Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Note: It was originally stated that the location of the world sprints was already decided and would be held in Hilo. The minutes were amended to reflect the fact that this was not the case.

The meeting convened at 6:03 PM on March 2, 2016, at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes: Tracy Cassinelli for Kyle Combes

Board members present: Ted Cassinelli, Mike Bernstone, Jim Albone, Daniel Legler, Lisa Legler, Harold van Doren, Guy Davis

Board members absent: Kyle Combes and Bob Risley

Head coach Bob Risley not present.

Members in attendance: Steve Columbo, Russel Simpliciano, Tim Hooper, John Ciambrone

President Ted Cassinelli opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Jim motions to approve minutes. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report

  • $5,000 grant from HCRA plus several other donations

    • Total so far: $9,591

  • Insurance bill: ~$4,000

  • 117 paid active members (22 racers)

Moku Report (Lisa)

  • Need people for regatta PA system setup

    • One person from west side and one from east side

    • Jim said Kyle is interested

  • Pacific Paddler is open for another year

  • Kona DLNR head changing to Bill Taylor (fellow paddler)

  • Only two lanes in States this year, so we can only send two crews to chamionships

  • Bid in for world sprints to be held in Hilo

Equipment Report (Guy)

  • Ho‘omaluo crack repaired by Jim, canoe put in water

  • Need more rope

  • Idea: Use Ho‘omaluo during practice instead of Tahitian? Still rig last.

  • Tiger repaired J4 for $3,500

  • Mike Akazaua will paint canoe and repair minor dings, will not touch major stuff

  • Bradley (J6) still needs to go in

  • One Mirage still needs puka fixed (Jim marked with tape)

  • Still missing one steering blade and 6-10 regular blades

  • Ted will cal Ric Rapp and take his sound system out of the shed, test

  • Will need to find two canoes to borrow for first two regattas in Kona

  • Should purchase two collapsible saw horses. Daniel will look at Lowe’s and Home Depot tomorrow. If they don’t have any, maybe Daniel or Steve have some.

  • $1,350 (with 50% deposit) for decals.

  • Daniel motions to replace decals on the Bradley. Harold seconds. Unanimous approval.

Fundraising (Jim)

  • $300 for spreading ashes

  • Lavaman (Harold)

    • For April 9 morning & 10 afternoon, have 33 volunteers (no practice that Saturday)

    • Ted will send out another email asking for volunteers

  • Should send letter to local businesses to generate more events

  • Koa (John Ciambrone)

    • Fundraiser moving forward

    • 10 people will sit on committee to contact members, ask for contributions

    • Next committee meeting March 5

Bylaws (Ted)

  • Discussed proposed bylaws amendments

New Business

  • Lisa: Kawaihae has already started keiki practice, would like to start our practices Sat, 3/12

    • Would like Saturday start time earlier than 10 AM, so keiki can go out at 9 AM

    • Would like club to purchase 36 rash guards for keiki (gray with green logo), will research prices

  • Daniel: Need to resign as coach due to employment opportunity in Kona

    • Recommends Bob Risley for head coach, crew coaches for kupuna, no open crews

    • Jim comments that he has been member of club for 14 years and that we have commitment issues

    • Daniel will send out email to club, Ted will contact Bob

  • Guy: Beach directors should not be micromanaged

    • Current beach directors:

      • Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:30 AM: Guy and Ted

      • Tuesday 8 AM: Harold

      • Thursday 8 AM: Ed

      • Tuesday/Thursday evenings & Saturday morning: Jim

      • Sundays: Lisa

  • Racing practice schedule:

    • Saturdays: 7 AM (adults), 9 AM (keiki)

    • Tuesday/Thursday: 4 PM (keiki), 5 PM (adults)

  • Lisa motions to purchase one waterproof marine radio for no more than $200. Unanimous approval.

  • Comment: What about power source in shed?

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Meeting adjourned 7:48 PM.