Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2014

The meeting convened at 6:31 PM on March 5, 2014, at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


All board members present except Michelle Gautier, Coach Jeb Goss absent

Members in attendance; Daniel Legler


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

January 29, 2014 meeting minutes approved by all after discussion and revision.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement provided via email
  • Ric requested receiving list of active / paid members  to cross reference for rec paddlers, Michelle to place in sleeve of paddle book once a month current updated list of members
  • Monthly meetings to provide the summary of financials, detail of financials quarterly, all agreed.


Coach’s Report:

  • Jim sent email regarding review  of Kama O Kalani, will review in equipment


Moku Update:  Jim Albone

  • Kim has the notes from the Feb 8th meeting
  • Jim sent out the information on date for canoe weighing, April 26th, coaches & officials meeting 19th of April
  • Mike O’Shaunessey is now the race director
  • Jim has the PA system and computer system


Equipment Report:

  • OC1 Rack Design – Harold, Daniel, and Ted, Daniel talked Rory a few weeks ago, WLC needs a schematic of the area of the canoes.  Harold provided.  Turned in to Rory but Rory has been on vacation.  Daniel was told the schematic is not good enough and will require architectural drawings.  Daniel requested from WLC aerial view of area. Jim assisted in providing some aerial views he has.          
  • Ho’omaluō  Iakos; Need final measurements for Iakos, On Hold
  • Crack repairs for both Koa Canoes/ bids for full sanding and refinishing/club involvement in moving canoes
    • Quotes; Lisa, no one would provide w/o seeing the canoe
    • 2005/2006 Bill did a reshaping of the hull (Kama O Kalani)
    • As far as we know Kama O Kalani has never been sanded down and refinished
    • Motion by Michael to request written full proposal of scope of work, full cost, and timeline from Bill, then we move forward with an email vote.  6 in favor, 1 nay.  Jim to get proposal.
  • Koa Inventory- Jim requested, Bill will provide, Jim will remind him.
  • Re-finishing Iakos and Ama for Kukini Kai, done
  • Makana I Ke Kai bulk head-On Hold.
  • Old Dollie to refinish; completed
  • Equipment Manager;
    • Harold will spearhead committee
    • Ric volunteered to handle paddle maintenance
    • Michael to put in newsletter asking for volunteers
    • Daniel volunteered to be on committee
    • Harold to consolidate a history of maintenance, purchase, accidents, repairs of each canoe.
    • Canoe Covers; Koa Covers do not maintain coverage, can we look at better securing covers.  Beth’s email – J1-5 and Kama O Kalani were last made in 2005.  On hold until Beth returns in September.
  • Paddle Inventory; Michael and Lisa completed.  Ric will review inventory taken and get refinished with Mike Eaton.  Need to mark paddles w/club logo before finish is applied.  Will need to get inventory for potential order for keiki paddles from Derek.  Motion by Jennifer to approve Ric moving forward to refinish existing club paddles as needed up to a maximum cost of $25 per paddle.  Harold 2nd.  Unanimously approved.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers:

  • Wednesday March 12th 7:30am, Lisa can steer, Mike volunteered to stroke, a few volunteers to get boats in/out
  • Saturday March 15th LaQuinta world record event, board unanimously declined.
  • March 30th Water Patrol for Lavaman; Request by Lavaman to water patrol, crowd control, and move canoes in the past for $600 donation.  For an additional $300 we can added 8 volunteers for Saturday set up and Sunday tear down.  Michael motion to decline the additional $300 additional opportunity of set up and tear down but still do what we did last year but with OC6 canoes.  Unanimously approved.
  • April 2nd Ocean Sports has asked for a group paddle out 4 canoes (no confirmation yet)
  • April 12th Canoes move due to group, Cancel Saturday and Sunday practice. Allow Hilton to use 1 or 2 for water etc. just like GWCR.  Move canoes on Thursday pre after practice.
  • May 1st 8a-2p; with Chrysalis definite event for 12 canoes, Jim has discussed with Bill Rosehill and Ira (Kona Athletic and Waiakea) and they have confirmed to keep holding these dates, each will bring 3 canoes with steersmen and strokers.
  • June 15th and 19th Panache request for 200 people (no confirmation yet)



  • Halau roof extension, Needs review for structural soundness (on hold retain on agenda).


Fiji Paddle Display at Lava Lava

  • Jeb to ask Lava Lava if we can put paddle there


Nancy Perry’s OC-1

  • Going to start work tomorrow.


Annual Meeting by-law addendum passed on internet voting, insertion into by-laws

  • Michelle to complete


Lisa Transfer;

  • Complete


Membership Drive / Beach Clean Up

  • Post on FB page a make- up day Sunday March 16th at 10am – Michelle or Jenn
  • Update banners with new date – Ted


Rash Guard orders, sizes, new design; Lisa/Michelle

  • Lisa design option, also put out to club for ideas, include deadline for submissions


New Board Review of complete review of code of conduct and by-laws and waivers

  • Half have completed review, remaining BOD members to complete review by next meeting.
  • Ric will pull up COC and make suggestions regarding any language in conflict with BOD insurance policy.  Jim provided Ric the only copy of BOD insurance policy to copy and review.


OC1 Racks Review of Canoes Condition; Mike, Harold, Ted

  • Sent list to Michelle, the inoperable one that was left is now gone.  Possibly one other one still there.  Two canoes were sold, Ted to send to Michelle the spaces.  Ted to send write up for Michael to include in newsletter about OC rack spaces not being transferable with the sale of an OC canoe.


Affirming email approvals

  • Request for paddle out by Lydia (8-10 teens/tweens) 10:15am March 20th
  • Ted motion to allow Lydia to do the paddle out March 20th and Ric and Ted will run it.
  • Ted asked about an individual waiver for the minors to have parents sign.  Michael will send to Lydia waiver from GWCR to have signed.


New Business


Hospital Practice vs. regular practice attendees

  • Need to discuss with Jeb, Jim will address.


Donated surf ski

  • Daniel suggested donating it to HIPPA.  Daniel can fix it after completing Nancy’s canoe.  Motion by Jennifer to allow Daniel to fix the surf ski.  Unanimously approved.


Paddle types allowed in wood canoes

  • Ted made motion that all paddles must be taped to be in a wood canoe.  6 approved.  1 nay.


OC1 cradles and other saddles

  • Ted is building more OC1 cradles.  On Hold.


OC1 rack designated space for coach

  • Currently Daniel is letting Derek utilize his space


Annual Board Elections and Presidential turn over

  • Discussion


Fiji Crews coming in August

  • 2 crews in line.


Meeting adjourned 8:48 PM

  • Next meeting April 2, 2014, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dreams Realty Office.