Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2013

The meeting convened at 6:30 PM on December 4, 2013 at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present.  Coach Derek absent.

Members in attendance; Ted Cassinelli, Lisa Legler, Daniel Legler, Ruth Van Doren, Harold Van Doren, and Guy Davis


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

November 6, 2013 meeting minutes approved by all


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement


Coach’s Report:

  • No updates


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • Annual Meeting 23rd
    • Strip Koa did not pass by 1 vote again (8 to 9)
    • Change in voting rules did pass eliminating Moku board officers from voting (eliminates single clubs having multiple votes)-passed 14 to 2
    • Clubs in all approved points regattas or $100 fine did not pass
    • Each club of Moku shall be mandated to run a race did not pass 8 to 9
    • Various Race distance changes voted on for Regatta
      • Girls 15 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Boys 15 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Nov. B Men to ¼ mile not passed
      • Nov A Men to ½ mile not passed
      • Women 65 to ¼ mile passed
      • Men 65 to ¼ mile passed
      • Women 60 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Men 60 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Mix 60 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Women 55 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Men 55 to ¼ mile not passed
      • Mix 55 to ¼ mile not passed
    • Electronic transmitted awards did not pass
    • Age verification updates passed
    • HCRA members numbers at registration passed
    • Auto bailers for unlimited canoes passed
    • Lane fees must be paid by Sunday at 5pm passed
    • 2 people must serve as officials from each club at all MOH races passed
    • Change from Shelby to May for camera for races passed
    • Disqualification on starts amendment with flagging passed
    • Finish lane verbiage updated passed
    • Alcohol/Illegal drugs penalty $500 per person passed
    • Annual meeting this Saturday, Auntie Aloha will be our representative.  Tentative race schedule received.  Officers for 2014 have not changed.


Equipment Report: Derek Park / Jim Albone

  • OC1 Rack was voted to move forward last meeting. 
  • Bruce: Have since received a lot of feedback regarding construction shape and lack of feedback/participation by members.  Club has included item as agenda every month during 2013 with a committee sign up at the Annual meeting. Only three members signed up for the committee.  Recently there has been some inappropriate go between geared toward the contractor who had volunteered, he has since backed out.  Bruce has received numerous email/phone calls in regards to the racks.  Disappointed in our OC1 members and the activity of feedback.  We have 9 people awaiting spaces.  We were looking for racks to better protect the canoes, add more spaces, as well as be aesthetically pleasing and approved by WLC.  Now we have a damaged canoe, we previously did not rent these spaces because of potential damage. 
  • Feedback from Ted, recap of discussion with Greg regarding OC racks. 
  • Jim noted that the OC 1 racks have been in the minutes all year available at WCC.com.  Recapped the designs history.  Recognize the sizes need to be bigger.  The board has made the OC1 rack our absolute priority to get these done this year instead of waiting longer as we have already waited 9 years with this on the board agenda.
  • Daniel has a rack system that he can build that has 12+ canoes per rack similar to Keauhou.  Should fit with rock wall.  The current design has potential to hit rock wall.  Holes need to be min 24*24 or 23*23. 
  • Bruce noted WLC has criticized us for OC1 appearance particularly shabby covers, etc.  New racks to be uniform.
  • Jim asked Harold, Daniel, and Ted to put a plan together, provide updated drawing, pricing, materials, timeline, and get it done.  By Dec 31 this new committee needs to have design and materials with a plan to build and complete by the end of January. 
  • Daniel- will the rack at the end stay, shift, etc.  If we can build racks to cover enough spaces or if some can remain that would be good.  Would WLC allow us to add rack by the parking section at the beach?  Board has asked and even had Lava Lava ask, WLC said no.  Jim will still ask for more space near shed.  Also if the Kiawe tree was cut we could gain 8ft.  Worth asking WLC – Jim.
  • Ruth, potential in racks to have puka’s for ama storage specifically.
  • Motion by Michael to have a committee of Daniel, Ted, and Harold to have plans approved by the majority of OC rack holders provided to the board by Dec 31.  
  • Hale roof; on hold
  • New Dollie – built now at beach, identical to other one until Derek built the slings after carpet wore out.  Need to show paddlers how to use by sliding canoe.
  • Ho’omaluō Ama / Iakos; Ama has been delivered.  Need final measurements for Iakos, on hold for moment.
  • Since Ho’omauluō was not approved; Jim recommendation regarding remaining Koa wood in trade for reshaping hull of Kama O Kalani and his cracks in need of repair.  $9,300 cost for hull modifications.  Discussion on value of the Koa wood remaining.  Need to find out how much board feet and value remains.- Jim
  • Still need to have both Koa’s back down to Bill to leak/cracks repair.  Also look at the hull modification with Bill since he now has a place again.  Will do Ho’omauluō first.  Jim will look at cost for bulkheads.
  • Need to look at re-finishing Iakos and Ama for Kukini Kai and a few others during off season, wait until we get our other 2 racers back in January.
  • Derek has the old Dollie to refinish – Spindles are shot.  No progress yet.  Checking to see if we can modify dollie for actual water use.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers: Michael

  • Feb 19th and 20th (2 days) with Chrysalis for leisure paddle outs
  • April 2nd Ocean Sports has asked for a group paddle out 4 canoes
  • May 1st with Chrysalis potential event for 12 canoes, Jim has discussed with Bill Rosehill and Ira and they are willing to participate
  • June 15th and 19th Panache request for 200 people



  • Halau roof extension, current build would need more modification due to length and width, Place project on hold until after completion of OC1 racks or 1st of the year


Club Needs

  • Majority of members voted for major next purchase to be Ultra-light canoe.  $18,000 cost.  Will review after OC1 racks.


Review of Fiji Paddle

  • Michael has draft of thank you letter ready for review
  • Crew needs to decide where to put Fijian paddle, possible to hang at Lava Lava, Jim will check with the crew
  • Videos Jim took at the school are up on YouTube now, Michelle noted we have a WCC YouTube channel, Lillian is verifying we can upload easily


New Website

  • Members should be able to upload to YouTube via our WCC channel which our website will pick up when loads are made – Michelle will find out more how this works


Makana I Ke Kai Bulkheads

  • On hold until after 2 fiberglass are back in January


Review of Koa inventory, storage, value – Jim

  • Moved agenda item under equipment for future


End of Year Club Party

  • Went well, lots of Club Members, almost everyone won something
  • Huli Award went to Michael Landers for the 2nd year in a row
  • Keiki Award went to the 18 boys crew for all their extra effort all year
  • Most Improved Racing went to Bob Riesley
  • Most Improved Rec Paddler went to Harold Van Doren
  • Acknowledged Bernt Gundseth for 20 years of outstanding service
  • Princess Award went to Amara


Electronic voting

  • Will have to be a by-law revision, Jim will write up for board review for voting in at Annual Meeting
  • Jennifer volunteered to be Nominations Committee chair.  Michael moved that Jennifer be chairman of Nominations Committee.  Unanimously approved.


Update on Huli Procedures

  • Michael pulled old Huli procedures and updated draft, passed around


Paddling regulations and safety

  • Jim discussed with crews on paddle times, item closed.


New Business


Nancy Perry’s OC-1

  • Club needs to pay for repair
  • Daniel will take a look and provide an estimate
  • Motion by Michael that WCC pay to fix Nancy’s OC-1 canoe, approved by 4, 1 abstain


Kai Wai’s OC-6

  • Jim has not heard back on canoe yet
  • Table until we hear from them


Meeting adjourned 7:58 PM

  • Next meeting January 8, 2013, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams.