Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2012

The meeting convened at 6:30 PM on May 9, 2012 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present.  WCC members in attendance: Jeb Goss, Johanna Kim, Martin Pratt, Lynn Herkes, and Bill Rosehill.


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

April 11, 2012 meeting minutes approved.


Secretary’s Report: Jennifer Bolstad

Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Treasurer’s report for financials.
  • All Atherton monies have been spent + $80 of club monies for the milling of the Koa.
  • Hull insurance, increased the Koa.  Quotes are in for the other 4 fiberglass canoes (3 racers and four man), cost would be $800 a year to insure all four ($200each), coverage of $5000 each with $500 deductible each.  Discussion on what does the policy include, Michelle to obtain policy and get to Bruce to report next month.
  • Taxes were submitted


Koa Log: Bill Rosehill

  • Milling complete into 2” thick boards with various width/length due to rot in logs, both Waikoloa and Waiakea have enough to make 2 canoes each.  Went through 26 blades milling the 2 logs.
  • Air drying takes a year and inch to dry, WCC’s would be 2 years
  • Kiln dry would take about a month and a half.  Kiln drying dries so quickly you get some shrinkage.  Cost approx $2,500 each club.  Cautioned using kiln has seen some or total lumber losses.
  • 3rd alternative, Bill has donation of Koa that is already air dried and enough for both WCC and Waiakea canoes.  Willing to trade our koa wood for already dried to move forward.
  • $17-$18k remaining cost, currently have $9,500 currently ear marked for the koa.  Could build canoe within 3 months or after Bill builds Kauai.
  • Motion by Michael to proceed with swapping our koa wood for Bill’s already dried wood for 1 canoe.  Derek second motion.  Unanimously approved.
  • Discussion on do we want to shoot for finishing canoe build quickly this year or later.  Motion to go ahead with building a koa strip canoe with Moku specs and proceed with it as soon as it can get done.  Unanimously approved.


Coach’s Report: Jeb Goss/Derek Park

  • Few racers this year
  • Keiki has almost as many racing keiki as adults this year


Moku Update:  Bob Herkes

  • Jim has been offered pay of $200 per regatta for running the PA.  Na’waa Lloyd will rotate with Jim.
  • Gentleman’s agreement during rough water for adults in steering for crews and now will be in rules.  See Bob’s recap of minutes from Moku meeting.
  • Interference with sound system will not induce penalty.
  • First five regattas will all be set as quarter mile.
  • Meetings at the call during regatta season.
  • Lane draws to be done by Sunday, all registration has to be in Wednesday before the lane draw.
  • Insurance costs went up for Moku/HCRA
  • Official rules will be in effect at Kawaehae race


Equipment Report: Derek Park

  • 1 damaged ama for J3 but has been repaired/patched
  • Iakos refinishing/repairs; take 2 sets at a time to Michael Eaton, Ric to provide Derek contact information.  Michael also refinishes paddles at $25 each w/apoxy resin. 
  • Cut and dyed new rigging rope, rig canoes with finished Iakos, have 3.5 canoes rope ready
  • Dragging canoes on the sand repeatedly lately
  • 2 safety bags are in the shed ready.  Bag on top has flashlight/rope/rubbers/light/ strobe etc and floatation devices.  Bottom bag has only floatation devices.  Will mark each as #1 and #2 for pulling #1 first.  Will re-organize the shed to keep #1 bag close to the door.
  • Weights are done for canoes
  • Bob recognize Ric for getting the additional metal dollie, Mahalo
  • OC1 Rack builds; outstanding item, no update, Jim awaiting former specs from Bernt (currently off island)


KOA Log: Jim Albone

  • Derek talked to Bill & noted that he would do the report for Atherton, we need to receive copy.  Report is due May 18.  Also need to receive pictures from Bill and steps completed.  Additionally need estimate on total cost from Bill.


Paddling Regulations:

  • Outstanding item: updated paddling policies and procedures:  Bob to change.
  • Outstanding item: Updating membership forms and waivers with additional language “can swim, in good health, etc.” and that persons must be able to swim and are in good health to perform strenuous activity for at least one hour.  Jim will update all forms.

Old Business:


Bylaws Revision: Committee: Adrea, Jenn, Derek, Michelle, and Johanna Lyman

  • Meeting held looking to re-write bylaws, pulling parts from ours, other clubs, etc. 
  • Jim to send committee the club charter


Upcoming Events: Jim update for Michael

  • Waikoloa market BBQ date June 15th from 3 to 6 pm.  Sell plates for $10, steak, rice, corn.  Ticket sales May 26th to June 6th.  All monies to be turned in by June 8th.  We buy steaks $4.95 and order by June 8th.
  • Michael noted the Honu is June 2nd.  Only 15 club members & 1 keiki family volunteered, must have the list in by May 23rd.  Need to send another email.  Bruce can talk to Lyons club for additional volunteers.
  • September 29th event at Lava Lava Beach Club, 4 canoes for 1.5 hours, $1,000
  • Fairmont event June 7 ($1,500) 15 current volunteers, load 3 canoes Tuesday night after practice and deliver Wednesday, paddle 2 over.  Jim or Bob to haul canoes.  Jennifer, Michelle, Mike B., Linda, Eddie, Johanna L. will be volunteering for event.  Bob will finalize contract over the next week or so.
  • Motion to take the Fairmont and Lava Lava event proceeds and ear mark them for the koa fund by Michelle.  Bob 2nd, unamiously approved.


GWCR: Committee; Bob, Michael, Adrea, Jenn

  • Dates secured with WLC
  • Parking: Ask Johnny Mac, Bruce will be off island
  • Shirts & Medals assigned to Adrea (quote on T-Shirts 600, breaks at 500), check with 295 Guys on other pricing
  • Decorations assignment Kim Pratt & Crystal
  • Jim already working on Makoff boat, paying gas on the water, provide food in the cooler
  • Officials assignment Crystal
  • Registration assignment Sammi
  • Logo wear tent assignment Lily
  • Menu/Beo – Jennifer, Keiki foodservice, men H2O & juice, women cupcakes (Johanna requested not cupcakes – keep it to finger desserts)
  • WCC crew/staff last in line
  • Boats – Jeb
  • PA/Band – possible DJ
  • Permitting – Jim
  • Fundraising/sponsorship – Michael
  • Blessing – Jennifer to get Owana, Michael maka hiki games etc.
  • Ice and coolers donation / tables – Jennifer to check with Marriott
  • Keiki race included, shorter course
  • Registration form – Michael
  • Ric recommended loaned canoes need to have agreement to cover any damages


Waikoloa Land Company

  • Outstanding follow up yet on gate keys and security plans, Jim will handle


Rash guards/Hats Update

  • Rash guards order likely ready Monday, Adrea is off island so we need someone to meet Mua for pick up.  Michelle will follow up on time and either Michelle or Jim to pick up
  • Hats shipped from Oahu and should be here next week.


Racer Registration Status: Michelle

  • 66 registered racers, 64 valid.  Working on remaining 2.
  • Binder of registrations and all paper work at all races, Derek to organize.  Need to get new recipe box for cards & alpha dividers.  Bob to get new card holders.


Paddle Orders

  • Ric has no current orders.  In the past ordered 10 at a time for shipping cuts.  Showed 3 variations of paddles from Mudbrook.  Thoughts on low shoulder for the kids.  Derek has list of keiki that want to buy paddles (12).  Need some taller lengths for kids ordered for club supply (need mid 44’s sizes).
  • Motion to purchase the keiki order and the additional 8 paddles to fill in the length gap with club payment and with any non-payments of keiki orders, paddles will remain as club paddles by Bob.  Second by Bruce.  Unanimously approved.


Keiki Shirts

  • On Rash guard orders and arriving with rash guards


New Business


How to handle late year registrations discussion

  • Leave pricing and policy as is and if special situation occurs handle on a one off basis, clarify more on membership form (Jim)


OC-1 donation by Ed Doherty

  • Recommend sending email to club for if anyone wants to purchase it, Jeb will look at canoe and determine a price & write up


Rec Paddle Steersmen/leader June for 3 months

  • Bob step in


Lava Lava & Canoe Storage & Gate Access/hours after Lava Lava opens

  • Lava Lava talked to WLC and they won’t let us put some canoes on the beach and some on Lava Lava.
  • Membership card for discounts at Lava Lava, DCI cards cost $2.25 each and can print our cards.  Should add fee and # cards requested onto membership form (next year).




Add On Business


>Michelle noted a provision regarding waiving membership fees during bylaws review.   Derek made a motion to waive fees on one particular paddler in need this year.  Bob 2nd, unanimously approved.


Next meeting June 13th, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams office

Meeting adjourned 8:58 PM