The following candidates are running for the 2024 Board:

Robbie Breidenbach

My name is Robbie Breidenbach, I am an Ohana paddler and am interested in a general board position with Waikoloa Canoe Club. I have been a member for 2 years.

My background:

I have had 3 careers in my lifetime. Right after I received my bachelors degree I held positions in retail management from the early 1970’s to the early 1980’s. These involved purchasing and maintaining inventory and managing 4-6 employees.

My second career was in Hospitality. I was director of sales for a hotel, then sales manager for the Denver Metro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. These involved working with National and State associations meeting planners to secure spaces for their conventions, organizing familiarization trips, and maintaining communications when the meetings were on site. During this career I was also a volunteer board member for the Colorado and Wyoming Hotel Sales and Marketing Association.

In the early 1990’s I returned to school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for my masters degree in Physical Therapy. Upon graduation I worked as a physical therapist manage in outpatient clinics until my retirement.

After my husbands job moved to Los Angeles, I volunteered teaching English as a Second Language for the South Bay Literacy Council.

My strengths are communications, organization and marketing.

I moved to Hawaii with my husband in 2019 and fell in love with it. The first day I tried Ohana paddling I went out and bought my first paddle because I loved it so much. I want to give back to this organization which has been so welcoming to me.

Thank you for your consideration,

Robbie Breidenbach

John Lavryssen

I would like to officially run for a position on the board.

I have been paddling for about 11 years.

I have been a member of Waikoloa for about 4 or 5 years.

I paddle both Recreational and competitive. 

I have been on the board of Fairway Gorge Paddling Club (Victoria,BC) for 2 years.

I was on the board of the YMCA for 3 years.

I have of good understanding of both recreational paddling and competitive paddling.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Lavryssen

Chris Parsons

I’m honored to put forth my candidacy for a board position with the Waikoloa Canoe Club, a community I hold dear. As an active participant in Ohana and Racing paddling, I deeply appreciate the dedication, teamwork, and passion that drives the club.

Professionally, I have a robust background in product development, having built and grown several technology companies. This expertise speaks to my entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and ability to foster innovation and successfully implement initiatives.

Along with a passion for paddling, I have a wealth of governance expertise from serving on corporate and non-profit boards. I believe my blend of professional experience and paddling involvement offers a distinct and well-rounded viewpoint to serve Waikoloa Canoe Club members. I appreciate your consideration.