Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maryann Holloway, Maria Wagner, Ralph Adams & Rami Ring

Board members absent:  Randy Anderlee, Bary Foster

Other members present:  Adele Salzman

Bob Yap called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

Maria made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  The motion was seconded and approved by all. 


We generated about $4700 for March.  Not much in the way of expenses, $1600 for dolly.  Year to date favorable in about $1100.  We still need to pay for the Tahitian, not sure how much that will be.  Maryann is asking about getting history on Tahitian and approaching Waikoloa Beach Foundation with a donation for repairs.  Bob mentioned the strip koa is going to be needing work and possibly we can ask WLF for that instead.  Rack rentals are less than expected, so income is decreased by $1500, but donation from Lavaman was not accounted for, so that evens out. 

Financial Procedures- Because of our tax exempt status, Glenn had initiated an expense report procedure.  Maria explained the importance of enforcing this procedure going forward.  Maria gets 2 signatures on any expenditures over $500.  Bob to Adele: Is there anything we need to do to get those non-paying rack renters to pay?  Adele: No, they should be coming in.     

EQUIPMENT REPORT – We will be having more expenses for dollies because all dollies have flat tires.  Maria reminded Maryann to check for life-saving equipment, because they got moved around.  Bob will follow up on J3 cover, he dropped off before he left for his trip. 

HCRA/MOKU REPORT – Randy is absent

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Vicki is not here, but Maria believes we brought in about 9 new members.  Kudos to Maryann, Kalani & Vicki because it’s a thankless job. 


Cameras at the beach- Randy is absent


ABay Splash- Date is May 8.  Bob sent an email to Dave, but Maryann already reached out to him.  It’s a 3 part race series…this will be the 2nd year, hosted by Kona Aquatics.  250 swimmers historically, no need OC6, only OC1 & paddle boarders, wants about 20 for water patrol, race starts at 8am.  Maria: Does WLC support this event also?  Maryann assumes they are supported, but she will follow up.  Maria:  What does water patrol mean?  Support racers when they need a rest or are they expecting us to take them to safety when they are in trouble?  They are not making a donation for our assistance.  Maryann will get back to the board.  Maria suggests that maybe it’s best to not have it being a club-sponsored event, but to send out an email and each person can contact him directly. 

Revamping Day Membership- We typically charge $20 for a day membership & if they join it gets credited to their membership fee.  Paddler needs to join after 3 times going out paddling.  Maria wants consistency with policy, morning programs & afternoon programs are held to different standards.  Ralph will look at documents & see what can be done.  Bench whether or not we will waive the fee until Ralph gets back to us and Maria researches how much day memberships bring in. 

Incorporating By-Laws approved in Dec. into the document file- Final By-law changes were approved in Dec. but it’s not on our website.  Maria states that we should follow through with that.  Maria:  Rami, can you get the actual By-Law change and send to Bob so he can post on the website?   

Lavaman- (Adele)

Has not been held for a couple of years.  Volunteers did an excellent job, cleaing parking lot, setting up, weather was an issue, tore up carpet, ripped up nails…volunteers had to come back and clean up.  Vicki & Adele asked volunteers for experienced paddlers to help with water patrol, which was a good idea.  Kalani moved all canoes out of harm’s way.  Cliff Gilley’s canoe had some damage from a participant, Lavaman will pay for repairs.  Thank you to Adele & Vicki for such a wonderful job for doing that.  Bob will follow up with contact person, Gerry.  

Next meeting will be Wednesday, May 04, 2022 at 6:00 pm via Google meet. 

The meeting was adjourned at  7:16 pm.