Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2014

The meeting convened at 6:31 PM on April 2, 2014, at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present including Coach Jeb Goss

Members in attendance; Daniel Legler, Bitsy Bowman, Johanna Park


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

March 5, 2014 meeting minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement, detail was provided via email
  • Discussion on accounting classifications, Michelle will look at separate category breaking Fiji out
  • Ric will keep updated list of active / paid members  to cross reference for rec paddlers


Coach’s Report:

  • Morning practices will start Tuesday April 15th at 6am


Moku Update: Jim Albone

  • Kim gave Michelle update;
    • Kawaehae Registration forms to Jeb
    • Tui Tonga is active this year
    • Moku looking for more volunteers for officials, Jim to send email to club


Equipment Report:

  • OC1 Rack Design – Harold, Daniel, and Ted
    • Racks are approved but WLC still wants skematic, Daniel meeting with architect tomorrow, should have to WLC by middle of next week          
  • Ho’omaluō  Iakos; Need final measurements for Iakos, On Hold, need to bring canoe back from Bill’s, Jim will find out how long Kama O Kalani will take first
  • Refinishing of Kama O Kalani
    • Email vote completed after final bids; 7 recorded yes votes to complete both inside and out sand down and complete refinish at $6200 with Bill Rosehill
    • 3 seats needed to be re-done as they were rotted out; $250 cost Ted motion to approve $250 to repair the seats, Harold 2nd, 7 approve, 1 non vote
  • Koa Inventory- Jim requested, Bill will provide, Jim will remind him.
  • Makana I Ke Kai bulk head-On Hold; need to refinish canoe
  • Equipment Manager; Harold & committee
    • Michael mentioned we begin place holding anticipated repair and maintenance and budget each year major projects
    • Daniel recommended allocating a % of dues for maintenance
    • Harold and Mike completed new Shed Door
    • Began consolidated history of each canoe, having trouble getting ahold of Mike Eaton, Harold and Mike can do minor repairs for glass canoes, wait until after Hospital crews are pau and do one at a time, Ted will assist with Marine Tex.  Mike Eaton doesn’t have a facility to do repairs.  Daniel will give Harold referrals from the Harbor.
    • 2 paddles donated by Ms. Rhinbold in honor of Bob Rhinbold founding member of club
    • Ric had 6 paddles refinished (Gillespies) will tape newly refinished paddles
    • Canoe covers on hold until Beth returns
  • Paddle Inventory; Harold will get with Derek to determine what keiki paddles need to be ordered.  Ric will look at ordering paddles for adult sizes.  4 of each 48, 49, 50, Jennifer motion to allow Ric to move forward with paddle order with maximum cost of $80 per paddle for the 12 adult paddles excluding shipping.  All approved.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers:

  • March 31th Lavaman group of 20, 2 canoes donated $460
  • April 2nd Ocean Sports group, good day, received $3,500
  • April 12th Canoe move for Hilton group Jennifer recapped outline of canoe moves previously sent to all board
  • May 1st 8a-2p; with Chrysalis definite event for 350 people, 12 canoes, 8 or 9 heats, Quoted $14k to be split with Kona Athletic and Waikea based on participation, Bill has 3 canoes bringing with steersmen only and 12 paddles, Jim working on confirming Ira to bring 3 canoes, steersmen and strokers and 12 paddles
  • June 15th and 19th Panache request for 200 people is confirmed for leisure paddle outs, time TBA



  • Halau roof extension, Needs review for structural soundness (on hold retain on agenda).


Fiji Paddle Display at Lava Lava

  • Jeb to ask Lava Lava if we can put paddle there


Nancy Perry’s OC-1

  • Daniel said Pau


Annual Meeting by-law addendum passed on internet voting, insertion into by-laws

  • Michelle to send to the board the actual word document



Beach Clean Up

  • April 26th Canoe weighing, need to do beach and shed/canoe cleaning same day,  Harold will bring canoe supplies, Lisa will bring cleaning supplies


Rash Guard orders, sizes, new design; Lisa

  • Harold was only submission,  Lisa continue to work on design
  • Ted work with Lisa on options for suppliers and type
  • Do inventory of all rash guards on canoe weigh day (April 26th)


New Board Review of complete review of code of conduct and by-laws and waivers

  • All Board members have reviewed.  Discussion on following code of conduct noting that it is not optional.  Additional discussion on Recreational paddle times are not closed paddles, they are open paddle times.
  • Ric will forward updates to COC in particular liability and any other areas where liability language is in conflict to the board.  Harold will also add feedback for updates, both will forward updates to Jennifer.
  • Ric has the only copy of BOD insurance policy to copy and review.  Ric to return copy to Jim.


Surf Ski Maintenance

  • Not repaired yet, move to bottom shelf of racks, review if we should sell, Mike will review


OC1 Rack Cradles: Ted

  • Enough for 6 canoes now
  • Cradles cannot be left at any time outside the wall, Michael will include notice in newsletter


Fiji Crews in August for GWCR

  • Might have 2 crews coming to our race, likely not Lili due to flight schedule
  • Looking to bring band for GWCR
  • Jennifer recapped for the board the conditions in Fiji and our sister club.


New Business


Paying Dues online 2015 and beyond

  • Michelle recapped how pay pal isan’t / hasn’t worked for years.  Michelle will look for other options.


Communications to the club (emails / newsletter)

  • Lisa recommended a copy be posted in the box at the beach, Michael will re-update.
  • Michael has had good feedback this far, keep newsletter monthly and alert notices for reminders on events to go out
  • Members still want a follow up email on events etc.
  • Ohana email list discussion


OC1 Rack space lease terms

  • Member has rack space for the year, if sale of canoe results in new user of rack space, user of rack space must be club member.  At the end of the year member using rack must have been on waiting list and waiting list cleared before space will be confirmed.  Ric will come up with language for update to lease form.


Club spending

  • On Hold, Ted’s item


Discussion on yearly audit

  • Discussion on tax preparation and formatting the categorized statement
  • Ric will send Michelle list of categories requested


Website changes for recreational paddle times (arrive by 7:45am)

  • Ric requested to update website
  • Michelle will update all 8am paddle times to arrive by 7:45am


GWCR committee; shirt design

  • Our race is a requirement by Moku that we host a race
  • Get thinking about designs – this year is the 25th anniversary


Jim proposal

  • Think about looking at a new glass canoe or two and potentially donate older canoe (s) to Parker School or other options like rigging as a double hull and sharing with Ocean Sports.  Michael thought consider modifying one to an 8 seater for keiki.  Ideas for the future.


Meeting adjourned 8:52 PM

  • Next meeting May 7, 2014, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams Realty Office.