**Note: These minutes were amended to include the full name of Michael Landers in the discussion on the Ironman aid station**

Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 5:31 PM on December 10, 2014, at Hawaiian Dream Properties office in Waikoloa Village.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Harold van Doren, Ted Cassinelli, Jim Albone, Lisa Legler, Daniel Legler, Mike Chinquee, Chris Nilsen, Kyle Combes, Mike Bernstone

Board members absent: none

Members in attendance: Mike Goyette, Marcy Davis, Guy Davis, Aron Risley

President Harold van Doren opened the meeting.

Acceptance of previous Nov 5 minutes

  • Jim motions to approve, Ted 2nds
  • Ted points out error on page 3 under Head Coach, need to remove portion saying December 31, not accurate
    • Jim motions to amend, Ted 2nds, unanimous approval to correct

Treasurer’s reported (Mike Bernstone)

  • Mike Bernstone: no report, just got books, no chance look at; getting the rest of the records this week
  • Mike motions for President, VP, and Treasurer to be authorized to sign checks and withdrawals
    • Daniel 2nds, unanimous approval
    • Jim provided debit card for regatta payments

MOKU Update (Jim Albone)

  • strip koa voted down
  • discussed whether likely to ever be passed; Jim: question of time
    • Tui Tonga out; Kona Athletic didn’t pay dues on time; Miloliʻi for strip but just voted in, eligible to vote next year

Voter appointment of MOKU reps (Jim Albone)

  • Kim sent email: couldn’t make, like to still be MOKU rep for WCC, (would also like permission to help hospital for business regatta again)
  • Mike CQ asks what’s involved in being rep, discussed
  • Daniel nominates Lisa
  • Daniel revises: nominates Lisa & Mike CQ, Ted Cassinelli 2nds
    • can have multiple representatives, only one vote per club
  • vote: all except Chris, who wants Kim to continue – passes
  • Ted interjects saying we should back up and discuss the motion
    • Chris wants to see Lisa, Mike CQ, and Kim
    • Jim: best to have one in charge with alternates
    • Ted asks about Lisa primary, Mike alternate, Kim 2nd alternate
      • Daniel agrees
  • Mike B amends to appoint Lisa primary rep and Mike CQ and Kim as alternates
    • Ted 2nds, unanimous approval

Equipment report (Daniel)

  • 1 rack done
  • started building big one, had to change rack design
  • 2 racks completed, pipes cut, all be done by end of next week; after holidays
  • big rack: 49 canoes
  • slide in front, side racks (slide-ins next to tree)
  • Daniel wants to remove debris, sand, & kiawe after taking out old racks
  • Waiakea & Miloliʻi interested in old racks, Jim: told 2 racks per club

Inventory status

  • Jim: 400 board-feet
  • Ric wanted invoice from miller – didn’t get invoice
  • Daniel motions take off agenda, Lisa 2nds
    • Ted: should we store wood ourselves? (Jim: already in dry storage)
      • Jim: Bill Rosehill already keeping it under cover for free
      • Lisa suggests Guy take picture inventory
        • agrees, go w/Ted
      • Mike CQ: why keep wood?
    • Daniel revokes motion, changes to motion for Ted & Guy to go take picture inventory of koa, Chris 2nds, unanimous approval
      • after check, take off agenda

Spray skirts (Jim)

  • measured hoops, measurements off
  • will get discount on next spray skirt purchase
  • said they would redo


  • Jim still hasn’t put on new sidelight
  • Chris offers to put on this weekend
  • Mike CQ: do we need electric breaks considering size? Jim: no
  • MCQ: since we have money, is it worth looking at 5-canoe trailer since needed in past?
    • $7-$10k
    • Lisa: do we have chocks for wheels? Jim: yes, in halau
  • Daniel: noticed rust
    • Jim: lot of rust, still good trailer; rear axle replaced couple years ago
    • worth: $3-$4k
    • Lisa: discuss further at next board meeting

Cover for Bradley Lightning

  • Jim: Beth wants to practice before Bradley, should do J4
  • Lisa: long-term cover for koa for winter? Sock for winter, keep cats outs
    • Jim: carpenter ants
      • Ted: will get in anyway
      • Jim: ant poison
    • moved to future meeting

OC4 gunnel status (Harold)

  • Guy good repair job, Harold not the greatest painting
  • can’t store paint in shed, need to put elsewhere
    • Jim will keep (couple of milk crates)

Mirage pulling right (Harold)

