Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the board meeting was held via conference call. There was no sign in sheet.

Board members present: Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Jim Albone, Glenn Leonberger, Ronald Hayward, Randy Anderle, Vickie Serrao, Bary Foster and Rami Ring.

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present.

Other members present: Laura Leonberger

Secretary & Recorder of Minutes: Rami Ring

Chuck called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm. Jim made a motion to approve the March minutes. The motion was seconded and approved by all who attended the March meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Glenn & Laura).

Glenn will not be going to Europe as previously planned. Glenn went over various reports, and budgeted items that will not be spent due to restrictions in paddling due to the virus. We are in a strong position, currently approx. $52,000 in checking account plus $25,000 in savings for reserve. Laura went over filing of tax returns & her research as to whether the club qualifies as a non-profit or charity. She researched filings from other canoe clubs and found that many are not registered in the state or have filed state forms. Coach Ed suggests contacting Diane Ford, club member who is a retired CPA and currently does work with non-profits. Coach Ed also suggested checking with Leila Duim, who is a club member and a former Treasurer of Keauhou Canoe Club and current Treasurer of HIPA.

Coach’s Report (Coach Ed)

Coach stated that all racing practices for adult, juniors and High School programs and recreational paddling were suspended effective March 17 through April 1, and recommends that all programs remain suspended until further notice. In light of cancellation of the 2020 Racing Regatta season, Coach Ed recommends that parents of the junior program paddlers be given a refund of their child’s WCC application fee. He reminds us that not all long distance races have been cancelled as of yet, and juniors 14 years old and older may want to participate in those events. Glenn made a motion that all eligible junior paddlers may either receive a refund of their WCC membership for this year, or if they choose not to have a refund it will be applied to their 2021 membership without any additional costs. The motion was seconded by Randy and approved by all.

Equipment Report (Coach Ed)

Currently 2 canoes are being repaired by Jun, J9 for cracks on gunnel by seat 5 and J3 for a large gouge under seat 3. Three sets of iakos are being sanded and refinished by Steve Columbo.

Moku & HCRA Report (Cliff)

HCRA would like to continue to have state championships but not sure about state restrictions. Will make a decision on June 1. MOKU has not made a decision if they will participate if it is held. Long distance season is still up in the air.

Membership Report (Chuck)

As of 3/30/2020 there are 92 paid racers, out of that 14 are juniors and 78 are adults. There are 130 recreational paddlers. Since MOKU regatta season is cancelled, Chuck has not been submitting waivers for verification…they are not needed for long distance races.

Old Business

WCC new rash guard design-not needed for this year regatta season, but new designs were put in Dropbox for board members to review & vote. Spray skirt for J7 is approx. $3150 + tax. Ed will place the order. Status of GWCR is still up in the air due to Covid19.

New Business

Delinquent rack rentals-Vickie will be sending out letters to all those whose rack rentals have not been received yet.

The next meeting will be held on Wed, May 6 at 6:00 pm. Location and mode of connecting TBD. Meeting adjourned.