Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sept. 5, 2018


Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  John Ciambrone, Mike Chin Quee, Guy Davis, Jim Albone, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley and Rami Ring, Aron Risley

Board members absent:  Kalani Kaili

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present:  Glenn Leonberger, Steve Columbo

John opened the meeting at 6:01 pm at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.

Mike CQ makes a motion to approve the Aug. meeting minutes, motion is seconded by Chuck and approved by all, except Jim and Rami who were absent last month.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)
    • Lava Lava will be returning money since we didn’t do GWCR
    • We got $2000 from GWCR shirts that are not shown in shirt sales yet
    • Have yet to pay balance due for Bradley canoe
    • Glenn will be gone as of 9/16, and John will be leaving shortly thereafter.  Rami has a checkbook if checks need to be written in his absence.
  • Coach’s Report
    • Nice transition from regatta to long distance season.
    • For Queen Liliuokalani Race 9 canoes were taken down.  Kai Opua asked to use 3 canoes, but 1 canoe was not used.
    • Randy took J6 to Kawaihae for Pailolo Challenge.  A few of our 60’s women is joining with Kai Opua women to put together a crew for Pailolo.  Jun will be taking his own canoe for the race.
  • Equipment Report
    • Bradley is ready to be shipped.  Invoice has been received by Ed, and forwarded to John.  Ed talked to Sonny Bradley regarding seats being lower and ama being heavier, but was assured that the problems are worked out.  Bradley should be shipped Tuesday and received end of the week.
    • Naming of the canoe.  Ed feels naming the canoe is very important, and the meaning of the canoe should mean something or be named after a place.  Name should have a purpose.  He states that we have to be very careful with naming the canoe for it will be with us for a long time.  Jim makes a motion to accept the name ‘Aukai for the new Bradley.  Motion is seconded and approved by all.  Ed will give the Ultralight name some consideration and come up with suggestions for the new canoe.  Both canoes will be blessed at the same time, along with an end of season party.
    • Bellingham crew borrowed our canoe for Liliuokalani race and donated $100.  Crew came from Canada for GWCR and left a $50 donation.  Libby donated $1200 to be used for new wheels.  Ed recommends Guy & Steve decide on type of wheels, possibly low wheels.  Lillian Lim send check for food for GWCR.
    • 42 paddlers went to states.  5 declined financial assistance and 4 have yet to be reached.
    • There is a wheel missing of the dolly on the beach, and Guy has yet to determine what happened to it.
    • New OC-1 rack-Waikoloa Land Co has already given their approval for the new rack. Guy has drawn up some plans.  Steve, James and Guy will be working on it.  Presently they are trying to figure out a way to improve the design for the rack.
    • Ed will talk to Waikoloa Land Co about placing some extra storage units between 2 wooden shacks there is room.  Guy to talk to maintenance guys regarding relocation of the water hose.
  • Fundraisers
    • Discussion on Rescheduling of GWCR- Kamehameha did not cancel their race scheduled 9/8 (32 mile), which was a date we were potentially looking at rescheduling our race to.  Ed spoke to Aloha Mauhili about $1500 penalty for not having the race., but was assured that the cancellation was due to the hurricane and out of our control, so the penalty will be waived.  Jim makes a motion to cancel the race this year, Aron 2nds the motion, approved by all.
  • Moku Report
    • The next meeting is Sat, 9/22, any changes in Bylaws need to presented then.  Jim and Cliff will attend meeting and present suggested changes.  Jim went over various proposed changes to ByLaws .  Jim asks for any proposed changes be sent to him.
  • Membership Report (Chuck)
    • Current membership is 301 or 302, we’ve had a few minor transfers back to member’s previous clubs.  Chuck is reworking the membership application.
  • New Business
    • Resignation of Kalani-Kalani has sent in his resignation to the board tonight.  John expressed thanks to Kalani for his service and will also send him an email expressing the same.  According to the ByLaws the President may appoint someone to fulfill Kalani’s vacated position.  Guy nominates Glenn for the position, the motion is seconded by Chuck, all members are in agreement.
    • BoD Elections- The annual meeting and new BoD elections are coming up.  Aron, Mike & Jim’s term is up.  Potential candidates for the board must attend 2 meetings in order the be eligible for the board.  Rami to send email to inform members about the need to attend 2 meetings if running for the board.
    • John is suggesting annual meeting for Wed, 12/5 at 5:30, and 6:30 board reorganization meeting.  Vicki and Marcie to be asked to accept bios and conduct survey monkey as in the past.
    • Glenn stated that no notification was sent out about canceling Ohana racing during Queen Liliuokalani races. He stayed at the beach and informed Ohana paddlers that it was cancelled, but in the future we are reminded to notify the club.  Glenn also suggests replacing our sign on the shed.
    • Ed has decided on either Sept. 29 or Sept 22 for the Blessing of Canoes and potluck.  Ed will contact Waikoloa Land Co for permission and availability of Kahu Danny Akaka.

Rami motions to adjourn.  Next meeting is Wed, Oct. 10 at 6:oo pm at WVA community meeting room.  Meeting was adjourned at 7: 37pm