May 6, 2015

Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at 7:10 on May 6, 2015 at pavilion at Vista Waikoloa condominiums

Recorder of minutes Lisa Legler
Board members absent: Mike Bernstone, Kyle Combes, Chris Nilsen

Members in attendance Ric Rapp, Bitsy Bowman, Jennifer Bolstad, Mac Amos.
Coach Daniel Legler present.
President Harold van Doren opens meeting
Acceptance of previous minutes

Change location to Harold’s house B302

Ted motions all approve
Treasure’s report

Mike out of town. Board reviewed reports.

Ted motions approve, all approve
Bylaws committee

Mac brought report, reviewed with board and asked them to make suggestions.

Come back next meeting with suggestions.

Need one main member list established for voting purposes. Continuity very important.
Coach’s report

5 crews for Kawaihae race

Both M2, Bradley and non traditional.

Coach thinks we will have some competitive crews.

Practices are scheduled for 6 days of the week.

Established paddle times are set. Exceptions can be made by the coach.

Need members to stay after first regatta to help waterline koa canoe.
Equipment report

1) Kukini Kai no leak, fixed chips

2) Hoʻomaluo repaired

3) surf ski – skip

4) trailer repairs made from accident.

5) other repairs

Repairs done on older canoes, chips on gunnels

Fix both amas on M2.

All iakos need to be repaired.

Koa wood brought back from Bill’s. Less than 100 board feet, Bill had stated in email have approx  200 board feet. Stored at Ted Cassinelli’s home.

Insurance on items in storage.
Unfinished business

1) Bylaws

2) Facebook status not approved or run by board. A board member should be in charge of site.

Bruce Banick  and Michelle  Gautier control Facebook do not want to relinquish administrator status or add a board member as administrator. Bruce Banick not a paid member. Ted will write proposal to try and appease controlling parties of Facebook.

3) website status

4) rashgaurd  status  hats and shirts to be ordered soon.

5) fundraising status Jim says nothing coming in.

Marriott donating $700 for moving canoes for their function.
New business

1) training and cert of steersman – Daniel asked for suggestions emailed to him

2) telephone # for cc  change Jeb’s number to website address.

3) 5/16 HGTV filming, only two members needed one to steer and stroke. GoPros will be placed on canoe to film couple paddling.

4) accident:  Ted rear-ended by uninsured motorist while towing trailer. His insurance covered most but $500. Jim motion to reimburse. Mike CQ second all approved.

5) any other new business

Next meeting June 3, 2015 6pm to be announced.

Adjourned 8:33 pm.