Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2013

The meeting convened at 6:38 PM on February 12, 2013 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present.  Club members in attendance; Ruth and Harold Van Doren


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

January 2, 2013 meeting minutes approved


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P&L statement
  • Unrestricted: includes Chrysalis event, Parker rental of canoes, Mauna Lani trees, & recycling


Coach’s Report: Derek Park

  • First practice March 2nd
  • Vision to bring Recreation and Racing closer together as one club.  For racing side, looking to set 3 flags in bay for turns etc.  Would like to add a Wednesday PM practice for more opportunity.  Will stick to our precedence for paddling long distance contingent on regatta season participation excluding paddlers not committing to practice.
  • Jim to get Derek Secretary access in HCRA
  • Discussing with Surf Park continuing Parker paddlers with Waikoloa incorporation in club
  • Surf Park 40’s masters Unlimited canoe request to paddle under Waikoloa.  We need them to be covered under insurance.  Derek to find out how/what they’ve done to be insured and registered with HCRA.
  • Talked to Odie at Pure Paddles for Purple Carbon Fiber blades, need 12 committed orders and we can order.
  • Assistant coaches: Kea Shaw PM, Adrea & Kim for AM practices
  • Keiki coaches: Bob Reisley, Michael, and Johanna


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • March 23rd is canoe weigh in
  • April 20th is the coaches clinic
  • 2013 HCRA meeting is on Thanksgiving weekend
  • Increase in insurance of 5-10% for 2013 which will affect payment at end of year for 2014
  • Official race schedule; June 22nd race will not be Regatta but will be distance now
  • Moku new liability waiver; everyone already registered must re-submit waivers & replace online
  • Policies and Procedures update on disaster preparedness for Moku will be on their website
  • Keauhou is doing a scholarship this year, for keiki going to college


Equipment Report: Derek Park

  • OC1 Rack builds; Harold provided drawing of potential racks and list of materials for extending the Koa Halau roof. Harold will email board the drawings.  Harold to contact Greg Erickson re; the extension and piping construction.   
  • Trailer repair: Derek is done.  Jennifer and/or Michelle to Provide Kai Opua estimate of repair as provided by Derek.
  • Shelving inside shed need to be rebuilt; Jim reviewed pricing at Costco for $330 to replace shelves.  Racks on sale until the 17th, Jim to get the debit card from Derek and purchase
  • Paddle Racks: Derek to put foam in place to keep paddles from falling
  • New saddles are complete
  • New Dollie, on hold
  • Currently still short 1 Iako, price is average $600 a pair.  Should we make a set of Iakos for another canoe that has more use and transfer another canoes’ Iakos in place.  Derek come up with a plan.


KOA Log: Kim Pratt / Jim Albone

  • Delivered today at A-Bay
  • Talked to Doug Bumatai for ultra light Iakos.  3 builders on island for Ama’s including Bill Rosehill.  Possible for Wiliwili wood Ama and ____ for Iakos.  Ama and Iakos just have to be of Hawaiian wood, should see how/where the water line is.  Jim follow up on Ama from Bill with the new design.
  • Displayed new canoe at Moku meeting reviewing our design and why we chose to build strip canoe and in spirit of conservation.  Requested ideas for Hawaiian names. 
  • Cover; About $1200 from the Livestrong guy but unsure of designs and ability and $1200 from the Kauai designer.  Kauai would need exact dimentions etc.  About 1 Month lead time.  Vasey Upholstery quote from Derek $1600 and will be done in 2 weeks and already has measurements and same seamstress as made all the J canoes.  Motion from Michael to go with Vasey Upholstery for the Koa Cover, vote 4 to 1 in favor.
  • Koa Canoe names request email went out


Old Business:


Upcoming Events: Jim

  • MC&A March group, have not heard back
  • Chrysalis has an April 11th AM Regatta with 6 boats they want us to put on like last year’s event, possibility for logo use as well, contract not issued yet
  • Chrysalis also working with Lava Lava for 2 days taking people out for rides.
  • Lavaman aide again, but nothing official


Waikoloa Land Company

  • Outstanding follow up yet on gate keys and security plans, Jim will handle and meet with them on the drawings for the Halau and OC1 racks


Waikoloa Canoe Club Membership ID card

  • Michael finalized and now sending out.
  • Jim discussed discount with Lava Lava again, no word yet.


Fundraisers: Michael

  • Indiegogo.com: Bruce – update next meeting
  • Donation site for donation requests, donate x dollars and receive x item, Table for discussion later
  • Waimea location will let us do 1 x month & they will donate 10% of proceeds in exchange for handing out flyers
  • Dominoes: Michael to update next meeting


Legal Document for borrowing canoes

  • No updates, Michelle will follow up


DQ Double Hull

  • Derek reviewed, needs a lot of work and re-finishing, structurally in good shape.  Major question is where we would put it.  Tiger said it wasn’t worth more than $500 a hull.


Surf Park

  • Check received.  Canoes back at the beach.


Canoe in rack A10

  • No one has replied to requests for owner, space is not paid for
  • Have sent repeated emails to club including pictures
  • Bruce can place canoe in his yard for 30 days after which time we can sell it if no owner appears


New Business:


Membership Drive

  • Michael got school notices out, checking with Market
  • Michelle got banners printed
  • Jennifer working on at A-Bay, requested to ask WLC to do a team building paddle out to get them re-acclimated with the club


Inventory and re-order of rash guards

  • Ruth organized all rash guards and inventoried, email copy to Michelle
  • Michelle to ask Adrea for assistance
  • Derek mentioned Jim’s email on rash guards and looking into their offers


Canoe / Shed Clean up day / potluck

  • Need to get shelves in place first
  • Work on during the Membership Drive Saturday & Sunday Feb 23 and 24 with potluck on the 24th


Another Steering Clinic

  • Derek will discuss with Jeb holding another Steering Clinic and when
  • Derek still ok with Jeb approving steersmen


Discussion of Vision of the Coach

  • Message received was to have someone to really coach every level of paddlers
  • Involving the culture and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture in coaching


Helgi’s email

  • Free booth at the healthy cooking event at the Marriott to sell our logo wear, hand out flyers, promote membership, March 22 or 23 unsure yet.  Michelle to send email to club to see if anyone steps up to do the booth.


Christmas Parade

  • Lyon’s Club may be passing on the Christmas Parade this year, if they do does WCC want to take it over.
  • Agreed to pass on it.


Meeting adjourned 8:37 PM

Next meeting March 6th, 6:00 pm at Hawaiian Dreams