Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:06 PM on June 3, 2015, at 68-3744 Ua Noe St (Ted’s house) in Waikoloa Village.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Kyle Combes

Board members present: Harold van Doren (via phone), Jim Albone, Lisa Legler, Kyle Combes, Mike Bernstone, Chris Nilsen, Mike Chinquee, Ted Cassinelli

Board members absent: none

Members in attendance: none

Vice President Ted Cassinelli opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Add Daniel Legler as present
  • Kyle moves to approve. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report (Mike Bernstone)

  • No report – didn’t have check book

Coach’s Report (Daniel)

  • Lots of people at practice, pushing hard; currently pulling 14 lanes
  • Lots of positive feedback, club being noticed

MOKU Report (Lisa)

  • No MOKU meetings until the end of regatta season
  • Kama O Kalani passed waterline – good for another 5 years or until rebuild

Equipment Report (Daniel)

  • Nothing on surfski (too busy)
  • Trailer damage from accident fixed, new taillights on; want to fit with heavier-duty coupler
  • Scheduled clean-up day for leaves behind hale (fire hazard) – Saturday, June 6
  • Maybe get new display case built on side of hale
  • Koa
    • Repaired some fine cracks
    • Would like to get rebuilt after regatta season to fix twists
    • Estimated at $30,000-$35,000

Facebook Status (Ted)

  • Sent out email, no response
  • Chris, Daniel, and Kyle will create a new, board-endorsed Facebook Page
    • Will look into official certification

Rashguards (Daniel)

  • Can get stitched hats for under $10, sell for $20
  • Monochromatic shirts, printed on both sides, for $11.21
    • Will get 109 lime green on gray shirts (purchase already approved)
    • Chris motions to buy 50 hats. Mike CQ 2nds, unanimous approval.

Fundraiser status (Jim)

  • Nothing happening
  • Treasurer will keep funds raised from men’s and women’s groups separate to ensure funds raised by one group remain for the use of that group

Training and Certification Procedures for Beach Directors (Daniel)

  • Only Thursdays Ohana covered
  • Lisa will cover Tuesday and Sunday mornings during the summer
  • Need to find beach directors – maybe have a rotating schedule

Website Status (Kyle)

  • Need to get login info again – worked once, not again
  • Will contact Katherine Cross to transfer domain to EZ Web Hosting

Telephone Number for Canoe Club with Answering Machine

  • Don’t need

Great Waikoloa Canoe Race

  • Need to form committee to organize
  • Daniel has put in proposal to Lava Lava, will hear back this week
    • Asked to donate food, provide beer tap on grass (for $2/glass)
  • Need to inventory old medals
  • Daniel estimating 70 crews will participate
  • Chris moves to not spend money on t-shirts, but to redirect toward racing program. Kyle 2nds. Unanimous approval.
  • Daniel will send out email about a month before the race asking for volunteers, tents to borrow

Koa Wood (Chris)

  • Received email from Bill in past, said holding 200 board-feet
  • Received at most 100 board-feet, now in storage; 100 missing
  • Daniel will contact Bill, ask what happened to missing wood

Jenn’s Request for Two Canoes on June 14 (Jim)

  • Daniel approves two boats for an hour in the morning

Next meeting set for July 1, 2015, at 6:00pm at Hawaiian Dream Properties.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm.