Friday, July 8, 2022

Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maria Wagner, Ralph Adams, Maryanne Holloway, Randy Anderlee, Rami Ring

Other members present:  Kalani Kaili, Monica Szuba

Bob Yap called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.

MINUTES – Maryann made a motion to approve the minutes as written, the motion was 2nd and approved by all. 

TREASURER’S REPORT (Maria)- See attached Treasurer’s Report

D & O insraunce, covers us personally in case we get sued (board members).  We let our ins. lapse, an application needs to be refiled to put back in place.  Bob connected with Moku regarding if our GL ins is sufficient, and discovered it doesn’t cover paddle outs, rec paddling, or the trailer.  We have gaps in our GL insurance, and more research needs to be done.

EQUIPMENT REPORT (Randy/Kalani)- After the final 3 regattas are completed, we can work on repairs on the canoes.  Kalani is hoping to do a lot of repairs/maintenance in house, unless there is a need to send it out.  We’ll probably work on 2 canoes at a time during the off-season.  Kalani suggests to hold off on repairs to the Tahitian until we have the money to fix it.  He will look into estimated costs for repairs on the Tahitian.  We have alotted $8000 in budget for repairs. 

MOKU/HCRA REPORT (Randy)  The next Moku meeting will be held on Sunday.  The race course for Aunty Maile’s championship race will be discussed.  The old course is the most accurate due to elevation, and Kalani expressed his preference for that course.   Randy will represent that is the stance of the club.   

MEMBERSHIP REPORT  (Vicki absent, Rami reporting)-Active members 260, 88 of which are racers, 2 have not been cleared to race.  Another paddler joined Thurs night is not included in total. 

OLD BUSINESS – Bob has appointed Kiani Dodson to the board to fill out the rest of Bary’s term, until the end of the year.  There was a miscommunication and Kiani was not sent the info for tonight’s meeting.    Ralph:  Kiani is highly welcomed!  Great idea to welcome her in!  She is now an official member of the WCC board. 


GWCR- Bob:  Thank you to Monica, Maria, Jim and all the volunteers.  Thanks to Bob & Maryann the race registration website is up.  Monica Szuba took care of setting up sign up genius.  We need people with trucks to help with moving large things to help set up for the race and help on the boats.  Randy offered to help with the boats.  Caterer is in place, he needs his deposit.  The club is doing well on raffle donations, ranging from $140-$1100.  Jim will send an invitation to other clubs.  Maryann is confirming that raffle tickets are being sold by GWCR team and wants to get all paddlers involved in selling tickets.  Ralph mentioned his feelings $20 per raffle ticket was high, Rami agreed.  Discussion regarding assessing price of raffle tickets.  Follow up at a later date to move the meeting on. 

Kalani feels we should give Waiakea a storage fee for holding our canoe during regatta season, and suggests paddlers may want to kick in extra for beer.  Ralph agrees, we need to support them, as a sister club.  This expense should be included in our budget for future years.  Maria made a motion to make a donation of $300 to Waiakea for storage of our canoe, Ralph seconded, all are in agreement.  It was also decided to give them some beer at Moku Championships.    

Recruiting events after racing season.  Putting it out there for everyone to think about events…Family day?  Friday night events?…Ohana paddle day?  Concentrate on youth?  Youth develop team shirt?  Waikoloa HIPA race?  Unlimited race?  Bradley race?  Possibly a small club race…invite Milolii or other smaller clubs and do a scrimmage. 

Angel sent Bob a social media marketing plan, which he sent out to the Board.  Please give feedback to Bob.  Ralph:  Would it be helpful to have her present at the next meeting? 

Next meeting will be Fri. Aug 5. 2, 2022 at 6:00 pm via Google meet

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.