Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2012



The meeting convened at 6:01 PM on February 8, 2012 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.




All board members present except Rick Rapp.  WCC members in attendance: Crystal, Cole, Jeb, Bobbie, Lillian, Berndt, and Charles.




President Jim Albone opened the meeting with the notation that punctuality would be appreciated as all meetings will start on time.




February 3, 2012 meeting minutes approved with spelling correction for Bruce Banick’s name.  Annual meeting minutes to be approved at next annual meeting.  Jim Albone noted that the annual meeting minutes reflect correct statements made by the 2011 Treasurer, however the actual Treasurer’s statement of a $20K grant from Atherton was incorrect and actual grant is $10K with $5K held for Waikea and $5K for WCC.




Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier


  • See Treasurer’s report for financials.  Only Annual Financials available.
  • Meeting with Mike Bernstone next week to review and receive all Treasurers’ records.
  • Received PO Box Key and set up Bank Signature
  • The last fundraiser only 50% of the payment has been received yet.
  • Need to see the KOA fund separated into its own savings account.  Motion by Bob, 2nd by Derek, Unanimously approved.
  • In review of prior board minutes from November 10, 2011 there was an additional $5k approved by the board to be set aside from general funds for the KOA.
  • Two extra PO Box keys will cost $9 each, Secretary to receive 1 new key.  Need to retrieve key in Daniel Legler’s possession.
  • Reviewing all membership apps and getting all input into HCRA Paddler.
  • Jim noted we had 2 debit cards out, 1 with Jim and 1 with Mike.  Need to keep 2, 1 with President and 1 with Treasurer to pay for lanes on the internet or supplies.  Motion to keep 2 cards with President and Treasurer by Bob, 2nd by Jennifer, passed unanimously.  Bob motioned to limit expense signature/card use to under $500 without board approval with the exception for normal operating costs.  Jennifer 2nd, unanimously approved.




Coach’s Report:


  • Discussion on Head Coach, Bob motioned for Jeb to be named Head Coach, Michelle 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Keiki head coach to be Derek Park with Adrea Gibbs and Johanna Kim.




New Business


Equipment: Derek Park


  • Look to discuss equipment at next meeting including OC1 racks and possible new construction.
  • Will take inventory of equipment and condition and report at next meeting.
  • Requested approval to build another metal dollie, tabled for next meeting.




Website Update: Berndt


  • New board has been posted.
  • Work on updates with Michelle & Michael volunteered to assist as well.




Cultural Paddling:


  • Current schedule is M,W,F,Su 6AM
  • Cole requested the board to discuss if there are any concerns with Cultural Paddling.  Discussion ensued with concerns regarding membership completion for paddlers and waivers being kept up.  Discussion on defining Cultural Paddling for interested paddlers; intermediate level paddling.  Discussion on Cultural Paddling vs. Racing registration.  Derek voiced concerns regarding Cole maintaining the position in charge leading to discussion on the need to document the rules of the beach and being members.  Bob volunteered to pull together a draft for the board to review.  Michelle suggested a name change for the program which Cole was okay with.  Various names suggested including Sunrise Intermediate Paddle etc.  Name TBA.
  • Discussion to keep cultural going but include better guidelines.  Motion by Michael to hold the discussion to next meeting regarding Cole remaining in charge, 2nd by Bob, unanimously approved.  Board agreed to allow it to continue in the meantime with Cole in charge.




Canoe Work Day


  • Two main tasks, clean the shed and clean the canoes
  • Determined Saturday February 25th from 10A-2P with potluck to be the date.  Motion made by Michael, 2nd by Bob, unanimously approved.




Membership Drive


  • Agreed upon Sunday February 26th and Saturday March 3rd with regular season beginning March 10th.
  • Michael volunteered to produce flyers, banners, etc.  Derek and Kim volunteered to assist.






  • Michael volunteered to head fundraising, Bob volunteered to assist




Ohana Paddling


  • Rick will be off island some days when Lucy  is also out, need someone to fill in.  Bob volunteered to run Tue/Thurs, Kim volunteered to run Sunday paddles.




