Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2012

The meeting convened at 6:32 PM on June 13, 2012 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present except Ric Rapp & Bob Herkes.  WCC members in attendance: Helgi Spencer Olafson


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

June 13, 2012 meeting minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Treasurer’s report for financials.
  • Fundraising monies received were from steak sales.
  • Negative supplies balance was the re-payment of the keiki paddles by the kids that ordered them.
  • Still no payment of the Honu, expecting $900.
  • Insurance by Bruce, policy is typical boat policy; anything occurring on the trailer is covered.  Taking a canoe out of state must be by written permission.  Channel crossings are covered, if not a race must have support boats.  Deductible varies depending on canoe, $500 to $2250 (Kama O Ka Lani).  4 canoes for $800, knowing new Koa is coming this year and will need to be insured, will table until after the new Koa is finalized.   


Coach’s Report: Derek Park

  • Keiki tomorrow last practice, Saturday last race, Kai Opua has race on 21st we will not be attending and Laka race as well.  Will gear up for Waikoloa race.
  • Adult long distance season starts after this weekend.
  • Family pulled out of keiki club, Michelle will make them inactive in HCRA.


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • Looking to get Ira to propose strip koa this year.


Equipment Report: Derek Park

  • Next set(2) of Iakos need to get unrigged this week for re- finishing
  • OC1 Rack builds; Derek and Martin take measurements, dimensions, check Fairmont’s racks.  Design has to be done and sent to WLC for approval.
  • Other canoes have some damage/hulls and Kama O Ka Lani has a crack from rear wai through seat 5-6, get Bill to look at this week before races start.  Michael will try and catch him.  Seat 4 is creaking/loose need Bill to fix as well.  Seat 4 to under seat 3 chip have looked at as well.
  • Paddle racks inside shed need to be rebuilt; now that keiki season is nearing its end Derek will look at plans to rebuild.
  • Paddles some still need re-taping.  Keiki paddles need re-finishing, will do after this season.  Old paddles, Michael has a possible fundraising option, Derek will keep but take them out of circulation.
  • Tahitian saddles on the list to complete as well.
  • Michelle motion to build another dollie like we have for under $500, Derek 2nd, all approved.  Ranch donating the axels.    


KOA Log: Kim Pratt / Jim Albone

  • No updates yet, Jim will follow up for updates.


Paddling Regulations:

  • The new document Code of Conduct / Policies and Procedures, still need some of the board revisions from last review.  Michelle will send Johanna updates and notes for revision.      

Old Business:


Bylaws Revision: Committee: Adrea, Jenn, Derek, Michelle, and Johanna Lyman

  • Sent new Bylaws to board review.  Committee needs to have one more meeting to review. 



  • Outstanding item: Updating membership forms and waivers with additional language “can swim, in good health, etc.” and that persons must be able to swim and are in good health to perform strenuous activity for at least one hour.  Jim will update all forms.


Upcoming Events: Michael

  • September 29th event at Lava Lava Beach Club from Incentives Hawaii
  • October 14th event not yet final but looking $3500, this is through Incentives Hawaii
  • Ironman, we have one possible aid station


GWCR: Committee; Bob, Michael, Adrea, Jenn

  • Michael idea to ask Lava Lava if they want to sponsor t-shirts
  • Makoff, and Witherspoon have boats secured, still need one more boat, required to have three boats
  • Registration form should be back from WLC Friday
  • Fundraising letter is done
  • ACS will be there with booth
  • Michael took boats permit forms from Jim to complete, but need hull numbers
  • With Bob’s resignation from the board, Michael, Adrea, and Jenn will continue to work the GWCR committee.
  • Derek got Pure donating 2 paddles. 49 women’s and a 52 men’s
  • Moku PA system won’t be available, Jim idea that maybe we might want to purchase PA, or see if the band can supply PA or maybe borrow one.  Try seeing if the band PA will work.


Waikoloa Land Company

  • Outstanding follow up yet on gate keys and security plans, Jim will handle


Membership form clarification

  • Michelle sent wording, everyone ok, Jim to update the member ship form


Waikoloa Canoe Club Membership ID card 

  • Derek to research options for ID cards to include printed logo etc. and fill in name, expiration, HCRA number space.  Cards to start next year as validation of completion of membership.


6AM Rec Paddle

  • Michael talked with Cole and he is not currently running the practice but might like to continue after states.
  • Motion by Derek to remove Cole as program director due to non-communication to the board and to email to the club to see if anyone else wants to run the program and program will be shut down until a new director is identified.  Second by Michelle.  Unanimously approved.  Jim will send an email.


New Business


Board Resignation

  • Bob Herkes resigned today via email from the board.  Requested to remain a paddle director in the Recreational program.  Michelle move to keep Bob in paddle director role for the Recreational program.  Bruce second.  Unanimously approved.
  • Motion by Michelle not replace Bob on the board, Derek second, unanimously approved.
  • Nominations for new Vice President, Derek and Bruce.  Vote 3 to 2, Derek Park is our Vice President.


Facebook page

  • Discussion regarding appropriate postings on facebook page; it is not an official product of the club and it is to be a positive reflection of the club and a social networking platform for the club.


New canoes this year – options

  • Odie has an unlimited canoe he is willing to sell us for $18k and if we trade/donate our remaining koa wood, he takes off another $2k.  Normally this canoe is $21-$22k.  Weight of this canoe would be 140-150 lbs.  Would be ready within a month.  A lighter unlimited canoe would open up more races.  Our koa could also be built into another canoe and sold for $30k +/-.  Need to find out how much koa we actually have remaining.  Derek will discuss possibilities with Odie.
  • A new fiberglass canoe should remain on the top of our list for new canoes and have the Recreation paddlers name the canoe.  Cost about $11,500 +/-.  Jim will gather data from each canoe company and the board will review and seek Jeb and club members input on canoe type.


Start up networking-Helgi

  • Possible non-profit start up with donations to various non-profits would like to include WCC.  Will present an option to WCC in the future.  Request to put WCC logo on Helgi’s training jersey.  Michelle motion to allow Helgi to place out purple and white WCC logo on training jersey.  Derek second.  Unanimously approved.


Next meeting August 8th, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams office

Meeting adjourned 8:56PM