Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:07 PM on July 6th, 2016, at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Lisa Legler, Aron Risley, Mike Bernstone, Kyle Combes, Bob Risley, Jim Albone, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, Rami Ring

Board members absent: none

Head coach Bob Risley present.

Members in attendance: Daniel Legler, Chris Young, Jun Balanga, Kalani Kaili, Robert Ching, Ilima Ching, John Ciambrone

President Lisa Legler opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Jim motions to accept minutes. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Preliminary statement, just got checkbook back, still need to update QuickBooks.

  • More donations and pledges coming in for Kama O Kalani repair fund.

Trailer Registration

  1. Steve will take trailer to Jeb, get blue slip

  2. Bob will take blue slip to DMV to renew registration

Coach’s Report

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday practices

Kama O Kalani Repairs (Daniel)

  • Still being repaired, not going to be ready for regatta or long distance season this year

Equipment Report

  • Awaiting favorable winds to paint J1

  • Five delaminating ‘iakos

  • Water spigots not leaking

  • Made another saddle, better design

Fundraisers (Jim & John)

  • Jim: nothing

  • Kama O Kalani repairs:

    • Reached $30,035

    • New anonymous donor matching up to $5,000

Beach Closure & Great Waikoloa Race (Lisa)

  • No GWCR

    • Will cost us money to hold somewhere else

    • Could have retro/rejuvenated A-Bay theme next year

  • Closure around July 15

  • Need to find a place to store canoes. Could keep in parking lot, pending approval from WLC

  • Surf Park will let us use their canoes for practice Tues/Wed/Thurs, just need to bring dollies

    • Bob will let everyone known location change when the time comes

Off-Island Races (Bob)

  • List of people interested in off-island races

  • Bob motions that the board provide each crew with a $750 budget (max two crews) for off-island races in the year of 2016 pending coach approval of crews.

    • Discussion: Money should only be for club members who have been with the club for the entire season. In the future, an annual budget should also be created with provisions for off-island races.

    • Vote: 7 in favor, 1 opposed. Motion passed.


  • Guy makes motion to accept proposed bylaws amendments with change from “ninth seat” to “final seat” in section 5.02(c) and send them to the membership for approval.

    • Vote: 7 in favor, 1 opposed. Motion passed.

Website Appearance (Kyle)

  • Wants to make website look nicer, easier to read – approved

  • Will put current pictures up, if can find any

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Meeting adjourned 7:36 PM.