The meeting convened at the Waikoloa Community Assoc, community meeting room at 10:07 am.

Board Members in attendance:  Lisa Legler, Jim Albone, John Ciambrone, Steve Columbo, Guy Davis, Rami Ring

Board Members absent:  Mike Chin Quee

Other Members present:  Cate Ahlgren, Jim Ahlgren, Chuck Pfaff, Vicki Serrao, Linda Gallano, Penny Columbo, Cindy Sharp, Carl Gibson, Sammy Teixeira, Jun Balanga, Kalani Kaili, Chris Young, Beth Biscardi, Henry Biscardi, Cliff Gilley, Ted Cassinelli, Tracy Cassinelli, Bob Yap, Marcie Davis, Cavin Yap

Recorder or minutes:  Rami Ring

President Lisa Legler called the meeting to order at 10:07 am and welcomed all members.

Jim Albone makes a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting.  Motion is seconded, and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report (Report prepared by Mike Bernstone, but was absent from the meeting)

Currently we have a lot of cash in the bank, but are expected upcoming expenses.

A new Bradley Lightning has been ordered and a 50% deposit has been made on it, the balance is due upon completion.

The Board has made a decision to set aside a reserve fund for unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks to Coach Ed, our membership has been strong this year, and we expect it to continue into the new year.

Coach’s Report (Ed)

Coach Ed thanks outgoing board members, President Lisa Legler & Steve Columbo.  Jim Albone is recognized for helping out with ID cards.  Thank you to club membership.  Coach emphasizes that although we have racing paddlers and Ohana paddlers, we are one club.  It has been a very successful year, about 30% of racing paddlers started as recreational.  We also gained members that transferred from other clubs.  Coach Ed expressed that coaching this year has been a rewarding and exciting experience. 

Now that our koa is repaired, emphasis on taking care and maintenance of our 2 koa canoes.  Coach envisions the theme “Malama”.  Take care of our land & equipment.  Galvanize the strength of the club.  The more we are together the more successful we are.

Concerns:  The availability of our canoes during high seasons.  Jun has loaned us Malia, we have 7 glass boats, 2 wood boats and our koas.  Bill Rosehill is currently fixing the Ho’omaluo.  J1, J4, J5 are in need of repair.  Beach Directors need to manage Ohana paddling, possibly doing shorter runs to include all, or increase paddling days/times.

2018 plans- Coach Ed is interested in continuing to coach.  He envisions more paddlers coming this year.  Possibly men practice on one day and women practice on another day, mixed on another day.  Last racing season practice was started in the last week of Jan., and the feeling was that was successful, so he anticipates an early start this year again.

Question:  Ted: In past, early morning practice has opened up…6:30, is there a possibility for this year?  Ed:  Absolutely

Equipment Report (Guy)

Bradley Lightning-has been ordered, but minimum wait time of 6 months for new canoe.  May or may not be ready by racing season.

Guy is not happy with the quality of the recent dollies.  The tires are flat all the time, currently a wheel needs to be replaced.  He feels it was a defective lot of tires and valve stems.

Some iakos currently being repaired.  Bob Yap has offered to refinish a set of iakos.  Materials will be provided.

Question:  Beth: Are we going to need covers?  And is so, is it in the budget?  Guy:  Yes, and we will need to get that started.

Ted requested for the secretary to send out an email to return all saddles because about half of them are missing.

Moku Report (Lisa)

No changes to BOD

70’s division brought up, but it did not pass.  Lisa feels the only way it will be approved if another division is omitted, however not from the kid’s program.  Currently 65 division is not filling up the lanes.

Question:  Marcie: Has it been brought up to race 2 divisions at a time?  Answer:  Yes, but there are not enough canoes to do that.

HCRA Report (Lisa)

Liability insurance is not in place for 2018 yet, because of incident last year.  Without insurance we may not be able to have events.

We have insurance on our canoes, but the issue is liability insurance.  The board is currently insured in our policy.

Question:  Henry:  What happens to us in Jan. if HCRA does not get insurance?  Answer:  We are hoping HCRA will get coverage by then, and will keep your informed.

Question:  Marcie:  Is there a possibility of making Beach Directors as part of the board for insurance purposes?  Answer:  John: That is something to look into, I’ll look into it.

Ted:  Suggestion not to paddle as a club until liability insurance is in place.

Lisa will report back to the club.

Sen Kahele is presenting a new bill to make vandalism to canoes and halaus a more severe penalty.  It has become more of a problem.

Voting for new Board Members (Votes are counted by Marcie Davis & Vicki Serrao)

Results of election:

3 year term-Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Kalani Kaili

1 year term-Aron Risley

John thanks Lisa and the entire club.  Jim makes a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion is seconded, meeting is adjourned at 11:01 am.