Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:06 PM on January 6, 2016, at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Ted Cassinelli, Mike Bernstone, Harold van Doren, Kyle Combes, Jim Albone, Daniel Legler, Lisa Legler, Bob Risley, Guy Davis

Board members absent: None.

Head coach Daniel Legler present.

Members in attendance: Aron Risley, Steve Columbo, Penny Columbo, Ossie McLeod, Randy Ring

President Ted Cassinelli opened the meeting.

Previous monthly meeting minutes (December 2)

  • Jim motions to accept Dec 2 minutes. Unanimous approval.

Minutes of Post-Annual Meeting to Elect Officers (December 12)

  • Lisa motions to accept officer selection meeting minutes. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report (Mike Bernstone)

  • $2,580 to Tiger to repair canoes

  • $1,900 so far in donations for Kama ‘O Kalani repairs

  • $2,600 from savings spent to repair fiberglass canoes

  • $5,000 moved from koa savings to checking for repair down payment

  • Kyle motions to approve treasurer’s report. Unanimous approval.

Moku Report (Lisa)

  • County of Hawaii making bid to host world sprints on Big Island in 2020

  • Revised incident reports going out. Very important important club files incident report if any agency (e.g. police, EMTs) is called or anyone suffers significant injury (e.g. broken limb).

  • All visiting paddlers need to sign HCRA waiver, which must be kept for three years.

  • Lisa will get incident reports from HCRA to put down at beach. Should put up reminder.

  • Lisa will verify which club-sponsored events need to be reported for insurance purposes.

  • HCRA: Strip koa didn’t pass – lost 29 to 46.

Equipment Report (Guy)

  • Bradley Lightning (J6 – Kukini Kai) and one M2 (Koamalu) back from repairs. J4 gone.

  • Daniel: $3,000 for urgent repairs J4. $5,000 to completely restore (includes repairing ama).

    • Daniel asks about financial situation. Mike says we currently have the cash.

  • $500-600 to repair minor chip damage on other M2.

  • Daniel makes motion to spend $5,000 to completely restore J4. Unanimous approval.

  • Paddle repair done.

  • Two Pure steering blades vanished from beach.

    • Ted will send email out to club asking to return any mistakenly taken paddles.

  • One dolly needs protective coverings replaced. Daniel has firehouse. Daniel will look at dollies.

  • Amas getting gouged by plastic guard—need better solution. Guy will fiberglass top of amas.

Facebook Moderator

  • No takers. Daniel will keep monitoring until someone else steps up.

Fundraiser Status (Jim)

  • Might get some more this year, if corporations start making more money.

  • Nothing from Lava Man yet. Harold will look into.

  • Daniel: How do we attract more fundraisers? Mike: Contact local corporate event coordinators.

    • Harold, Ted, and maybe Tracy will work on drafting letter to send to event coordinators.

Bylaws Status (Ted)

  • Waiting on Mac to incorporate changes into official language. Will address next meeting.

Canoe Status

  • Tahitian and Ho‘omaluo available for ‘ohana practices

  • Interest in Tuesday-Thursday 6:30-7:45am (more advanced) paddle

  • Lisa motions to add two new paddle times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:45am to 8:00am, continuing until the start of racing practice.

    • Ted: Canoes shouldn’t go out in rough waters. If only one canoe, stay in the bay.

    • Unanimous approval.

Koa Fundraising Status (Ted)

  • (See Treasurer’s Report above)

  • Jim requests John Ciambrone provide monthly reports for board meetings.

Coach Selection (Jim)

  • Bob motions to approve Daniel as coach for the 2016 season. Unanimous approval.

Membership Drive (Lisa)

  • Aron: Could have a steak fry to make money and promote club.

    • Lisa will look into availability with Waikoloa Village Market.

  • Lisa will look into how we can market the club to children.

Buying and Selling Canoes (Daniel)

  • No decision to sell four-man.

Stirrup Extenders (Harold)

  • Harold will buy one set to test (to help people climb into the boat after a huli).

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2016, at 6:00 PM at Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Meeting adjourned 7:39 PM.