Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2014

The meeting convened at 6:36 PM on January 29, 2014, at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present, Coach Jeb Goss absent

Members in attendance; Johanna Kim, Daniel Legler, Marcie Davis, Guy Davis


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

January 8, 2014 meeting minutes approved by all after amendment to “Club Needs section”.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement (statement is the same as at annual meeting, only the remaining Fiji monies disbursement has occurred)
  • Questions on Fiji fundraising efforts, Ric requested account of where funds came from, Michelle will provide
  • Ric requested to provide a detail transaction report by category at next board meeting.  Michelle will provide via email before meeting.


Coach’s Report:

  • Jeb had a previous commitment tonight
  • No start date yet for practices


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • No updates
  • Next meeting Feb 8, 2014 at Tex Drive In
  • Lisa determined she would not be able to fulfill the duties of Moku Rep due to her schedule, resigned as Moku Rep.
  • Kim Pratt had asked Jim if she could be the Moku Rep, Jim appointed Kim as official Moku rep for the club.


Equipment Report: Derek Park / Jim Albone

  • OC1 Rack Design – Harold, Daniel, and Ted, Daniel talked to WLC yesterday but they are waiting for approval.  Ted mentioned the potential issue of the trees; Daniel had an arborist review and will need to pass with WLC as well before proceeding.  Daniel noted working with arborist, if approved, will allow a potential additional 10 feet of space.  Approvals from WLC will take a few more weeks at least.  Arborist report can be soon.       
  • Ho’omaluō  Iakos; Need final measurements for Iakos, on hold for moment, crack in canoe needs to be repaired but Jim needs 6-10 people to help with off-loading and will put email to the club for help. 
    • Need an equipment managerJim to email club asking for volunteers.
    • Discussion on looking at closer canoe repair location vs. Bill’s new location.
  • Crack repairs for both Koa Canoes – Jim will load both canoes and take to Bill
  • Koa Inventory- will review when taking Ho’omaluō down to Bill.  Ric asked if the wood was milled if there was a record from the miller of the board feet.  Unknown.  Will check with Bill.
  • Re-finishing Iakos and Ama for Kukini Kai and a few others during off season, Marty’s crew will return from Kawaihae 1st or 2nd week of February so these will be able to start repair after the 2 racers are back.
  • Makana I Ke Kai bulk-heads, would mean we could remove the noodles, also potential to sand it down to make it lighter and potential to add automatic bailers.  On Hold.  Jim will get quote for Ho’omaluō bulkheads.  Daniel talked to Tiger about making Makana lighter.  On Hold.
  • Old Dollie to refinish – Harold will contact Derek, Ted will help transport.
  • Canoe Return from Kawaihae; Marty’s crew will paddle back the 1st or 2nd week of February.
  • Need to do paddle inventory.  Lisa and Michael will handle and coordinate.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers:

  • Jim sent events calendar
  • Feb 19th and 20th (2 days) with Chrysalis for leisure paddle outs (definite), 4 canoes, Jim will email time.  Need strokers and steersmen.  Paddle is a leisure paddle.
  • Lavaman; move canoes Friday March 28, 2014; Sunday March 30, 2014 Water patrol, Michael will email.  Also offered to have us sell donuts and coffee as fundraiser possibility.  All to consider.
  • April 2nd Ocean Sports has asked for a group paddle out 4 canoes (no confirmation yet)
  • May 1st 8a-2p; with Chrysalis definite event for 12 canoes, Jim has discussed with Bill Rosehill and Ira (Kona Athletic and Waiakea) and they have confirmed participation, each will bring 3 canoes with steersmen and strokers.
  • June 15th and 19th Panache request for 200 people (no confirmation yet)



  • Halau roof extension, Needs review for structural soundness (on hold retain on agenda)


Club Needs

  • Ultra-light Canoe – Michael move that we remove the ultra-light canoe from club needs from our agenda.  Unanimous.


Review of Fiji Paddle

  • Jeb to ask lava lava if we can put paddle there



New Business


Nancy Perry’s OC-1

  • Daniel has not completed yet, on hold


Annual Meeting Electronic Voting Addendum

  • Club approved.  Michelle will insert into by-laws


Affirming email approvals

  • Marty’s crew requested to paddle this am, approved via email but crew declined to go today
  • Kim requested via email to begin Hospital practices Feb 15 with Tu/Th 5pm, Saturday 8am.  Unanimously approved.


New Business


Lisa’s Racing Status

  • Jim submitted for Lisa’s transfer from KOCC to WCC.


HCRA Communication Status

  • Sending information via HCRA lists each board member to send to board for review before sending, excluding reminders of board meeting dates / times or postings of minutes.
  • Daniel recommended doing a monthly club newsletter.  Michael will spearhead.


Membership Cards

  • Do we want to do again – what was helpful was the every few months update to the sign in book list of members.  Ric motioned to not do membership cards this year.  Michelle 2nd.  Unanimously approved.


Beach Clean-up day

  • End of February with Membership Drive


Membership Drive

  • Lisa will spearhead.  Normally do a Saturday and a Sunday.  Need short hops, school flyers, banner
  • Schedule for end of February 22nd and March 2nd 10a-noon
  • Need to notify WLC (Kahea Lani) of the dates and times of the event (right of entry)


Rash Guard Orders

  • Michelle sent email to a few paddle directors on needs, sizes.  Touching bases on what we should order.
  • Lisa will work on designing a new rash guard.


Steering clinic

  • Time to schedule another one.  Mike requested an advanced steering clinic.  Ted requested covering paddling techniques so when steersmen are teaching paddlers they are teaching proper, consistent technique.  Sundays were helpful last year and could be helpful this year as well.  Jim to Schedule with Jeb & Derek.
  • Rigging clinic, best time to do would be at canoe weigh in


Email approvals

  • Board is okay with regular email traffic following consistent safety procedures with Jim approving or not approving and just advising.


Code of Conduct

  • Request from members to have the board review the code of conduct.  All board to review prior to the next meeting.
  • Ric requested that all review the Waivers as well.


Derek request for OC1 rack

  • On waiting list was looking for information on status, Michelle will review.
  • Renewals are due by January 31st.
  • Mike, Harold, Ted will review all canoes in OC1 racks and any not seaworthy or are shabby report back to Michelle for notices.


Walk on paddlers

  • Mike was in Kauai paddling and they requested $25 per person to paddle as walk ons.
  • After 3 paddles out WCC asks members to join.


Ted made a motion to hold board meetings the 1st Wednesday of each month.  Michael 2nd.  Unanimously approved.



Meeting adjourned 8:38 PM

  • Next meeting March 5, 2014, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams Realty Office.