Bylaws Revision


  • Jim noted that we need to review the bylaws and potentially replace our bylaws with bylaws written for a canoe club.  Requested volunteers to review and assist in pulling proposals.  Jim, Derek, and Jennifer to be on the Bylaws Review Committee.




New Hats and Rash Guards


  • Need someone to work with Matt Cross on Hats, Jennifer to talk to Adrea and see if she’d be willing to assist.
  • Rash guards need to be inventoried at beach day or before determining if we have a need to make another order






  • Question posed to Cole regarding November 2011 board minutes where he was going to talk with Bill on starting the rough out with partial payment.  Check was never cut so work has not begun.
  • Atherton (Hawaii community Foundation) will possible give us an extension on the grant, Jim to inquire.
  • Jim requested the board to consider building a strip canoe vs. the carve out and reviewed Bill Rosehill’s letter regarding the WCC KOA Log condition.  Discussion on cost consideration in strip canoe (far lower).  Michael asked the members present to provide their thoughts, Cole and Jeb both agreed the strip canoe would be a better use of the log and funds.
  • Motion by Derek for Jim to propose the strip canoe to Atherton to see if we can obtain approval.  Michael 2nd, unanimously approved.






  • Need to set up GWCR Committee.  Bob volunteered to be committee chair.  Michael to assist.  Need to schedule date with WCC (Michael).  Jennifer to check with Hilton regarding trade for food this year for possible upcoming FAM trip paddling events.




Gate Keys


  • Daniel told Jim he turned his gate key into Waikoloa Land.
  • Jim to visit Waikoloa Land regarding keys
  • Jeb has the 2nd set of keys






  • Bruce requested more volunteers for the Lyons event on Feb 18th, need someone to run the WCC table, Adrea had volunteered.  Event reminder 10A to 3P at Waikoloa school.
  • Corporate Events; None on the table at present.
  • Fridays BBQ at the market opportunity, Bruce with email for more info




Security of Canoes


  • Lava Lava Beach Club (run by Huggos) and managed with Waikoloa Land had approached Jim with offers to give WCC members discounts, work days sponsorships, some events, and trade opportunities
  • Construction to be done about end of March with opening April/May.
  • Jim to talk with Waikoloa Land on what their changes to security will be.






Treasurer Add on Item


  • Received $500 donation from Lavaman athlete in the mail.  Jennifer to write a Mahalo Letter for donation.




D&O Policy


  • Bruce reviewed insurance policy coverage for officers and the board.  Policy is due in March for renewal, $1300 for the year.  Bob motioned to retain the policy, Jennifer 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Motion by Michelle for Bruce to underwrite the policy, 2nd Derek, unanimously approved.




Keiki Transportation


  • Bruce asked about the status of the club looking at a van.  Derek noted he’d like to see first if the keiki attending need transportation.  We’ve been seeing a lot of keiki with involved parents, so table until we see membership numbers.




Moku Meeting


  • Jim turned in to Michelle Moku receipts and insurance
  • Berndt requested Jennifer to send last meeting minutes to him to post on WCC.com




New Business


  • Derek volunteered to draft a safety program with procedures / safety pack components and sent to the board or ideas.




Moku Rep


  • Crystal is current rep and volunteered to continue
  • Motion by Michelle to name Crystal as Moku Rep, 2nd by Bob, unanimously approved.
  • Jim has new rules and laws for race and race tent schedule.  We’ll need to add these to our site and facebook pages.
  • Next Moku Meeting is March 24th
  • Crystal noted that Officials names and numbers need to be turned into her prior to the next meeting and these Officials must be at the Moku Coaches and Officials meeting




Additional New Business


  • Crystal asked if we are going to bless the canoes this year and possibly an offering & cleansing.  Offered to work on arranging.




Next meeting March 7th, 6pm at Hawaiian Dreams offices


Meeting adjourned 7:35 PM