  • not sure if it’s really pulling, need to ask more people
  • Lisa: ask Sammy

Paddle order status

  • Ric Rapp organizing, not present
  • Daniel: Ric said he would keep form at beach, place order once he has 10 paddles
    • Jim: can get discount on individual orders, may charge more for shipping
  • Mike CQ has order in, will call Ric and check status

Hoʻomaluo repair status (Jim)

  • Bill doesn’t have room, hopefully room within week
  • sat outside for 2 months, finish degraded
  • Jim motions to move down to fix cracks & refinish, Chris 2nds
    • Ted: cost? Repairs free, refinishing cost
    • Daniel: need to plan, make sure not left in sun again
    • Ted: bad original finish? Hull finish coming off?
      • Jim: didn’t see coming off in hull, bubbling on gunnels and manus
      • Jim & Daniel: fiberglass inside
        • if strips approved @ MOKU, need to sand off
      • Mike B: committee for evaluating finish, determines what needs to be done and associated costs, Lisa 2nds
        • Jim revokes motion
        • Daniel will head committee
        • unanimous approval

Benefact cosmetics (Jim)

  • remove from agenda, never got back

Spreading ashes (Dec 20 @ 49 black sands)

  • Jim: meet 3 people @ black sands @ 9am (Lisa in charge)
  • Lisa, related: Gonzo’s mother passed, will be wanting ashes spreading

Rashguard order status (Lisa)

  • Michelle hasn’t gotten back (need inventory)
  • will reorder same, restock existing
  • Harold will contact Michelle, get info & contact info to buy
  • Lisa: people on committee want to come up with new design, should we wait?
  • Decided to wait for new design (new colors?)

Code of conduct (Jim)

  • issues last year, board: new resolution, send out to membership, approval
  • motions for resolution to reaffirm code of conduct, Kyle 2nds
    • Ted: agrees with code of conduct, doesn’t like way written, length
    • Daniel: should be common sense, should have mission statement or revamp
    • vote:
      • in favor: Jim
      • opposed: Ted, Mike CQ, Mike B., Daniel, Lisa
      • abstaining: Kyle, Chris
    • Mike motions committee to revise code of conduct
      • vote:
        • in favor: Ted, Mike CQ, Daniel, Lisa, Kyle, Mike B.
        • opposed: Jim
        • abstaining: Chris
      • tabled establishing committee, next meeting
  • existing code will remain in effect

Change terminology from “beach director” to “paddling coordinator”

  • user term “paddling coordinator” in code of conduct

Surf ski maintenance (Daniel)

  • no update, will get to after racks are done

Membership submissions

  • e-forms
    • people want online payment
    • waiting on insurance company, may or may not accept electronic signatures
    • Harold will contact Michelle, get back to Kyle about website

HCRA insurance form, duplicate liability waiver

  • Ted references previous meeting minutes: already approved motion to remove liability waiver from rack lease form
  • Daniel: need copy of OC1 rack lease form, Lisa will get it

Ironman station

  • Michael Landers says bail
  • decided to drop Ironman volunteer station

Hauling canoe

  • Mike Goyette wants to be reimbursed for hauling repeatedly last season
  • Need list of where hauled
  • Mike B. will look into mileage rate
  • need to keep log, spreadsheet

Audit for financial records

  • Ted pushing independent audit, Harold in favor
  • Ted motions: allow Mike B to look over books, come back with recommendation whether or not to audit, Lisa 2nds, unanimous approval

Upcoming fundraisers

  • none
  • Jim would like to remain involved working on corporate fundraisers

Bylaw changes

  • Ted motions to form committee to assess bylaws, Mike B 2nds
    • Ted will be representative from board
    • have judge/lawyer look over, clean up & make clearer
    • vote: unanimous

Daniel’s transfer (Daniel)

  • submitted, should be done this week

Circulation of meeting agendas limited to board

  • put agenda on club site
    • Kyle needs permission to edit waikoloacanoeclub.com
  • Ted motions to add item to website for agenda, posted as tentative as soon as secretary receives from President, Lisa 2nds, unanimous approval

Business regatta

  • Ted motions to continue helping the North Hawaii Community Hospital participate in the business regatta, Kyle 2nds
    • Ted: don’t want schedule interfering with regular paddling times, coach coordinating times
    • vote: unanimous


  • $50, includes cards, max 12 per class
  • Daniel: accept Kim’s offer and offer class to club, individuals pay, Ted 2nds, unanimous approval

Date of next meeting: January 21, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Harold motions to adjourn, Lisa 2nds

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM