Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director November Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2014

The meeting convened at 6:31 PM on November 5, 2014, at Hawaiian Dream Office in Waikoloa Village.


Secretary in attendance & Recorder of minutes; Jennifer Bolstad


Board members present; Lisa Legler, Michelle Gautier, Jim Albone, Mike CQ, Michael Landers, Ric Rapp, Harold Van Doren, Ted Cassinelli


Board members absent; None


Coach Jeb Goss present


Members in attendance; Daniel Legler, Bobby Hitt, Chris Nilsen, Guy Davis, Marcie Davis, Kyle Combs, Mike Goyette, Mike Bernstone, Bob Risley, Aron Risley, Amy Kendziorski


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

September 30, 2014 meeting minutes approved unanimously


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement
  • Ric requested the full transaction report for the annual meeting, Michelle will bring laptop for any questions as we do not print the detail for the annual
  • GWCR ACS Donation; Jennifer motion to donate $1300 to ACS from the GWCR, Approved vote 7, 1 Abstain


Coach’s Report: Jeb Goss

  • Nothing to report


Moku Update: Jim Albone

  • Discussion about strip koa, will find out Nov 22
  • Need history of all koa canoes before the end of the year for the state – Jeb putting  together with Bumatay
  • Need list of people of CPR, first aid, emergency medical certifications in the club turned into Moku by end of year and annually moving forward – Michelle added to membership form,
    • ask Moku to place on Moku waivers – Jim to ask Moku.             
    • Jennifer to send another email for current list.
    • Kim looking into a day to certify-Jennifer will ask Kim for details
  • Must report to Moku our designated race site parameters – Michael / Jim have put together, send copy to Jennifer
  • Tui Tonga has disbanded, a group from Milili (Ha’a Pono Milili) petitioning to start a canoe club, they are hosting an ocean festival day Nov 15, with Oc1, Oc2, 6 man, sup



Equipment Report:

  • OC1 Rack Design – Mike, Harold, Daniel, and Ted
    • Daniel has the small rack built, just need to paint.  Ted helping cutting pipes.  Majority of bigger pipes cut, needing to get threaded, working on this weekend.  Looking at first rack replacement soon, Ted will contact space holders next week.
    • Daniel asked what to do with old rack, Jennifer suggested Mililili, Jim will email
    • Need to number spaces and designate which accommodate OC1 and OC2, Daniel will send to Michelle.
  • Ho’omaluō  Iakos; Doug had measured in April.  Wood still in strips.  Doug said at moku meeting he’d bring them to the Moku meeting on Nov 22
  • Koa Inventory – On hold with Bill (200 board feet with 2” thick), Michelle will look to see if receipt for milling has board feet recorded
  • Equipment Manager; Harold & committee
    • Canoe covers
      • New covers iako placements are not correct concerned with shrinkage, otherwise hemming/straps are good; Jim will let her know and see if can get them adjusted
      • Looking to see if Beth and use those covers as templates for the other canoes
      • Spray skirts for Mirages – Jim reviewing specs with North Water and concepts for specifics like a steersman extra paddle space
      • Ric has placed order information in the book at the beach for consolidated paddle order.  Ric will send Michael email of order form and photos to include with the club newsletter by end of next week (Nov 14).
      • Chris replaced the hooks and chains, Jim just needs to replace the side light.
      • Oc4 gunnel was damaged, minor fix with marine tex / apoxy, Harold & Jim will get together.  Iakos are back and in the shed.
      • Anaehoomalu pulls left, Ted has measured and will compare with other canoe, possibly needs to be shimmed or re-rigged.  This weekend set side by side and check.


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers:

  • Benefact Cosmetics wants a regatta or possibly a leisure paddle likely 6 canoes – January 27th in the afternoon– Jim hasn’t heard anything back yet
  • Have been asked to do a spreading of the ashes on Saturday December 20th for 3 people.  Jim said thought we could do during rec at 9am out of 49 black sands.  Lisa & Jennifer confirmed will go.


Rash Guard orders, sizes, new design; Lisa

  • Jenn and Lisa completed inventory.  Michelle working on determining sizes to order and will send out proposal of sizes, number, and price.  Last year we spent $4,400. 
  • Michael will add the old race t-shirts (not 2014) to the newsletter on special and at the annual meeting.  Ted motion to sell 2 for $5 at the annual meeting and any remaining inventory give to good will.  Michael second.  Unanimously approved.


Code of Conduct and By-Laws

  • Ric will forward updates to Jennifer for COC in particular on liability and any other areas where liability language is in conflict to the board.  
  • Need to change name of Beach Director to Paddling Coordinator


Surf Ski Maintenance

  • No update; Daniel on hold until after the racks


Membership Submissions (consolidated membership submissions and paying dues online into one agenda item)

  • Estimate to add e-forms for canoe racks, hcra waivers, and membership forms.  $540.75 for the basic work and $199.95 for the legal e-signature.  We are on hold awaiting Moku / HCRA response on if they will accept electronic waivers. 
  • HCRA insurance discussion; we pay $14+ per paddler from the club; we receive a certificate of insurance; Jim will send the COI to the board; we’ve asked HCRA and Moku for copies of insurance


OC1 Rack space lease terms

  • Jim asked if we can use our membership form liability to cover OC1 rack leases.  WLC had us change some things on the liability.  Ted motion to remove the liability signature form from the rack space lease terms and condense it to one page.  Michelle second.  Approved by 7, 1 abstain. 


Nominations Committee

  • Amy noted that the committee had yet to meet altogether, suggests that in the future we set some parameters for submissions in format and content, some are very long, some very short.


Annual Meeting Schedule

  • Dec 6th at 3pm, Jenn provided agenda 


Head Coach

  • Ted asked about whether we should select the head coach before or after since the members specifically voted at the annual meeting to have the old board elect the new coach.  Need to have a determination on which board elects the Head Coach in the by-laws, need to request next board review this area of the by-laws and length of service of officers / board as by laws state service runs to Dec 31 – need to revise to until new board is elected.
  • Jim will send email out to the club on interest


Old t-shirts

  • Reviewed under Rash guards


End of the year party

  • Jennifer sent email but had no replies
  • Amy & Jim offered locations and assistance


New Business


Annual meeting voting eligibility

  • Ric question on whether HCRA is current member list in particular in regard to online voting.  Michelle walked everyone through process of entering paperwork and keeping current in HCRA list.
  • HCRA status showing expired does not reflect club membership status, it is only the racing status.  Active status designates members.  Active or Inactive status determines membership.
  • Racing transfers do move HCRA status, Michelle will rebuild Marcie in HCRA for Rec
  • Ric had question on family memberships with 18 year olds and family members being eligible to vote.  Jennifer noted we discussed the issue in the first board meeting of our board and only 18 and over family members residing in the same household and living as a dependent are eligible to vote.


Parker School Request

  • Jim received email from Mike Nearman if Parker school could rent 1 canoe until Feb 1.  Michael motion that we meet the Parker school’s request to rent them 1 canoe from now until Feb 1, 2015 for the same rental price per canoe as last year.  Jennifer second.  Motion passed with 5 in favor, 3 nay


Michael Request

  • For next year’s board to have a discussion to give up our ironman station next year


Meeting adjourned 8:25 PM

  • Next meeting will be the Annual Meeting December 6, 2014, 3:00 pm at A-Bay.