Waikoloa Canoe Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, December 4, 2021

The meeting was held at Anaeho’omalu Bay.  The recorder of the minutes was Rami Ring. 

Jim called the meeting to order at 10:40 am.  We didn’t have the attendance required to make the quorum for the annual meeting, so we would have an informal meeting.  An email will also be sent out to all members for the purpose of reaching a quorum. 


Jim thanked everyone attending the meeting and announced that he has been on the board for 19 years with the club, but now he feels it’s time to hand over the responsibility.  He has seen many things within the time and still will be an active member of the club.  He also thanked Jeb & Kalani for coaching. 


The minutes were not approved due to not making quoram, but they were available to all at the meeting and reviewed.   


It was announced that Maria took over the Treasurer’s position for the club once Bary decided he could not take on the workload much longer.  Maria presented her financial reports.


Kalani is very hopeful that the pandemic is slowing down, things start to open up and we have a racing season this year.  He’ll possibly start with the junior paddlers first.  Once we get an idea of the possibility of a racing season, we can make plans for practices.


Jim reports there are a couple of amas in need of repairs.  1 canoe is out for repair along with 1 set of wheels that is experiencing problems with the tires.   


Vicki informs all members that HCRA waivers are required for all, even if you are a new member or transferring from another club. 


Bob thanked Jim for his many years of service to the club.  He also thanked Jeb & Kalani for their hard work and many hours involved with coaching the club, and mentioned we are all hopeful for next year. 

Many thanks from other members for the board and through these difficult times. 

The meeting was adjourned.