Friday, Aug. 5, 2022

Board Members present: Bob Yap, Randy Anderle, Maria Wagner, Maryann Holloway

Board Members absent:  Rami Ring, Ralph Adams, Kiana Dodson

Other members present:  Jim Albone

The minutes of the meeting were transcribed from a voice recording of the meeting by Rami Ring.

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:12 pm.

Maria made the following corrections the minutes from last month.  Other members present:  Monica Szuba also attended the meeting.  Under new business:  Kawika did not do the videos, Maria tried to get him to do the videos but has not gotten confirmation.  Maryann made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections.  Maria 2nd the motion, everyone else was in agreement.   

TREASURER’S REPORT (Maria) Please see Treasurer’s Report.  Overall it’s been really a good year sticking to the budget. Maria mentioned to Kalani that we have enough money to purchase a set of wheels.  Bob:  What is the expectation for income for GWCR?  Maria:  Assuming we get about 45 crews @ $20/head we should get $5400, which should be all profit.  Jim:  Did anyone at Waiakea ask for us to give them $300, because we have never done that before?  Maria:  I checked with Jeb, and he mentioned that Hoemana was giving Waiakea a donation, so the board voted to give Waiakea a donation also.  Jim:  Jeb gave them a bottle of whiskey, that’s the way it’s been done in the last 15-20 years.  Maria:  The thought was it was going to be in lieu of the pig, but that’s not the way things turned out.  But moving forward, I intend to budget for that expense.   Maria reminded Randy to fill out an expense report to get reimbursed for his expenses for hauling the canoes. 

EQUIPMENT REPORT (Randy/Kalani)  Kalani is absent.  A couple of amas have leaks, possibly from being dropped.  Bow of J6 is damaged, can’t take it in the water until that is fixed.  A dolly needs repair.  Jeb hit a reef on J5, which needs to be repaired.  Bob will follow up on the cover for the canoes.  Jun is doing repairs currently on the Tahitian which will be quite expensive.    

HCRA/MOKU REPORT (Randy)  No meetings recently.


GWCR update:  The committee is having a meeting tomorrow to go over last minute details.  Caterer will be paid the balance of funds owed, the musician has sent his invoice and will be paid day of the race.  Shirts paid for by donor are being distributed.  Donations/raffle items are still coming in.  No online registrations so far, we are expecting everyone to register at the event.  3 escort boats set up.  Overall pretty good with volunteers, still need volunteers for parking lot/traffic control in the afternoon slots.  Maryann:  Do not accept any more donations.  Banner/flyers are printed already.

Bob made contact with All Island Ins. and has got all the paperwork in for D & O insurance.  Maria is asking about GL insurance to cover Ohana and the gaps in our insurance (transportation).  Bob mentioned Kawaihae uses a paddling assoc. that only covers liability, and we should look into it. 

Maria checked in with Kim Pratt regarding the repairs on her truck.  She got the repairs done to her truck, but she didn’t submit repainting her liner, which she assumed was about $100 but in actuality it is $356.  She is not doing that because of the cost.  Maria mentioned that she would bring it up to the board for a vote, and once all the members are in attendance we can vote on it.  

NEW BUSINESS – Once the season is done, Bob wants to focus on building the club, especially the Ohana side.  Maryann wants to do steering clinics, and huli drills.  Possibly 1 Sat per month to do steering clinics.  Randy suggests working on our online presence.   

The next meeting will be Wed, Sept. 7 at 6:00 pm via google meet.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:47 pm.