Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2017

The meeting convened at 6:04 PM on July 12, 2017 at the Waikoloa Village Association community meeting room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  Lisa Legler, John Ciambrone, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, Mike Chin-Quee, Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Board members absent:  Jim Albone

Other members present:  Aron Risley

President Lisa Legler called the meeting to order.

  • John motioned to accept the minutes with changes.  Motion was seconded, accepted by all.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Guy motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, motion seconded, approved by all.
  • Coach’s Report
    • Keanni Dodson, member of junior paddling program, got hurt at home in a non-paddling incident.  The Dodson family is requesting a refund of their membership fee or credit towards next year due that she is unable to paddle this season.  The Board unanimously agreed to give a refund.
    • Coach Ed states that this has been quite an exciting season and there is a lot to be thankful for.  He would like to have a post season party.  It was decided that the party to be held on Sun, Sept. 17.
    • Aron states that all is going well with the junior program, and he is beginning to plant the seed for next year.  He would like to continue junior paddling 1 day/week. Aron also expressed his desire to purchase/rent a 14 or 15 seat van to transport kids to practices and regattas.  Transportation has been an issue this year and having access to said van would help to build our junior program.  This subject will be discussed further next month.
  • Moku Report
    • Nothing to report
  • Equipment Report
    • Coach Ed thanked the Board and the members of the club for all their help with Honoura.  Currently we are waiting for HCRA’s scale to be repaired so the canoe can be weighed and used for racing.
    • The repair on the 2 amas are completed and paid for.  Lisa to follow up regarding pick up.
    • Don Weir completed a temporary fix on the crack on Kama O Ka Lani.  Lisa will pay him the $100 fee.
  • Fundraisers
    • GWCR-Next meeting to be July 26.  Jane Backus will be there with timers.  Need to work on 1 more safety boat.  Bonnie working on donation of salad from Costco & Lisa working on pricing on salad from local farmer.  Will be needing man power to help on food side.  Current focus is on advertising and promotion.  John will be getting a banner.  Jim will be e-mailing entry forms and flyers to coaches from other clubs.  Aunty Maile’s race is a good opportunity to hand out envelopes/entries to other clubs.
    • Phillip proposed a fundraiser with American Society of Horticultural Science, to be held on Sept. 19 from 7am-9am.  $300 donation for 12-15 volunteers.  The Board unanimously approved the fundraiser.  Rami to communicate with Phillip, and Phillip will organize the effort.
  • Unfinished Business
    • HCRA insurance just got renewed.  John will look into insured amounts and deductibles of canoes for possible adjustment next year.
    • Storage Shed- Guy & John are going to Kona tomorrow to assess situation and cancel the rental.
  • New Business
    • Coach Ed has been working on racing insurance for the Honoura.  John makes a motion to pay for the insurance for Honoura, seconded by Steve, approved by all.  John will coordinate getting the insurance in place through HCRA umbrella policy.
    • Mike CQ proposed expanding the number of glass canoes due the the growth of the club.  He suggests purchasing 2 glass canoes.  Lisa suggests retro fitting the Tahitian.  Coach Ed mentioned that Steve Blyth came up with a new canoe, and the possibility of testing in out to see if that will fit our needs.  Coach Ed will follow up and the topic will be discussed next month.
    • Lori Soffia requested an ash spreading service.  Date to be Sun, Sept. 17 at 7:30 AM.  Mike CQ will contact Lori.
    • Mike CQ made a motion to replenish rash guard stock, Guy seconded, approved by all.  Rami to notify Lisa of stock that needs to be ordered.

The next meeting will be held on Wed, Aug 9 at 6:00 PM in the WVA community room.

Mike CQ makes a motion to adjourn the meeting, motion is seconded, approved by all.

Meeting is adjourned at 7:15 PM.