Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:08 PM on April 1, 2015, at Vista Waikoloa condominiums B302 (home of Harold van Doren).

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Harold van Doren, Lisa Legler, Daniel Legler, Kyle Combes, Mike Bernstone, Mike Chinquee, Ted Cassinelli, Chris Nilsen

Board members absent: none

Members in attendance: Ric Rapp, Bitsy Bowman

President Harold van Doren opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Need to correct Kyle’s last name
  • Ted motions to approve with amendment; unanimous approval

Treasurer’s report (Mike B.)

  • (Club members may email mbernstone@hawaii.rr.com for the treasurer’s report)
  • Will be getting donation for Lavaman volunteering

Coach’s report (Daniel)

  • About 40 keiki, mostly young girls
  • Probably 6-7 keiki crews to race
  • Can put together several kupuna crews
  • A lot of adults racing with hospital, some say they will come back
  • Will have Novice B women’s crew

Equipment report (Daniel)

  • Boat repairs
    • Naupaka
      • Good with the repairs he’s done to it, not worth sending off as it gets beaten up by the keiki
    • Brought koa wood back
    • Tahitian
      • No cracks or leaks, doesn’t need repairs
      • Took weights out, running as unlimited
    • Kama O Kalani
      • Took to Doug, had back within 8 days
    • Hoʻomaluo
      • Took to Bill Rosehill, need to figure out who is responsible for cracking (Bill or WCC)
      • Bill will get back with estimate for repairs (lots of holes and cracks)
  • Trailer
    • Need to clean rust off a few areas
    • Lisa makes motion to have club members repair the trailer and order Triple Cell to support slings on trailer; unanimous approval
  • Surfski (Daniel)
    • Lisa motions for Daniel to list Surfski on Craigslist for $250; unanimous approval

Bylaws Committe Report (Ted)

  • Bylaws committee is reviewing bylaws to highlight any contradictions, repetitions, etc.
  • Mac findings spots that should be changed, up to board to revise

MOKU Report (Lisa)

  • Upgrading computer system (have old Windows XP systems)
  • Copies of Race Rules and Bylaws given to Mike B. to scan and make available to everyone
  • Need story of WCC, where we came from
  • Phil Pendergras (Lava Web Design) to update MOKU website
  • Lisa volunteered for publicity committee, Mike CQ for disciplinarian committee
  • Lisa will check to make sure we’ve paid our dues

Fundraiser status (Harold)

  • May 5th, DuPont
    • Have waivers; 1pm, 3 canoes
  • Great Waikoloa Race
    • Still awaiting approval from Waikoloa Land Company
  • Food options for GWCR?
    • Hilton not donating food this year
    • Maybe get food from Lava Lava

Website report (Kyle)

  • Daniel will contact Phil Pendergras, see if he and Kyle can collaborate on creating website with more features
  • Tabled

Membership drive results (Harold)

  • 15-20 new members

Rash guard order (Daniel)

  • Getting mockup of design for rash guards and hats
  • Thinking gray color for rash guards

Storage space status (Mike B.)

  • Acquired storage space from ExtraSpace Storage in Kona
  • Collecting stuff to put in storage (will clean out shed April 25)

Facebook page

  • No updates with regard to turning over control to board
  • Keiki Facebook page to be made private, Chris to be made admin
  • Harold will check with Jim for any progress, if nothing, will contact Michelle Gautier and Jennifer Bolstad regarding making a board member an admin on the pages

ID Pictures (Harold)

  • Daniel working on taking pictures

Guidelines for ohana paddling directors

  • Need safety policy

Code of Conduct

  • Need to change top portion title to “Vision Statement”

Club policy for hardship with dues payment

  • Will not create any policy, continue with case-by-case basis

Date of next meeting set for May 6th, 2015, at 6:30pm. Location TBD.

Meeting adjourned 8:05pm.