Board members present : Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Jim Albone, Vicki Serrao, and Rami Ring

Board members absent: John Ciambrone, Glenn Leonberger, Guy Davis, Ronald Hayward

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present: Kamuela Plunkett, Bary Foster, Adele Salzman

Secretary & recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Chuck called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm. Cliff made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

•Treasurer’s Report

◦Glenn was absent but sent notes regarding financials.

◦ We need clarification on restricted/unrestricted funds for junior program.

•Coach’s Report (Ed) ◦Pailolo race went well, many paddlers express their thanks to Coach Ed for the money received.

◾Kamu thanked the Board and Coach Ed for the support from the club for the race. He said the assistance was appreciated by all and helped to pay the expenses from the race.

◾Cliff expressed how awesome the race was, and was disappointed that the results online did not show Waikoloa Canoe Club because they did enter using the club name along with the canoe name, Kiholo. However, when they announced their 2nd place, and 5th overall in 40’s unlimited mixed, the announcer said, “this is a club to look out for”.

◾Rami presented a letter of thanks from paddlers that participated and received financial support from the club for the Pailolo Challenge.

◦An email has been sent out about advance recreational paddling being on Tues, Thurs at 5:00 pm and Sat. at 8:00 am.

•Equipment Report (Guy & Ed)

◦Need to start looking at maintenance on equipment. Iakos for canoes are Ed’s main concern. We’ll need to rotate iakos out for repair so we can keep as many canoes in service as we head into the busy season.

◦New iakos have been ordered.

◦Guy & Ed took both canoes to Bill Rosehill three weeks ago. Kama O Ka Lani is finished being repaired. Ed is very impressed with Bill’s work, as he sanded & applied 3 coats of varnish to inside & out. The invoice is higher than anticipated, but well worth it. Ed is hopeful that with care of the Kama O Ka Lani it will last for 2 seasons. Honoura is next on the list for repairs. Estimated total for Honoura is $1500, with the club’s share being $750.

◦One of the wheel bearings on the wheelie is completely gone.


◦Great Waikoloa Canoe Race

◾John spoke with Helen about the money collected from the auction. Helen stated that everything from the auction was intended for the junior program, with the Coach’s discretion. The paddle that Guy made for the auction was definitely intended for the junior program. Ed stated that many clubs support their junior program a lot, and he envisions our club covering all costs of going to states for our junior program. Many of those clubs also do additional fundraising for that support of the junior programs. He suggests tabling the use of proceeds of the auction until John returns.

◾Coach Ed informs Vicki that there is a plaque in the shed of the oldest crew from the GWCR.

•Moku Report (Cliff)

◦Cliff informed us that the racer fee has not been paid twice, last year or this year. There are 2 separate fees that we pay yearly, and Cliff requested that invoices are sent out to the clubs in Oct. so clubs can budget.

◦Feedback was requested about how the sound systems during regatta season worked. Response was that most of the time they worked effectively.

◦April is the weighing of the canoes, and we’ll also need to weigh the ultralight in case we decide to use it for a race next season.

◦There is talk of getting medical personnel for regattas for safety reasons and possibly reducing insurance costs.

◦Oct & DLNR is discussing the Honokohau Pier.

◦Cliff went over various race rules changes.

◦World Sprints 2020 to be in Hilo in Aug 2020. It may affect our races on the island and GWCR.

•HCRA Report (Jim)

◦Jim announced that Walter Vierra, president of HCRA died.

•Membership Report (Chuck)

◦We have 2 new members since our last meeting.

•Unfinished Business

◦Members have been asking about new club rash guards. Rami will send out an email requesting for help with designing new club shirts.

•New Business

◦Kamu announced that the E Mau Na Ala Hele trail assoc. will be holding the last event of the year, and he will be requesting to use Coconut Grove for the event. The date is Nov. 10, and he will be identifying places along the coast and their significance. All are welcome.

Cliff motions to adjourn the meeting and Vicki seconds the motion. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 6.