Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2014

The meeting convened at 6:34 PM on September 3, 2014, at Hawaiian Dreams Office in Waikoloa Village.


Secretary in attendance & Recorder of minutes; Jennifer Bolstad

All board members present (Harold Van Doren via conference call) except; Michael Landers, Michelle Gautier

Coach Jeb Goss present

Members in attendance; Daniel Legler, Chris Nilsen, Bob Risley


President Jim Albone opened the meeting.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

August 6, 2014 amended meeting minutes approved, 5 approved, 1 abstain.


Treasurer’s Report: Michelle Gautier

  • See P & L Statement provided via email
  • GWCR full expenses not in yet; will provide detail at next meeting, 41 crews, down from last year.  Lisa asked about the GWCR income on the statement, Michael had noted a higher number so not all revenues are accounted for.
  • Michael requested via email for ACS donation but will discuss at next meeting once we have full race P & L
  • Ric noted the P & L comes in excel not directly from our accounting program, Ric has the file so he will try and pull the report he’s looking for at next meeting, might need to get the program from a flash drive.  Jennifer noted the current page is what has historically been done and it was only been carried forward.


Coach’s Report: Jeb Goss

  • Pleased with our performance this past weekend.  5 out of 6 crews medaled.
  • Looking to place 1 crew if not 2 for this coming weekend.


Moku Update: Kim Pratt

  • No Moku meetings scheduled yet, this is the meeting where we are supposed to propose race rules and by-law changes
  • Jim will again propose the strip koa be approved for koa division
  • CSAC committee is pushing HCRA to approve strip koa for koa division


Equipment Report:

  • OC1 Rack Design – Mike, Harold, Daniel, and Ted
    • Daniel has primered all wood, then painting, then assembly, shooting for end of October
    • Need to number spaces
    • Daniel will notify Jim of time to send email to OC1 rack lessees on installation date.  Ted requested a list of all spaces and who holds them including email address and list of all wait list persons – Michelle to provide upon return.
  • Ho’omaluō  Iakos; Doug had measured in April.  Wood still in strips.  Jim will continue to follow up
  • Koa Inventory- On hold with Bill (200 board feet with 2” thick)
  • Equipment Manager; Harold & committee
    • Canoe covers – waiting on Beth to get back;
      • Kama O Kalani cover is missing, Jim will double check with Ira if possibly at Waiakea
      • Jim will also ask Mike Goyette as well
      • Wait for Beth to return to make new cover for Kama O Kalani
      • Ted noted that Beth would make the covers for the other canoes
      • Ric motion to approve Beth’s offer and materials list to make 4 canoe covers.  Unanimously approved.
    • Covers for new Mirages – Ted recommended Hawaiian Canvas on Oahu, $900 each + 5% discount including shipping was the bid Daniel received, should look at pricing them for the spray skirts for the Mirages as well
    • Ted motion to order 2 covers for the Mirages from Hawaiian Canvas based upon Daniel’s bid in purple. Lisa 2nd. Unanimously approved.
    • Spray skirts for new canoe – Jeb requested we look at spray skirts for both Mirages.  Daniel emailed Hawaiian Canvas on adding 2 spray skirts to the cover orders to see if discount will increase with the larger order.  Ted motion to order 2 spray skirts with canoe covers order for a max of $2500 each if the discount is 10% or more.  5 approved.  1 oppose.  Daniel will know details of hoop less or w/hoops tomorrow.
  • Ric will send an email for a consolidated paddle order for paddlers looking to order a paddle. 


Old Business:


Upcoming Events & Fundraisers:

  • Ironman – October 11th
  • Chrysalis is inquiring about a September event – still no word, likely not happening
  • Benefact Cosmetics wants a regatta or possibly a leisure paddle likely 6 canoes – January 27th in the afternoon– Jim is working with her
  • September 14 – wedding guests want to paddle (from Johnny Mac) – 3 canoes, Johnny will get members to volunteer for steersmen and strokers, $480.  Ted motion to let Johnny to use 3 canoes with steersmen/strokers approved by Lisa for the wedding for $480.  Mike second.  5 approved. 1 opposed.
  • Discussion on setting donation amounts for events, President will handle negotiations.


Rash Guard orders, sizes, new design; Lisa

  • Keep same design, Michelle will work on determining sizes to order
  • Jennifer and Lisa will re-take inventory


Code of Conduct and By-Laws

  • Ric will forward updates to COC in particular on liability and any other areas where liability language is in conflict to the board.  He’s made changes and will send them to the Board electronically. 
  • Need to change name of Beach Director to Paddling Coordinator


Surf Ski Maintenance

  • No update; Daniel on hold until after the racks


Membership Submissions (consolidated membership submissions and paying dues online into one agenda item)

  • Need to make registration form an e-form tied to e-payment, possibly download to spread sheet
  • See if Michelle can see if possibility to set up from her contact that did our web page
  • Jim will ask to get the new year HCRA waiver earlier for 2015 and approach Moku about getting it changed


OC1 Rack space lease terms

  • Reviewed Ric’s updated to Oc1/Oc2 rental agreement
  • Ric to consolidate feedback from all and send to board electronically
  • Michelle will see if we can add the wait list online 


New Business


Nominations Committee

  • Jim will send email to club asking for 3 people not running for the board to make up the committee


Annual Meeting Schedule

  • Ted motion to hold annual meeting December 6 at A-Bay at 10:30am.  Lisa 2nd.  5 approve.  1 Abstain.  Jim will check on Waikoloa Meeting room.


Head Coach

  • Jim requested Jeb help find a coach or reach out.  Jeb noted he will be too busy next year to continue as head coach.  Need everyone to put thinking hats on for potentials.


Old t-shirt

  • rummage sale after inventory, communicate via the monthly newsletter


PA System

  • With not having the DJ at GWCR we had no sound system or PA, Jim found 100 watt PA for $500 before, Ted motion for Ric and Jim to bring proposal for PA system.  Lisa 2nd. Unanimously approved.


Rec Paddling time change

  • Next week 5 or 5:30 pm Tue/Thu and 8am Sat become rec paddling time.  6am pau.


Meeting adjourned 8:34 PM

  • Next meeting will be September 30, 2014, 6:30 pm at Hawaiian Dream Property office.