Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:08 PM on August 3, 2016, at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Board members present: Lisa Legler, Mike Bernstone, Kyle Combes, Bob Risley, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, Rami Ring

Board members absent: Jim Albone, Aron Risley

Head coach Bob Risley present.

Members in attendance: Daniel Legler, Philip Beasley, Kalani Kaili, Robert Ching, Ilima Ching, Vicki Serrao, Randy Ring, Jun Balanga, Chris Young

President Lisa Legler opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Bob motions to approve minutes with amendments; unanimous approval.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Anonymous donor matching donations up to $5,000 for Koa canoe restoration, $1636 towards the match has been raised
  • Not much financial activity this month

Coach’s Report

  • Entered 3 crews in last weekend’s race, all did well
  • 50’s men practicing for next race

Kama O Kalani Repairs (Daniel)

  • Great progress being made, doing a quality job
  • Mike makes a motion to send $10,000 progress payment, seconded by Steve; unanimous approval.


Equipment Report (Guy)

  • Naupaka repainted
  • Steer blades in bad shape, remind everyone to take care when using
  • Steve took care of trailer registration, safety; copies available through Treasurer
  • Need to buy 4 new tires for trailer, Steve to get pricing
  • Mike motions to spend no more than $800 on 4 tires for the trailer; Steve seconds; unanimous approval


Fundraisers (Jim and John)

  • Jim not present
  • Email update from John (attached)


  • Effective next week practice to be Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoon at 4:45 at Surf Park, 4 canoes available
  • Need to inquire about morning practices on those 3 days for race paddlers & Ohana

Canoe Damage Report

  • Kyle created a form for damage report to canoes, to be put in folders at beach


  • No one on the bylaws committee is present

Policy for Off-Island Crew Sponsorship

  • Bob to head committee to plan policy for off-island paddling spending

Next meeting scheduled for Wed, Sept. 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Meeting adjourned 6:46 PM