253 members to date for 2018. 26 transfers, 15 of which are

pending. 113 racers, 25 juniors and only 8 people need to complete their paperwork. All those registered on the

HCRA site including ohana paddlers are covered by our liability insurance..

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – John C contacted a few who have rack rentals to see if they might want to give up

their space. None willing to do so. Status quo for 2018 and the board will review policies for 2019.

NEW BUSINESS –There will be a small group including John C, Rami, Phillip Beasley who will be reviewing the

website for changes and updates.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 6th at 6:00 at the WVA community room.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.