Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:03 PM on February 4, 2015, at Hawaiian Dream Properties office in Waikoloa Village.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Harold van Doren, Jim Albone, Lisa Legler, Kyle Combes, Mike Bernstone, Mike Chinquee, Ted Cassinelli, Chris Nilsen

Board members absent: none

Head coach Daniel Legler present.

Members in attendance: Guy Davis

President Harold van Doren opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Jim motions to accept minutes
    • Jim amends motion to remove names on votes and 2nds on motions
    • 6 vote in favor; passed

Treasurer’s report (Mike Bernstone)

  • looking at canoe value sheet tabled for next month’s agenda

Equipment report

  • OC-1/2 racks status
    • all racks up, finished; everyone assigned spot
  • Wood canoes (Daniel)
    • Estimates $500 to fix Hoʻomaluo (tree damage, leaks)
    • Bill isn’t interested in fiberglassing
    • Mike Bernstone makes motion to repair all three wood canoes to usable condition for coming season
      • Tahitian and strip koa to Bill Rosehill
      • other koa to Doug B. in Hilo
      • unanimous approval
  • Koa inventory and storage space (Ted & Mike. B)
    • $160-$200/mo for 10’x15′ storage space
    • 200 board-feet = 8-10 boards
    • Chris makes motion to get 5’x10′ storage space at cheapest location; unanimous approval
  • Trailer maintenance (Daniel)
    • haven’t gotten to yet
  • Surfski (Daniel)
    • nothing yet
  • Paddle orders (Mike CQ)
    • send photos of paddles to Kyle, will put up on website

Fundraiser status (Jim)

  • nothing

Rash guard status (Lisa)

  • about 20 different varieties of rash guards
  • still don’t have artwork
  • Ted motions to purchase 16 dozen rash guards; unanimous approval
    • will get with naupaka on back rather than canoe

Code of Conduct

  • tabled for end of meeting if time


  • Jim motions to form bylaws committee with Mac Amos, Kendziorski, and John Ciambrone; Ted will be board representative at committee; Mac will be chair of committee; unanimous approval

Picture IDs (Daniel)

  • wants pictures of all active members

Facebook issue – status

  • Ted motions to keep the current club Facebook page with board in control and make it private
    • Jim will ask Michelle to make board member admin
    • unanimous approval

Website status

  • Kyle will come up with quote for adding membership-only site

WCC Canoe Club

  • Mike Bernstone will add more signature lines to WCC waiver, remove “List family members…”

MOKU update (Lisa)

  • all canoes for Big Island race need to be waterlined within past 5 years
  • race schedule sent to Kyle
  • drug & alcohol free zone extended to grassy area of parking lot; $500 fine
  • coach’s meeting April 18
  • canoe weighing April 25
  • Harold will notify MOKU that Kim Pratt is an official alternate

CPR Class (Ted)

  • March 7, 1:30 PM at A-Bay
  • count so far: 15
  • Ted will write up email for Harold to send out

Letters to Jeb (Jim & Mike Bernstone)

  • Mike sent letter to Jeb, hasn’t been able to meet one-on-one with Ric
  • Jim will check with Jeb to make sure he received the letter

Correspondence protocol (Harold)

  • Harold will write letters, pass responses on important issues by board
  • Harold will announce head coach decision

Paddling director authority (Daniel)

  • sent out paddling director schedule

Thank you letter for NHCH (Lisa)

  • Harold will write letter to hospital thanking them for the $1k donation for business regatta last year

Working with NHCH (Chris)

  • Ted motions to approve working with hospital for business regatta beginning late February and that Chris will be in charge and will coordinate practice times with the WCC coach; approved

Next meeting scheduled for March 4, 2015 at 6:00 PM and will continue to hold on first Wednesday of each month.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 PM.