Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2013

The meeting convened at 6:35 PM on March 6, 2013 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present.  Club members in attendance; Harold Van Doren


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

February 12, 2013 meeting minutes approved


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P&L statement
  • Sent list of annual larger expenses, April has little over $5k in expenses coming up


Coach’s Report: Derek Park

  • Turn out has been small this far but excited about season, likely see more in the next few weeks
  • Jim got Derek Secretary access in HCRA
  • Parker we offered to join club, will see
  • Mens unlimited crew from Surf Park, will see if they are coming over
  • Assistant coaches: Kim for AM practices now but no one showed up Tuesday, AM practice is 6:30 AM for now, 6 AM later when sun is up earlier, will see if people  show tomorrow and decide if continuing AM practices
  • Ama for the 4 man is done, can use to practice if short on paddlers
  • Keiki practices begin at 4PM


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • April 20th is the coaches clinic is now at the Waimea Community Center
  • Official race schedule; June 22nd race will not be Regatta but will be distance now


Equipment Report: Derek Park / Jim Albone

  • OC1 Rack builds; Harold provided drawings of potential racks and list of materials for extending the Koa Halau roof.  Jim contacted Greg Erickson to assist.  Look to wait until Greg is back on island since he is a contractor and then finalize plans. 
  • Trailer repair: Just needs to switch the equalizers.  Jennifer and/or Michelle to Provide Kai Opua estimate of repair as provided by Derek.
  • Paddle Racks: Derek putting foam in place to keep paddles from falling after keiki Saturday practice
  • New Dollie, on hold
  • No Iako shortage as Derek used another set that worked
  • Four man Ama is done, using the cotton rigging caused the spider webbing, looking to use rubber now as it flexes better.

KOA Kaihuwaaopalekai Canoe: Jim Albone

  • Bill is building the Ama with Wiliwili.
  • Names for Canoe, one more name submitted today.  Will do the survey and see if we have strong results similarly we may narrow the results down for a second vote.  Motion to close accepting any new names and get the survey out to the members by Jennifer.  All approved.
  • Discussion on placing the model name on canoe, look at doing 1 inch letters, Michael move that we do put the model name on the boat at 1 inch in size.  All approved.
  • Jim looking into numbering will verify with Doug Bumatay.  Also 5 pounds below weight, Derek will make weights.
  • Bill asked if we can place canoe in Palm Trees for article he’s writing on Saturday for pictures.  Bill will also take the fiberglass Ama and fix it.
  • Insurance quote for Koa.  For $100k coverage, $2,750 deductible, annual premium is $780.  Motion by Michelle to insure the new Koa at the quote given by Serveco.  All approved.  Michelle to verify what Kama O Kalani is insured for and look at raising to $100k to $120k.
  • Blessing; Make it a big event, approach Lava Lava for food, invite WLC and Waikoloa Beach Resort partners, Bill and Andy.  Secure Danny Akaka but will need date.  See if can get reporter from OC paddler, news paper, youth program.  Look to do a Saturday in April preferably 27th but get a few dates from Danny on his availability and move forward from there securing date with WLC.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events: Jim

  • March 23rd Canoe Weigh In at 8AM, be there at 7AM to unrig canoes, practice after, Derek to email club and cancel keiki, move canoes after to Lava Lava
  • March 24th Lavaman Water Patrol, Michael won’t be on island, need a point of contact for that day-Jim volunteered, we will man the finish line, have SUP and OC1/2’s.
  • April 11th AM Regatta with 6 boats for Chrysallis, possibility for logo use as well, contract still not issued yet
  • April 20th Coaches Clinic at Waimea Community Center, next month discuss who all needs to attend = anyone who would go to officials tent when requested
  • Additional Lava Lava events with Chrysallis (canoe rides) still  no word


Waikoloa Land Company

  • Outstanding follow up yet on gate keys and security plans, Jim will handle and meet with them on the drawings for the Halau and OC1 racks


Waikoloa Canoe Club Membership ID card

  • Jim sent email for discount with Lava Lava again, no word yet.


Fundraisers: Michael

  • Indiegogo.com: Tabled for next big project
  • They really only do Waimea based offers
  • Dominoes: Michael


Legal Document for borrowing canoes

  • No updates, Michelle will follow up


Canoe in rack A10

  • Bruce will put it out to membership before Craigslist.  List for $300.  Bruce will write up and send to membership.  Motion to list for $300 offering to club members first then Craigslist.  All approved.


Inventory and re-order of rash guards

  • Review of sheets of stock from Michelle.  Would like to get black with purple.  Check into Derek’s company.  Get pricing and we will vote via email and re-confirm vote at next meeting.


Another Steering Clinic

  • Derek discussed with Jeb for holding another Steering Clinic and will provide a set of dates
  • Derek will provide a list of approved steersmen for out of bay and who is in training soon / next week.


Marriott healthy cooking event

  • March 22/23, not going to participate


New Business:


Refund of Adrea’s membership dues

  • Motion to refund Adrea since she had to move by Michelle.  All approved.
  • Derek propose to take nice photo of Koa and send to Adrea of the blessing for all her dedication.  All agree.


Paddlers not paddling regattas vs. long distance

  • Discussion; Derek take away, if a paddler does regattas and is an active member (volunteering, time at regattas, etc.) they will be in the distance crews first.  If recreation paddlers come to practice they will have next seat availability.  When other situations arise Coach and Board discusses quickly and make quick and fair decision.


Business Regatta

  • Kim; Can the hospital use the canoes to practice and come to practice times to fill open seats and practice on Sundays at Rec Times?  Yes


Juice Plus

  • Any Saturday will be fine, so just not the 23rd.  Best time might be April.


Meeting adjourned 8:29 PM

Next meeting April 3rd, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams