Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2017

The meeting convened at 6:04 PM on April 5, 2017 at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  Lisa Legler, Jim Albone, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, John Ciambrone, Mike Chin-Quee, Phillip Beasley,  Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Board members absent:  Lyle Cabacungan

Other members present:  Daniel Legler, Randy Ring, Aron Risley, Bob Risley

President Lisa Legler opened the meeting.

  • Jim motioned to approve minutes from last month,  motion second, approved by all.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Phillip)
    • In light of his resignation, Phillip did not move the funds to savings as it was decided on last month.
    • Phillip suggests the need for the board to have liability insurance on board members.  Lisa will look if that is in place.
    • John is requesting PL/BS from Jan 1- March 31 2017.
    • The board is requesting the new Treasurer to provide a detailed report for PL/BS
    • John makes a motion to appoint Mike Bernstone as the treasurer replacing Phillip through the end of the year.  He will not be a voting board member.   Jim seconds, all approve.
    • Phillip provided letter to present to FHB for Rami to sign which will change the treasurer on FHB account to Mike Bernstone.
    • Lisa asks for all records to be turned over.  Phillip, John and Mike will meet at a mutually acceptable time to audit the books and turn over all records to Mike.
  • Coach’s Report (Ed)
    • Everything on track, working on potential crews
    • Aron working on Junior program, possibly 5 crews
  • Moku Report (Lisa)
    • State legislation for prop guards for boats did not pass
    • Insurance went down, may go up next year
    • Lisa reported that many clubs are starting a fund of $5000 to cover the deductible on insurance in the event of a major accident to club members.
    • April 30  is the Businessman’s Regatta In Hilo.  April 23  is Kona Businessman’s Regatta..
    • April 15 coaches and officials meeting, ALL wanting to officiate need to attend meeting.
    • April 29 is weigh in, traditionally shed clean out is same day, disinfect canoes, wax manus.  Guy & Steve to pick up supplies (disinfectant, wax, rags)
  • Equipment Report (Guy & Steve)
    • Doug & Ray Bumatay recommend waiting until the end of season to refinish the Koa.  They are not responsible for refinishing, we need to refinish ourselves.
    • Repair of original ama is going very slow, Guy & Steve continue to work on it.  Possibly may not be salvagable.
      • Jim brings up possibility of purchasing a new ama from Steve Blyth.  Ed will contact Steve on price, will be discussed at next meeting.
    • April 15 we can expect the new dollies.  Jim to fix broken PVC dollie.
  • Fundraisers
    • Lavaman (Phillip)
      • Lavaman was very pleased with our volunteer efforts, and that has brought a $1500  donation to the club.  Phillip has a list of suggested improvements for next year, which is March 25, 2018.
    • Great Waikoloa Canoe Race
      • Rami to e-mail club members requesting volunteers for race, date of meeting:  Sat, April 22 at 10:30
      • John sent out letter to Marriott and will follow up with Steve Yanerell regarding food for race.
      • Since Marriott will not let us use their furniture, John will call Service Rentals and Hilton to see if we can use their tables/chairs.
      • Medals- 6+ weeks to get medals.  Need to know divisions prior to ordering.
    • Possible fundraisers (Jim)
      • Island Partners Hawaii- June 8
      • Nickelodeon “Paradise Run”- May 13-14.  Possible paddle contestants from A-bay to Hilton or Hilton to A-Bay.
      • Oregon 4-H Leisure Paddle-Mid summer for around 20 4-H members and chaperons.
      • Corportate Regatta-Sept. 26, 2017-10 Canoe Regatta for 275 people.  3-4 hours.  Will need 4 canoes from another club to help make the 10 canoes needed.
  • Unfinished business
    • Apparel sales-  11 ½ dozen new rash guards are in, men’s tanks, women’s racer back, and junior rash guards.  Cost from CG Tees is approx. $15/ea.
      • Rami to send out e-mail asking for shirt style preference for next order.
      • Jim makes a motion to allow Lisa up to $2500 for 2nd order on rash guards, motion second, all approve.
      • Jim makes a motion to give all juniors a rash guard, motion second, all approve.
      • Ed presents possibility of giving each racer a rash guard, Jim presents selling to racers at cost.  Will discuss at next meeting.
    • Junior Athletic Scholarship Program
      • Jim makes a motion to allow the Head Coach and Junior program Assistant Coach to be able to waive the membership fee for juniors on a case-by-case basis for families with financial hardship.  Motion is second, approved by all.
      • Ed is asking for a separate fund to be set up for the Athletic Scholarship Fund for junior program.  Donations to the program can be set aside and aloted as needed.
  • New Business
    • Do we want to set aside $5000 to cover the deductible on HCRA insurance policy in the event one of our members has a major accident?  Lisa will get further information on the existing HCRA insurance policy.
    • Purchase of 2 new glass amas
      • Jim expects the cost to be approx. $2500-$3000.
      • Mike makes a motion to allow Jim to purchase 2 Bixler fiberglass amas with a maximum of $5000 + tax and shipping.  Motion is second, all in favor.
    • Hacking of our website
      • Our website was hacked, however the problem was taken care of thanks to Kyle Combes, Mike CQ and Phillip
    • Lyle’s absence at meetings
      • Rami to send e-mail to Lyle regarding his absence, referring to clause 4.05 in By Laws.
    • Phillip has agreed to take care of our website, and has enlisted Lillian Lim to take care of our Facebook page.
    • Mike is working with Mudbrook to get new wooden paddles for club members.
    • Next month agenda to include insurance for WCC BoD, John will get information

Next meeting will be on Wed., May 3, 2017 at 6:00 PM in the WVA conference room.

Jim motions to adjourn, motion second, meeting adjourned at  7:59 PM.