Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2018

Secretary and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  John Ciambrone, Guy Davis, Jim Albone, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley and Rami Ring

Board members absent:  Aron Risley, Kalani Kaili, Mike Chin Quee

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present:  Glenn Leonberger, Laura Leonberger, Phillip Beasley, Vicki Serrao

John opened the meeting at 6:03 pm at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.

Jim makes a motion to approve the May meeting minutes, motion is seconded by Guy and approved by all.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)
    • Day pass is currently listed under membership, Jim requests to have it separated.
    • Junior program donations are categorized under restricted donations.  John would like to see the funds used for shirts, end-of-year party, someone special instead of a regular expense, such as paddles.
    • Glenn informs the board that he send out a check weekly to Moku after Ed communicates the number of lanes he has drawn.
    • New canoes expenses about $25,000 yet to pay.
    • John thanks Glenn and Laura for working on tax returns.
    • John & Glenn will work on a budget for 2019
  • Coach’s Report
    • Coach Ed is looking ahead at possible crews going to states, and envisions the club financially assisting those crews.  Prior to making any decisions on states crew’s assistance, Glenn sees the need to formulate a budget with John.  Topic tabled until next month.
    • Ed brings up the disaster relief efforts for Puna- Sure Foundation, Red Cross, Food Basket and Salvation Army are all assisting.  He would like to see us help out in some way as a club.  Cliff makes a motion that 50% of the proceeds from GWCR, not to exceed $2000 go to relief efforts for volcano disaster.  Guy seconded, approved by all.
    • Pier pass is not an issue as Steve Columbo has been arriving at the end of the day to assist with transportation of canoes from Kona.
  • Equipment Report
    • John brought up an issue that Jun’s canoe is on our insurance policy because he lets us use it, however, it is also being used by non-club members.  If there is an accident by non-members, it would not be right for our policy to cover it.  He suggests a memorandum that will state we are responsible for the canoe when it is in our use, but not otherwise. Ed will talk to Jun about the situation.
    • Bearings have been fixed on one of the dollies.  Hubs are shot, will not last long.  Weights added to Kama O Kalani.  Seat is fixed.
    • No report on storage unit or safety equipment.
    • No timeline on Bradley, hopefully mid July
    • Vicki Serrao is the head of the committee for naming of the new Bradley.  The entire club will vote on the name for the canoe via Survey monkey. Suggested names are:
      • Nani Kai
      • Pakalana
      • Ki `Aukai
      • Makani I Ke Kai
      • Pomaikai
      • Kiholo
  • Fundraisers
    • Lavaman 2019-Phillip reported that Lavaman is very happy with our efforts.  Looking ahead to next year,  water patrol donation to remain the same ($300).  Transitions area (parking lot)- if the club wants to do that, we need to let Phillip know right away.  Tear down to be hired out.  We can participate in set up and finish line at the beach.  Lavaman wants to pay us $500 to move the canoes again and use our beach area.  2018 we got $1500 for set up and tear down plus $500 for moving the canoes.  Phillip will get back to us with contribution amount.  The club is requesting $1800 for set up, transition, water patrol and moving the canoes.
    • GWCR- Marriot will not do food this year.  John & Ed will talk to LavaLava and then Hilton.  Ed will get categories for race by the end of next week.
  • Moku Report
    • Nothing new
  • HCRA Report
    • HCRA bulk email system working again.
  • Membership Report (Chuck)
    • Everything going smoothly…271 total members this year
  • Unfinished business
    • Updating on website-Kyle will meet with Phillip to redo website.
    • Beach directors will need to get an assistant each day to help with sign-in
  • New Business
    • John will contact Aron regarding his absence from board meetings.
    • Guy feels email votes should be eliminated and brought to board meetings.  John wants emergency emails to be brought to his attention.

Cliff motions to adjourn.  Next meeting is Wed, July 11, at 6:oo pm at WVA community meeting room.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:28 pm