Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Oct 4, 2017

The meeting convened at 6:00 PM on Oct. 4, 2017 at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Recorder of minutes:  Vicky Serrao

Board members present:  Lisa Legler, John Ciambrone, Jim Albone, Steve Columbo, Mike Chin-Quee

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Board members absent:  Guy Davis, Rami Ring

Other members present:  Ric Rapp, Bitsy Cavanaugh, Chuck Pfaff, J. Cliff Gilley, Vicki Serrao, Robert Yap, Kalani Kaili

President Lisa Legler called the meeting to order

  • Minutes from the previous meeting was reviewed and approved by all.
  • Treasurer’s Report- to be reviewed at the next meeting
  • Coach’s Report
    • Presentation of award to Lisa as a thank you for all of her hard work this past year.
    • We are now transitioning from regatta and ending with the last of the long distance races.  It has been a good year for our racing team with bright prospects for better seasons to come.
    • Thank you from Bob Yap to Coach Ed for putting together a great crew for Pailolo Challenge with enthusiasm for participating in more off island long distance races in 2018.  Bob has volunteered to work with Coach Ed and a sub-committee for setting up guidelines for off island races for 2018.
  • Equipment Report
    • Condition of fiberglass canoes
      • J2 & J4 need minor repairs and new paint.  Possibly another in-house job?  Checking with Gonzo to see if there is a possibility he could help with that job.
      • Iakos to be sanded and varnished (one set at a time) to ensure availability of canoes for paddlers.
      • The other fiberglass canoes are looking good.
    • Use of strip koa for Ohana after some minor repairs, possibly by Bill Rosehill to glass interior and fill cracks of Ho’omaluo in house, to be voted on online to include all of board.
    • Purchasing of another Bradley Lightning carbon fiber edition, for the sum of $18.5K was voted on and approved, unanimously, by all board members present.
    • Purchase of an ultra light to be discussed at the next meeting.
  •  Fundraisers
    • GWCR-Budget sheet provided
    • Hilton fun run brought in $300
    • Mauna Kea team building brought in $11,500 and built good relations with event director and Mauna Kea with good prospects for future similar events.
    • Cattlemen’s Assoc.-Event to be discussed with Linda Gallano
    • Ocean Sports event- no input yet
  • Unfinished Business
    • One way airfare for Lisa to attend Moku event on Oahu was approved by the board.
    • Club generator to be sold after Guy Davis returns
    • Club T-shirts handled by Malibu T’s are now available on Maui.
    • Extended hours for Ohana to include Tues and Thurs evenings at 4:30 pm and Sat at 7:30 am, as well as existing Ohana days of Tues, Thurs & Sun morning at 7:30 am.  These days and times will be determined by the availability of steersmen and conditions, as to the number of canoes to go out.  A call out to Ohana for any paddlers who would be interested in learning to steer.  Talk of doubling up on morning sessions once snow birds start arriving, will also depend on steersperson availability and conditions.  A shorter distance to accommodate more people waiting to paddle, ie: to black sand and back instead of to the Mauna Lani.
  • New Business
    • Discussion of money to be set aside in advance for racers in off island races.  (HCRA sponsored events).
    • Pro-rated dues available for 1/2 year membership August 1 of each successive year @ $75 (passed unanimously).
    • Annual meeting scheduled for December 16, 2017 at 10 am.  Lisa to confirm Waikoloa meeting room.

The next meeting will be held on Wed, Nov. 1, at 6:00 PM in the WVA community room.

Meeting was adjourned.