Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sept. 7, 2016

The meeting convened at  6:05 PM on Sept. 7, 2016 at the Waikoloa Village Association conference room.

Acting secretary in attendance and recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Board members present:  Lisa Legler, Aron Risley, Mike Bernstone, Bob Risley, Jim Albone, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, Rami Ring

Board members absent:  none

Head coach Bob Risley present.

Members in attendance:  Daniel Legler, Mac Amos, John Ciambrone, Lyle Cabacungan, Randy Ring

President Lisa Legler opened the meeting.

Previous meeting minutes

  • Aron motions to approve with changes, Jim seconds

Treasurer’s Report (Mike)

  • Tires for trailer were purchased, cost was under $500
  • Expecting more money for koa restoration, not shown on report yet
  • Hawaiian Dream Properties made a donation of $800 for Pailolo race.

Coach’s Report (Bob)

  • 3 crews entered in Liliuokalani race, 1 double hull on Sunday
  • Canoes all back to A Bay safely after Liliuokalani race
  • Santa Barbara crew borrowed a canoe, and made a $300 donation to Waikoloa
  • Pailolo Challenge coming up, 1 men’s crew currently practicing for race
  • The possibility of taking canoes via trailer to Kawaihae for a 2-tier Ohana practice (AM & PM) was brought up

Kama O Kalani repair (Daniel)

  • Should be completed by Christmas
  • Blessing and ceremony to be planned upon completion

Equipment Report (Guy)

  • Tires for trailer have been purchased
  • Need to purchase 2 or 3 steering blades
  • Wrap is gouged on Kukinikai (J6), after season Lisa will call to have it repaired.  Ama also needs professional repair and paint after Pailolo
  • Bob & Steve to coordinate fixing of the iakos, fiberglass top & sides only
  • Trailer needs to be refinished (sand blasted), need to know cost on 40’ trailer

Fundraisers (Jim & John)

  • Goal has been met and exceeded by $61
  • Lisa has been approached by Malibu Shirts for an agreement to produce & sell WCC t-shirts for a royalty of 5% of the net retail price of shirts sold.  Jim motions to accept, all in favor

Unfinished Business

  • By laws committee update
    • Aron to establish e-mail account wccbylaws@gmail.com by Sat. to solicit comments on by laws, with auto forward to Mac, John and Amy
  • Off-island race policy
    • Club to give Jim a check for $520 for admission fee for Pailolo, Steve makes a motion to allocate the crew the remainder of $750 previously approved ($230) for other expected expenses for Pailolo Challenge.  Aron and Rami approve.  Mike, Jim and Bob abstain.  Guy opposes.
    • Bob continues to work on rules & guidelines for off-island race policy.  Budget for policy needs to be also established
    • Jim requests approval to loan out a canoe to a women’s crew for return trip back to Waikoloa from Molokai after Pailolo Challenge.  Steve motions to approve the loaning of the canoe, Aron seconds.  Mike & Rami approve, Jim & Bob abstain, Guy opposes.

New Business

  • Currently communication with all club members are done through hcra website, but not all members are receiving notices.  Mike & Aron to make membership list & add to google drive, to alleviate this problem.
  • Resignation & reassignment of secretary
    • Kyle Combes turned in his resignation via e-mail, see attached
    • Lisa nominated Rami Ring for secretary, approved by all
  • Advertising for 2017 coaching position
    • As of October 1, Jim to do a press release in short hops, contact info@waikoloacanoeclub.com for new racing coach
  • Accounting for canoe fees from Queen Liliuokalani race
    • 2 crews had their fees waived, 1 crew paid fee.  In an effort to enforce fairness in the future, crews need to enter races through the head coach.
  • Kawaihae has agreed to extend Ohana paddling privileges for a $50 membership fee.  Practices to be 6 AM on Mon, Wed, Fri, based on availability of experienced personnel to oversee canoes.  Offer is valid until the end of the year.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016 6:00 PM in the WVA conference room.

Meeting adjourned at  8:00 PM.