Board of Directors present:  John Ciambrone, Chuck Pfaff, Guy Davis, Cliff Gilley, Vicki Serrao

Board members absent:  Glenn Leonberger, Jim Albone, Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Texeira present

Other members present:  Bary Foster

Recorder of minutes:  Vicki Serrao

John C. called the meeting to order at 6:00, moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting (Nov. 6, 2019), seconded and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:

Glenn Leonberger was absent, however the finances had been sent in and printed out for all to review.  There was a small loss for the month due to slow time of year.  There should be an increase in funds as the membership dues and rack rentals will be coming in soon.  At this time there is a 3-4 thousand which has been set aside for the junior program. 

Coach’s Report (Ed Texeira)

Not much to report.  Evening and Saturday paddling is averaging 1-2 canoes with occasional days too windy to paddle.  Snowbirds are coming back and influx of guests and members paddling ohana is beginning to grow.  We need to get any special events scheduled with the Waikoloa Land Co. (Shelby) for the new year.  Our new lease will be up and needs to be approved by the Waikoloa Land Co. going into the new year.  The standard agreement is available in dropbox for anyone to look at.  The dates for the GWCR will include an additional day for prep for the race, dates 8/28 & 8/29. 

Equipment Report (Ed & Guy Davis)

The new iako and ama have arrived.  Steve Columbo has a pair of iako he is refinishing.  There are some small repairs needed for Ed’s canoe, and the iako for the Kama O Kalani needs to be refinished.  New lashing cord has been purchased. 


Jim Albone is not present, there are no fundraisers scheduled at this time. 

Moku Report (Cliff):

Plans for the IVF World Sprints, 8/22/2020, is moving forward.  IVF is communicating with HCRA for the most part with new information being shared with them and to racers via the HCRA website.  Still not a clear picture of how many canoes will be needed from each club for the race.  Whatever the amount the IVF will need at least a month to prep for uniform look and weight.  It may be we will only need to lend one canoe which would be the J6, with hesitant consideration for the J7 because of the newly applied decorative wrap.  At the moment we are in a wait and see pattern until we hear more.  Also waiting for contract to review concerning the insurance for the event. 

Concerning the 70’s classification for the upcoming regatta year…Keahi would be willing to delete a race to fit in a 70’s race per event depending on what the reps from enough clubs have to say concerning this classification. 

HCRA Report: Jim Albone is not present.

Membership Report (Chuck Pfaff):

Membership dues for the coming year will not change.  Those members who renewed before the end of 2019 will also have to fill out a waiver form for 2020 although there should not be any changes and we are also not changing insurance companies. 

Unfinished Business:

Elections-we did not have enough members interested in becoming part of the Board this year to cover the board members who are leaving.  John proposed that the president of the club be able to appoint a member although they did not meet the attendance of meetings requirement.  This was approved.  Bary Foster was approved as a new board member by those present.