Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2012

The meeting convened at 6:31 PM on March 7, 2012 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present.  WCC members in attendance: Crystal, Jeb, Berndt, Bitsy, and Adrea.


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

February 8, 2012 meeting minutes approved.


Secretary’s Report: Jennifer Bolstad

Hilton asked to pass onto the club their thanks for a very successful Media FAM paddle.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Treasurer’s report for financials.
  • Separate Koa fund account is now complete.
  • Met with Mike Bernstone regarding checking account balance, noting that we typically move some of the checking balance into savings this time of year.
  • Talked with Panache regarding the 2nd payment due, they will talk to their accounting department.
  • PO Box keys record: Jennifer has 1, Jim received Daniel’s former key, & Michelle has 1
  • Ordered a club copy of QuickBooks
  • Need to file taxes by April 15
  • Letter from Outrigger Canoe Club of London with donation of $300
  • HCRA is up to date
  • For the financial report will begin to breakdown income by membership vs. other
  • Stamp from the bank to authorize checks is out of ink, a new stamp will be required at $39.


Coach’s Report: Jeb Goss/Derek Park

  • Upcoming races schedules are on the website, however unsure if any changes are coming.
  • Keiki head coach Derek Park will have Assistance from Adrea, Johanna, Kea, and Michael.


Equipment Report: Derek Park

  • Safety bag: received donation of 2 fire bags by fire department.  Motion by Bob to approve up to $500 for contents of safety bags, Kim 2nd, unanimously approved adding approval for Derek to use Debit card for the purchases.
  • Canoes need sanding iakos; 1 helper identified
  • Tahitian needs refinishing; Odie at Pure gave $1400 quote to sand, spot fix seams, & refinish.  Bill did not provide a quote.  Discussion on using epoxy resin in wear areas.  Bob made motion to approve refinishing of Tahitian with double coat up to $1600 using Odie at Pure, Michael 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • J2 needs fiberglass and seat repairs.  Derek made motion to take J2 to Bill w/approval of up to $1500 for work, Michael 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Metal dollie; Parker Ranch has donated a set of axels.  Derek will cost out price for us to build while Ric will find out about Kawaihae’s new dollies cost and report back.  Ric will provide Derek non-skid for club steering blades.  Derek to add hook/clip for canoes to dollie to stop canoe slippage.
  • Jeb requested 2 rolls of rigging cord.  Derek to secure order and let Michael before ordering as Sean can bring over from Oahu vs. shipping.
  • Jim noted club paddles are getting shabby.  Derek will check with iako helper if we can also do paddles.
  • For new OC1 racks we will need a design for Waikoloa Land Company.  Bernt has copy of last design proposal and will email to Jim.


KOA Log: Jim Albone

  • Motion to make our Koa log into a strip canoe by Jennifer, Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Bill has cut length already; the transfer to the mill is $3k for ours and Waiakea or $1500 each.  Derek made motion to spend our $1500 along with Waiakea to send the log to the mill, Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Jim reaffirmed that Waiakea does want their Koa as a strip canoe.
  • WCC does have to report on both logs to Atherton.
  • Kim and Derek volunteered to track progress of Koa with pictures and dates, etc.
  • Motion to put $3600 from Panache fundraiser (received and due monies) to Koa fund, Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.


Paddling Regulations Discussion:

  • The new name of Cultural Paddling will be Sunrise Recreational Paddle.
  • Paddle times by type:
    • M,W,F,Su 6am: Sunrise Recreational Paddle
    • T, Th 6am and Sat 8am & T, Th 5:30pm: Racing Practice
    • T, Th, Su 8am: Recreational Paddle
  • Bob will complete consolidating the paddling guidelines with each paddle times lead designated as a Program Director.


Old Business:


Bylaws Revision:

  • Will be addressing a full review of the bylaws including voting procedures.  Bylaws committee volunteers; Derek, Jennifer, Adrea, & Michelle.  Also requested was for the committee to address Keiki Guardian voting.

Upcoming Events: Michael

  • Michael noted the Honu is June 2nd.  We will have 3 aid stations and will receive $900 for the club for assisting.  Need 30-40 volunteers at least.
  • Lavaman is April 1; we have the minimum 15 OC1 & SUP volunteers needed and will have 2 canoes on the water.
  • Working on Ironman potential.
  • March 29 220 person event, Jim never heard back from the contact.
  • Michelle to send Bob the service agreement for Bob to handle event contracts.
  • Bob noted the event for June will be either the 7th, 8th, or 9th at the bay at Fairmont.  We may need to bring in 5 or 6 canoes with steersmen/strokers for about 90 minutes.  Event quoted at $300 per canoe.  Bob will follow up on date.
  • Bruce followed up on the barbeque at Waikoloa Market.  Cost is $4.12 per plate.  We would cook and serve, pay for gas used and clean the grill.  We price plates and price less cost is the clubs.  Average sales have been at 150 plates at $8 a plate.  Michael to look for a date.



  • Jim requested a review of the adult medals and possibility of using a bottle opener medal.
  • Jennifer noted the food trade is secured with Hilton.
  • Michael needs to follow up on securing the date with WLC.
  • Shirts or alternate item (hats or towels) was discussed.  Michael will send email requesting the club and keiki to submit designs for this year’s race.


Waikoloa Land Company

  • No follow up yet on gate keys, Jim will handle
  • Bob asked WLC security regarding plans for security with Lava Lava now in the bay and no plans have been relayed at this time.  Jim will follow up with WLC when following up on the gate keys.


Moku Update: Crystal

  • March 24th is the officials & coaches Moku meeting.  Also note there was a date lapse on the Moku waivers and the date will need to be changed and all paddlers must re-sign.


D&O Policy:  Bruce

  • Application is done, awaiting approval.


New Business




  • Michelle noted the team working on making updates and cleaning up the site.
  • Sponsor page needs definition:  over $500 needs to be listed
  • Motion by Bob to create a pay pal account, 2nd by Derek, Unanimously approved.

Rash guards


  • Adrea will check Drifit & Patagonia or Dritech for other types of rash guards.
  • Motion to approve Michelle’s proposal to restock rash guards by Derek, Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • Look at Happy Shirts for the Hats, Adrea trying to catch up with Matt for Hats order/proposals.




  • Record of issued shed keys, 1 each in possession by: Jim, Jeb, Derek, Adrea, Kim, Ric, Cole, and Bob.  Ric will talk to Lucy and Bobby to see if they feel they need a key.


Racer Registration: Jim


  • Need coordination of Racers waivers and ID’s to include:  HCRA Waiver, All check marks on HCRA are done prior to races, and Digital pictures of all members are loaded.
  • Michelle with loading paddlers will be our starting poc, Derek will work with all keiki, Michael and Jennifer will assist with all.


Next meeting April 11th, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams office

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM