Waikoloa Canoe Club

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2014

The meeting convened at 3:05 PM on December 6, 2014, at Anaeho‘omalu Bay.

All Board Members Present

Recording Secretary; Jennifer Bolstad

Members in Attendance; 33, see retained sign in sheet

President Jim Albone opened the meeting.

  • Jim asked if anyone had any questions regarding his annual summary he sent out in email.
  • No questions.

Acceptance of Previous Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Ted Cassinelli motion to accept the minutes. Lisa Legler 2nd. Board approved by vote of 7 to 1.

Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See Profit & Loss statement January 1 to December 6, 2014
  • Total Income for the year $53,194.25
    • $3,687.25 unrestricted donations
    • $477 clothing sales
    • $3,720.00 GWCR
    • $20,960.00 Fundraising Other (Events)
    • $18,650.00 Membership Dues
    • $5,700.00 Rack Rental
  • Total Expenses for the year $39,060.58
    • $1,755.04 dues/fund raising
    • $4,010.96 GWCR
    • $8,125.00 Insurances
    • $6,125.29 Licenses/Supplies/Postage/Race Fees/Misc/Meals
    • $19,044.29 Repairs
  • Total Net Income inclusive of interest $14,141.22
  • Question asked from the floor; does this include the purchase of the new canoes?
    • The new canoes are not includes as they are in our asset accounts
  • Asked for any questions. No questions.

Voting of the 2015 Board of Directors

  • All members asked to come vote for 2015 board and last call to vote

Committee Opportunities and sign up

  • Jim explained each committee and recapped the HCRA meeting from earlier in the day
    • HCRA/Moku Waiver form must be signed by all paddlers to be covered by insurance.
    • Ted asked if applicable to only races or all paddling times.
    • Lisa asked if it covers sanctioned paddle times & all events.
    • Jim noted for any event on the water or sanctioned by the club.
    • Jennifer asked if they will be providing an incident report form for reporting. Jim thought they would.
    • Ric asked about the limit of liability.
    • Jim noted he did not have handy but sent to Ric previously the copy of the insurance
    • Ric noted it mentioned $1M liability but was unsure on who it applies to, per paddler, per club?
    • Jim thought it was per paddler but was not sure.
  • All members asked to sign up for committees
  • GWCR committee sign ups included:
    • Michael Landers
    • Jennifer Bolstad
    • Lisa Legler
    • Steve Columbo
  • Fundraising committee sign ups included:
    • Lisa Legler
  • Nominating committee sign ups included:
    • None
  • Equipment committee sign ups included:
    • Henry Biscardi
    • Beth Biscardi
    • Donna Vernon
    • Harold Van Doren
    • Ossie McLeod
    • Ruthie Van Doren
    • David Clark
  • Regatta Set Up committee
    • None
  • Registration committee
    • Kathy McLeod
    • Lisa Legler
  • A request from the membership was noted regarding posting ‘draft’ minutes in advance of the meetings.
  • Jim announced Lucy had a great idea for a Rash Guard Design Committee and had 3 volunteers
    • Jim Ahlgren
    • Lucy Larkin
    • Lisa Legler

Nominating Committee

  • A tie for the 9th BoD seat was determined & the 2 members were called to the tally area.
  • Jennifer & Lisa were requested to flip a coin for who would procure seat.
  • Jennifer noted it is unprecedented and we should allow the membership in attendance to vote on the tie but agreed to coin toss.

Announcement of new board

  • The 2014 Board of Directors are:
    • Harold van Doren
    • Ted Cassinelli
    • Jim Albone
    • Lisa Legler
    • Mike CQ
    • Daniel Legler
    • Chris Nilsen
    • Kyle Combes
    • Mike Bernstone

Harold wanted to make a statement to the club; copied below

Ed Texiera has taught us many things about the Hawaiian culture, and what has stuck the strongest with me is- Mahalo Piha- this means from the bottom of my heart and this what I say to you for this opportunity to direct the affairs of the club. I love you all. I strive to live my life by the golden rule, a/k/a the ethic of reciprocity – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – this is in keeping with the Hawaiian aloha spirit.

And I believe not in dwelling on past mistakes we all make as imperfect humans or assigning blame to belittle others. Instead, I believe in learning from mistakes so that we don’t make the same ones again and again. For this to work in our club, I need support and co-operation from all of you, and that means everyone.

We are bound together by our common loves of the many forms of paddling, being out on the ocean, here at gorgeous Anaeho’omalu Bay and living on this incredibly beautiful Big Hawaiian Island. And, We are bound together by a common desire for peace in our lives.

You have elected me to be a director, and I will do everything in my power to merit your trust. In return I need your direction and your participation as well. I am open to suggestions and welcome your feedback. Remember, he has the right to ask for improvement who has the heart to help.

I appeal to all of you from the bottom of my heart to work together to make this the best year ever for our club. If we do this with the true spirit of aloha, I know it will happen.

Again, mahalo piha and aloha.

Closing Statement

  • Jim closed the meeting saying mahalo to the board members for the past year.

Meeting adjourned 4:30 PM

The new board will meet immediately to determine board meeting schedule and elect officers.