**Note: These minutes were amended to correct the spelling of Kyle Combes’ last name.**

Meeting convened at 6:00 p.m. March 4. 201 5 at Hawaiian Dream Properties office in Waikoloa Village

Recorder of minutes Lisa Legler

Board Members present: Lisa Legler, Harold van Doren, Jim Albone, Mike Chin Quee, Mike Bernstone, Ted Cassinelli, Chris Nielsen

Board members absent: Kyle Combes

Head coach: Daniel Legler present

Members in attendance: Steve Columbo

President Harold van Doren opened the meeting:

  • Previous meeting minutes
    Daniel corrected equipment report, it was an estimated cost for Strip Koa repairs by Daniel not Bill Rosehill.
  • Jim motion accept with change, all in favor

Treasurers report

  • Financial report emailed to all board members this morning.
  • $400 refund from last years insurance
  • Hull insurance renewals wants opinions of valuation. Daniel said M2 $10,500 each, board worked out valuations as follows lightning J6 16,500, 130,000, Naupaka J1 3,000, resale value, Kanelike J5 4­5,000, J4 Kialoaookea 3­4,000, Makana Ikekai 010 30,000. Strip Koa insurance needs correct name and names of the mirages. Strip Koa valued at $50­-$60,000.
  • Ted motioned for approval Treasurer’s report. all approved
  • (Club members may email mbernstone [at] hawaii [dot] rr [dot] com for the full treasurer’s report)

Coaches report (Daniel)

  • Daniel set practice schedule:
    • Kupuna racers practice Mon & Wed 3:30 ­ 5:00pm; Monday extra practice for racers, also for one man practice 5-­6:30pm; Tues and Thurs 3:30 – ­ 5pm Keiki (has been changed to 4 pm start), 5­-7pm adults (Has been changed to 5:1 5 start to 7 pm-ish); Sat 7­-9 adults, keiki 9:15 ­-
    • Kupuna to start Monday March 9th
    • Keiki start Tues March 10th with first Saturday practice March 21
    • Adult practice start Sat March 21; Tues and Thurs before is spring training
  • Daniel asked board for their opinion of this schedule
  • Ted motions to approve schedule, all approve

Equipment report

  • Daniel will ask Guy to help tow Koa to Hilo on Sunday to Hilo will bring trailer back. Bill Rosehill will fix strip koa as discussed and fix Tahitian. Daniel wants to take trailer to painter Mike Azawa to get a quote on sandblasting and painting.
  • One axle new other original. Need some axle grease. Daniel will take care of. Guy refinished iakos for Naupaka on his own did not charge for labor. Naupaka needs some repair Daniel wants to take into Mike to repair (Daniel est $3,000)
  • Ted motions to repair Naupaka, all approve.

Paddle orders

  • Mike ChinQuee will refer either to P3 for serious racers and Mudbrook website for those who want a less expensive paddle.

Bylaws committee report (Ted)

  • Meet twice, planning to meet every two to three weeks, focus on discrepancies, comparing with other clubs. They will bring the suggestions when all done.
  • Mac will write up. Should be done in a separate meeting. They are not focusing on major policy changes. They have until May to complete.

Code of conduct (Harold)

  • Harold and Daniel reviewed along with other clubs’ codes. Their goal was to simplify the existing while not eliminating the policies and procedures but creating separate document.
  • Ted motions accept new code of conduct. Discussion:
    • Jim says remove original mission statement from code of conduct or have mission statement have same wording as what is in previous official documents. It was decide to change new mission statement to WCC Vision Statement.
    • All approved

Fundraiser status (Jim)

  • Harold committed to Lava Man March 29th, 15 to 20 people water patrol . Harold needs to talk to Jan Moore what kind of water patrol.
  • Committed to Saturday set up and Sunday water patrol and event take down. $1,000 donation.
  • May 5 MC&A Dupont 24 people 1.5 hour paddle, Harold working on with Waikoloa Land Company Eleanor, Harold unable to get approval, also did not get approval for GWCR. This has never happened before, Daniel will talk to Rory. No food for GWCR from Hilton, no longer
    will donate. Option talk to Marriott.
  • May 30th Honu discussion, there is a long distance race that day, Ted motion not to participate in Honu, all approved.

Website Status

  • Kyle is absent
  • table until next meeting

Membership drive

  • Two more Saturdays

Unfinished business

  • Rash guards
    • Waiting for proposal for rash guards. Daniel wants to propose a different way. He thinks we should get orders from paddlers. Just order what is needed.
    • Jim motioned rescind motion to purchase 16 dozen rash guard; all approved.
  • Ted motions clean out inventory after GWCR donate to Goodwill. Buy one style rash guard for general paddlers, style already approved, 100 count. Do custom order for Members same design already approved. All approved

New business

  • Storage space
    • Not yet leased. Previous motion was for a 5 x 1 0
  • Facebook page
    • Jim has not yet talked to Michelle
  • Jeb
    • Jim talked to Jeb about Fiji trip concerns, all good, subject closed.
  • Picture ID
    • Pictures for IDs ongoing
  • Correction to Jan 21 st minutes
    • Ted made motion for not to fill board vacancy, not Harold.
    • Ted motions to amend minutes with changes. Discussion. All approved.
  • Beach protocol issues
    • Shouting matches on beach, according to policies this is forbidden.
    • We need to do something. Ted says come up with guidelines for Ohana paddling directors so everyone on same page.

Next meeting: April 1 , 201 5 at 6:00 p.m.

7:45 p.m. adjourn